Using a Base64 Image Data URI to Input a POST

I'm getting an image back from an API in Base64 Data URL format. I need to use this as input to another API which is expecting a file in form data. Here's the CURL example: curl -X POST "<API URL>" -H 'content-type: multipart/form-data' -F

Show image base64 next to canvas with charts.js

I'm using charts.js which has an option to add an attribute containing a base64 image of the canvas, like this: animation: { onComplete: function(animation){ document.querySelector('#myChart').setAttribute('href', this.toBase64Image()); } }, Here is

Java equivalent for the PHP pack () function

I have a PHP function. this code is to encryp a password Is any one know how can I write this in Java code. this what I was try but dont give me result. byte[] rawSHA = null; byte[] base64HexSHA = null; MessageDigest md= null; try { md = MessageDiges

Restore file name and base64 encoding extension

I need write server side part to post a forum reply. I receive a post request with reply text, and attachment which is a base64 encoded string. Is there a way to restore filename and extension from this base64 string, or I need to have them as additi

Regex base64 block with php preg_match_all

I am trying to match the base64 encoded block using a regex in php. It is preceded by 'Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64' so I was hoping I could just match the content after this but my regex below isn't working. Please help me fix this regex to mat

The display of the Android image makes the application slow

In my app i have an ImageView. Before adding that ImageView the app was performing smooth. now it throws ANR. The image is saved in the database as base 64 encode string and it is decoded to bitmap and loaded to the imageview using : imageView.setIma

Swift NSData in the base64encoded string returns zero

I'm communicating with a server in Swift retrieving image data. The incoming data is encoded as a base64 string. I am able to correctly receive and display the encoded strings. When I go to use the NSData class to decode the string back to binary dat

How to convert a file to base64 UTF-8 little endian

Good day! I convert binary file into char array: var bytes = File.ReadAllBytes(@"file.wav"); char[] outArr = new char[(int)(Math.Ceiling((double)bytes.Length / 3) * 4)]; var result = Convert.ToBase64CharArray(bytes, 0, bytes.Length, outArr, 0, B

Base64 Image Tag in Safari Not Appeared

I made a tsp which decode Image to base64 byte array String. It works in Chrome and Firefox. However in safari 8.0, it does not work. My jsp looks like below : String sFileInfo = ""; String name = request.getHeader("file-name"); String

How to base64 encode an image for twitter in python?

So I have been trying, (without luck) to base64 encode a image to upload to twitter with the Twython library. Iv'e done it the way I know how but it don't seem to work. from twython import Twython import base64 #keys APP_KEY = '*************' APP_SEC

The Base64 / SVG HTML image is not displayed

I tried to use this icon <img src="

base64 image, compression and recording in the local database

So for offline application that have dynamic content and images, it is necessary to save images in local DB like indexedDB or something else. But because browsers always have different size allowed for local DB, it is important to have images compres

Escape from base64 encode php

I'm trying to encode my script using base64 in php, but why my code automatic adds backslashes \ at single quotes ' or double quotes " this is the code I am using to encode $encode = $_POST ['encode']; $encod = base64_encode ($encode); echo "<

How to convert integers to base64 (0-9A-Za-z)

I have been trying to reduce the length of the way. I represent some integer ID's in my program. For Example 2 3 15 26 63 ... 151564852 I would like them to be represented as such (0-9A-Za-z only) 2 3 F Q z ... vDF25a //For example The approach I tho

How to encode an integer in a base64 string in python 3

This question already has an answer here: Why do I need 'b' to encode a Python string with Base64? 5 answers I'm trying to encode an int in to base64, i'm doing that: foo = 1 base64.b64encode(bytes(foo)) expected output: 'MQ==' given output: b'AA=='

Write XML in Base64 encoding

Following my questions about storing data, it has been suggested that I could use XML but then obfuscate the file by encoding it using Base64. I like this idea, and I have achieved what I want in XML, but I don't know how to save it in Base64. This i

Download the Base64 API Image Facebook Graph

I'm trying to upload a base64 image to a FaceBook page using Node.js. I have managed to get the upload working with all the multipart data etc should I read the file from the filesystem (ie. using fs.readFileSync('c:\a.jpg') However, should I use the

Base 64 Coding Losing Data

This is my fourth attempt at doing base64 encoding. My first tries work but it isn't standard. It's also extremely slow!!! I used vectors and push_back and erase a lot. So I decided to re-write it and this is much much faster! Except that it loses da

URL encoded in base64

watermark.php?image=images/reviews/1.jpg&watermark=watermark.png $str = 'Some String'; $encoded = urlencode( base64_encode( $str ) ); this worked on url string but image is not there. any help?You are trying to base64 encode image name. Instead, you

Manipulation of images in NodeJS with base64 image data

I have a nodejs server that receives images encoded in base64 through a websocket. I would like to do some image manipulation on those images and send them back. I searched a little bit on the net to find some library to help me doing this, but all I

PHP: Decode from Encode?

I'm using a flash player that has the option to encode links. I can encode them successfully with the code below, but i can't find a way to decode back, and they don't provide that option. links are working with the player, my problem starts when i n

base64 encodes a zip file in Python

Can someone give me some advice on how to encode a zip file into base64 in Python? There are examples on how to encode files in Python using the module base64, but I have not found any resources on zipfile encoding. Thanks.This is no different than e

What is the true purpose of Base64 encoding?

Why do we have Base64 encoding? I am a beginner and I really don't understand why would you obfuscate the bytes into something else (unless it is encryption). In one of the books I read Base64 encoding is useful when binary transmission is not possib

How to control base64 images when the user registers as

I'm making an app where i want to show the user a range of base64 encoded picture. They are shown by using data-url. If the user wants to save a picture, it can simply rightclick and save as (or drag it into a folder). Are there any way to control th

What is the format of the public key?

What is the format of public DSA key? And are all certificates are stored in base64?There is a great deal of information and references on this page for the specifications.

Java - Base64 string in and out of text

I need to write string containing base64 encoded text to a text file and then later read that string back from the text file to a string variable. How can i do it so that there is no data loss due to encoding issues?Base64 is only A–Z, a–z, 0–9, + an