Is TDBCtrlGrid a generic component of conscious data?

I am planning to move away from BDE and dBase so, while implementing some application I need to stay away from everything that could make the transition more difficult. I wonder, for instance, if data aware components like TDBCtrlGrid is toot tied in

BDE, DB2, and TQuery parameters

DISCLAIMER: This is legacy code and I simply can't rewrite everything (trust me, I would like to). I'm trying to execute a legacy Delphi app which uses BDE and DB2, but I simply can't run parametrized querys. QueryA.SQL.Text := 'select count (*) from

Is it possible to obtain twice the value of the generator?

We have run into a very embarrassing problem. It seems that some network or server error lead the front-end application to get a generator value twice. Is it possible that getting (and updating) the generator value stays in memory, and in case of los

Connecting Delphi to SQL Server - 'future' replacement for BDE?

we have an applcation of some size (about 1MLOC) that were started back in the days when BDE was just about to be deprecated. Nowadays we only use it to connect to SQL Server using ODBC. It has worked surprisingly well in spite of its deprecated stat

Stop BDE from code

We have a legacy application uses the BDE. (The BDEcontinues to work surprisingly well, given its age). There are times when our app needs to manipulate folders (Rename, move, etc.) but a .NET or .LCK file remains open in the folder, preventing that.

BDE says & ldquo; Field not found & rdquo; But the field exists

I have the following query to one of my database tables: select count(*) as mycount from mytable where fieldone = :fieldone and fieldtwo = :fieldtwo Parameters are correctly loaded into the query (both of type String). When I run this query outside t

Delphi BDE type double Field modified to a string type

I'm using a BDE TTable which had certain fields which were originally ftDouble. Because the input to be stored is sometimes non-numeric, I now changed the field type to ftString. Input into the field is done with a TEdit. When the code gets to: with

Are there any server settings for BDE in Delphi 2010?

We are migrating a pretty big application crafted in Delphi 5 (still getting customers using this old versions) that uses BDE to connect to a SQL Server. The decided path to migrating is first Delphi 5 to Delphi 2010, then BDE to dbExpress (or dbGO,

What is a good way to access dBase files using BDE and Delphi?

First of all, I must state that I'm a complete newb when it comes to Delphi, although I did some Turbo Pascal programming in school, some fourteen years ago... I have a commercial Delphi program which uses dBase database and BDE for accessing them. I

BDE table sorting

Im using BDE.... How can i sort a table by given field?So, firstly my assumtion is you are using a TTable component. Easy way... Use a TQuery component instead of a TTable component and let the database do the heavy lifting for you with a order by cl

Loading BPL from another directory

Using Delphi 2010 and a patched version of the BDE I run into a problem loading the BDERTL140.bpl. Loading DCLBDE140.bpl from another directory then usual works fine. Only when I want to load the BDERTL140.bpl, it always tells me that it has been loa

Delphi & ldquo; Invalid use of keyword & rdquo; In TQuery

I'm trying to populate a TDBGrid with the results of the following TQuery against the file Journal.db: select * from Journal where Journal.where = "RainPump" I've tried both Journal."Where" and Journal.[Where] to no avail. I've also tr