How to open an application from ios background

Is it possible to open the background app into foreground in iOS ?. I have a scenario like, If suppose my application in background then after sometime I need to up the application into foreground programmatically. Is it possible ? I don't need to up

css link visited background

For some reason visited background no change to gray color. Anyone know how to fix? a:link { height: auto; display: inline-block; border-radius: 5px; background: rgb(241,231,103); background: linear-gradient(to bottom, rgb(241,231,103) 0%, rgb(241,23

Background change color of Javascript

I am trying to learn Javascript on my own. So I gave myself a task: Create a button and with that button I can change the background colour. This is what I have done so far. I assume I don't need to run it under localhost like how we usually do PHP?

How to manage silent notifications in iOS

I need to fetch data from parse SDK and update in core data after receiving push notification(silent notification)in foreground and to receive silent push notification and update data(without on click of notification).Here my code is -

How do you style the triangular mask in CSS?

I have been looking at how to do this "inverse triangular" background using css. I am referring to the white diagonal parts on the bottom, on top of the background (fixed) image. The most I've gotten is to shapes, which aren't apparently a good

How to trigger an event in the background?

I am having a method called -(void)callTheEvent. I am writing a code to call the method by using Notifications. But the problem is like until and unless the user tap on notifications the method will not fire. So here I am thinking to implement like w

simulate the behavior of the Home button in an activity

I would like to simulate behavior of soft Home button. I'd like that when user tap back button in a specific Activity of my application, this go in background and show device homepage. How can i do (i know i should override onBackPressed() inside act

Fill the tiled background with bitmap

In my FMX Application I have to fill the entire background area of my form using a Bitmap pattern. The reason why I'm thinking to use this pattern is because the form is freely resizable by the user and whether I set a fixed image the stretch causes

Set the background image of the photo library

i have to set programmatically a background of a grid with an image taken from the picture library (NO assets folder of the app)... I have tried with this code MediaLibrary library = new MediaLibrary(); Picture picture = library.Pictures[rnd.Next(0,

Can not insert background image into Boilerplate template

I just started messing around with the Boilerplate template. And i'm having trouble getting my background image to appear. css: body { font-size: 1em; line-height: 1.4; background-image: url (img/bg2.png); background-repeat: no-repeat; } Some insight

image in a circle background in Android?

I have a requirement of loading images but when i am loading images it should not be square/rectangular but in circle . So i want the images in circle and the border should be white in color . How do i load images in circle/oval . I tried creating ba

jquery or javascript div background image change

I have a problem in site that I build.I search google and stackoverflow but I can't find anything that could help me.I have one div with content search engine,text etc...and I have background image.So can you tell me how to change div background imag

div background does not display correctly in chrome

I'm using float: left; and float: right; to put two div-containers in one row, the left one holds an input bar, the right one holds a small background image (search button). It's showing fine in Opera & Firefox, MSIE 9.0+ but when I view it in chrome

Change the background colors of annotations in Eclipse?

So in eclipse whenever there is an error it's underlined in red, and when you hover over it is displays an annotation with tips on how to fix the error. On my Windows OS it is correct and the background is a tanish color but on Ubuntu the background

how can I run the iOS4 app in the background?

I'm developing an app for iOS4. The application is made of two main components, one that is supposed to run in the background and one that is constantly displayed on screen and takes data from the first one. Here's the problem: the first component wo

Loading the image from the bottom

I am loading images in background . using this code -(void)backgroundImageLoading { if(isGroupOrFriend) { NSAutoreleasePool *pool=[[NSAutoreleasePool alloc] init]; for(NSDictionary *d in m_kwikiArray) { NSMutableDictionary *dict=[NSMutableDictionary

WPF TreeViewItem Wallpaper

How can I change the Background of a selected TreeViewItem when the TreeView (or the Application) looses Focus. A selected item by default has in this situation a light grey background. EDIT: A try after first answer: But element with TargetName="Bd&

CSS Hovering Horizontal Navigation Disappearing in IE 7

In essence, I've been following Nick's code from A List Apart: I've made a few alterations, mainly - I'm using background images instead of a background color. Everything works as expected, except th

UITableView transition during crawling

I saw this amazing transition in an app: when the user clicks on an item in the tableview and it "drills down" the transition is done "on top" of a background. That is the background image is static and just the actual tableview and wh

A question about the background overlay

<div> <div> <div></div> </div> </div> It seems to me that the inner background will overwrite the outer one,why is it designed like this?The backgrounds will nest... Think of pieces of paper..., when you stack them, the

How to set the background of UIScrollView to be transparent?

What i ultimately would LOVE to do is having my scroll view contents scrolling (in the scroll view control), and have a static background (a wallpaper image). I've tried a combination of things, none of which really yields what im looking for, not ev

How can I start a background process in Pylons?

I am trying to write an application that will allow a user to launch a fairly long-running process (5-30 seconds). It should then allow the user to check the output of the process as it is generated. The output will only be needed for the user's curr