How to make a div fill the remaining space?

I have a web page with a header, content and footer. There is a background image in the content. I would like the image to fill the remaining space between the header and footer. There are divs that are children of the content div with the image that

Webmail background image for Windows Outlook

I know that background-image is not allowed in windows outlook you can check it bellow: background-image: url(image); CSS Support Guide for Email Clients Also background tag is not readable for windows outlook : background="image" Is there other

How to display a part of an image with CSS?

I have an image to be used as a banner that is 1400x350 and I would like do display maybe 80% of it's height. I'm not looking to scale the image, I need to display only a portion of it. Imagine a picture of car and I want to display from the just abo

Html / css: Put elements behind a repetitive background

I am trying to find a way to put a nav bar behind some background images that repeat. Here it is: Basically, I want to have a navigation bar behind the repeating plants image, but in front of the sun image. I am going to make the nav elements popup w

wordpress advanced custom fields background image

I am trying to set an image uploaded through custom fields plugin and have it display as the background of a div (which is used in a slider). However the image is not displaying...I have text in the custom fields and that is showing okay so I think i

Dynamically resize div for the background image

I have a background image in a header that automatically resizes to the width of the window. However, the height does not adjust properly -- an inherited CSS property sets the div to a fixed height of 50px. Currently, I'm using: background-size: cove

HTML - Image-shadow does not cover the border of the image

I might need your help. I tried to use an image as the background of a div, and cover up the borders with a box-shadow. The problem is that it still displays like one pixel of the background image at the borders in Firefox and Internet Explorer, just

each request a different background image

I build this in php: <?php $bg = array('block2.png', 'block3.png', 'block4.png', 'block5.png', 'block7.png' ); $i = rand(0, count($bg)-1); $selectedBg = "$bg[$i]"; ?> <style type="text/css"> <!-- .block_small{ background

Local link url () s in CSS

I am trying to get a background image for my web page. I have a link to an external style sheet, which works fine (the CSS applies), but when I try to get the background image using background-image it doesn't show the result. I have tried both absol

parallax fading a div in another with Skrollr

I am trying to fade 3 (fullscreen) divs into one another as I scroll. I have been trying to use Skrollr ( ) and it has kind of worked but with one weird issue. When I scroll down the images fade but '.intro-bg' st

In Wordpress, get the site URL in a style sheet

I'm doing a responsive theme for a site. I need to be able to change a div's background image when the window size is smaller than 420px. I needed to be able to reference the site url in order to set the background image in the first place, so origin

How to use the sensitive background image in css3 in bootstrap

I dont want to use html tag. This is my css. I am using bootstrap 3.0. background:url('images/ip-box.png')no-repeat; background-size:100%; height: 140px; display:block; padding:0 !important; margin:0; On 100% zoom this is OK. but when I zoom in at 18

Add code to toggle the image while the song is playing

I use this code to play and pause song samples, and there are multiple instances on the page. I would like to append some code after that changes the background-image of this instance only of the .playback class to pausebutton.gif and the

The background image does not match the browser when resizing

I can't seem to get my background to stay fitted to my browser when I resize the window. Please help! Here are the images to show you what is going on: View images The first image is how it should be fitted, the second is when I stretch it horizontal

The background image will not appear in IE 8

Im applying a background image to the body element and am only getting the background color. <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" ""> <html> <head> <met

Opacity does not work on images in IE8

Opacity is not being inherited by the images in a DIV with opacity in IE8 and I'm not sure why. One is an image via HTML, and the other images are set as a background in CSS (to achieve a roll over effect). It works properly in IE7, IE9, Chrome, Fire

CSS media queries against the width of the background image

I'm trying to use media queries for the first time in my life. What I want to achieve is an online form for mobile browers (basically for Android MDPI / HPDI and iPhone 3 to 4). What I did is to do a media query for 320px screens with a 320px width b

Objective-c friendly memory way of background image

i have an ipad app (>30 views / pages) each view has a unique background. the problem: whats the best way to set the background (memory friendly) is there a better way than adding: uiimageview "backgroundView" as a subview? version1: [[UIImag

CSS - Filling the rest of the web page with black

I've a webpage with a background image that needs to be kept sharp and in focus. The problem is that to achieve that it obviously has to have a set size every time. I need a way of filling in the remaining space (which will vary from screen size to s

The CSS background does not work

I don't know what is going on but it seems that the background image isn't loading. test.html: <div class="pToolContainer"> <span class="btn-pTool"> <a class="btn-pToolName" href="#"></a> <