do not have the correct base_url in the codeigniter application

i am getting this type of url when trying to access pages other than index page http://localhost:8012/health-care/8012//localhost/health-care/index.php/index.php/home but url to access page must be http://localhost:8012/health-care/index.php/home my

Jekyll Blog Contact Page Permanent link No job

I have my Jekyll blog set up here: My blog I forked this blog theme from and created a github pages for it using the Master branch and changed the name of the repository to 'blog'. My repo is used for m

php - how to configure dynamic database URL identifier

I need to access my website with dynamic base_url. I use codeigniter 3. I've try to set with this $config['base_url'] = 'http://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].'/'; or $config['base_url'] = ''; then i access my website with www.example.

Call the image from the base URL in CodeIgniter

So normally I would <?php echo base_url();?>but im not sure how to do it in this code. <?php $path = 'home'; $img = '<img src="../img/servare.png" alt="">'; echo anchor($path, $img); I have tried... <?php $path = 'hom

base_url does not work in codeigniter 3.0.3

I am using CodeIgniter 3.0.3, and I can't config base_url(). while I am setting the base_url in config.php file to $config['base_url'] = 'localhost/codeig303'; and when i print it then it prints localhost/codeig303/ but when i use it in href then it

Codeigniter base URL problem with www

I have declared the base url as $config['base_url'] = '';. But the issue is if someone try to access my website with ''; , css/ js functions are not working. If I change the base url to '

CodeIgniter problem with base_url in the form

I called base_url() in the form action in a view in my local machine. But, it is giving the url as http://::1/codeigniter/ instead of http://localhost/codeigniter. This is the same case with the site_url() also. Is it a problem with the .htaccess fil

Obtain the Symfony base URL from a service?

I have a service that needs to access the current application base URL (what's returned by app.request.getBaseURL() in Twig views). Currently, my config is like this: services: WidgetModel: class: AppBundle\Model\WidgetModel scope: prototype argument

url in css rewritten with angular

In angular there is an issue with having base set and html5mode with svgs. It causes all things like filter: url(#url) to be rewritten as filter: url(/base/#url). I've tried disabling html5 mode and r

# Anchor behavior when baseurl is defined

I am used to using href="#" during development as placeholder links so that if you accidentally click on it, nothing happens and it will not jump the page around while testing the page i.e. you know exactly which is a placeholder and which is a

Laravel: Get a basic URL

Simple question, but the answer seems quite hard to come by. In Codeigniter, I could load the url helper and then simply do echo base_url(); to get my site's URL. Is there an equivalent in Laravel?You can use the URL facade which lets you do calls to

PHP Base Url Includes on WAMP

I am building a PHP mySQL site locally with WAMP. in my WAMP www directory i have made subfolders for each website I am making. eg: WAMP\www\site1\index.php WAMP\www\site2\index.php WAMP\www\site3\index.php etc my DB connection is stored in: site1/co

How do I get the base URL in the Web API Controller?

I know that I can use Url.Link() to get URL of a specific route, but how can I get Web API base URL in Web API controller?You could use VirtualPathRoot property from HttpRequestContext (request.GetRequestContext().VirtualPathRoot)

php include - what's wrong with my code?

I am using *.tpl files of html and php code to include into various webpages on my website to fill in common spaces such as header and footer. I am trying to include and print the code at the correct place in my website. I am using the following: <?p

The basic Codeigniter URL does not work

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC '-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN'''>' xml:lang='en' lang='en'> <head> <title>Jotorres Login Screen | Welcome </title&g

Set the constant of the base URL instead of using base_url ()?

Instead of calling the function: base_url() for every single link, would it make sense to define your base url in constants.php: define('BASE_URL', ''); and then use that constant so that the function call isn't potentially made man

How to configure the basic URL to Drupal

Where I can set the base url for drupal site. Currently when I go to the site in my localhost, it redirects to the original site. Please help me. I have tried setting the $base_url in the sites/default/settings.php Here is the portion where I set the

CodeIgniter - Simple question of base_url

I'm a bit confused here. I have a simple controller which loads a view. The view contains a form and links some CSS files. I don't really want to do ../../css/global.cssin my link tag. I want to use the base_url() method and then go /css/. I know a f

jQuery ajax url problem

Ok a have an script for submiting input data. There is an url of my site going like this : http://www.<!mywebsite!>.com. This ajax request works perfectly when user is viewing my iste on http://www.<!mywebsite!>.com, but when he visits my site

Zend View Helper Strange Problem

I have been working on a zend framework project on localhost (OS: Snow Leopard) and when I uploaded the files on the hosting server (shared hosting) I got some errors about a view helper i was using there. More specifically: The project structure is

How to get the domain URL and the name of the application?

Here's the scenario. My Java web application has following path Let's say there is a JSP file and I need to retrieve