'NODE_ENV' is not recognized as an internal or external command

I have an app which is working perfectly on linux but when I execute it on windows I get this error. 'NODE_ENV' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. 'NODE_ENV' is not recognized as an internal or exter

How are unique popups implemented?

When you return to certain websites, sometimes they have popups or messages which show to inform users of new updates to the site or important changes. I'm having issues understanding how these are implemented because these messages only show up once

Spring REST API for Web and Mobile Clients

This is my first question on StackOverflow and I hope someone can help me. :-) I am planning to build a web-application (backend) with spring roo. For the backend I will use Spring and Hibernate/JPA. In the future I will implement a web client (JSF/P

Configuring Ruby on Rails for web development

I was considering installing, setting up and using Ruby on Rails for web development. Where should I start and how does Ruby on Rails work with a local server? Any OS where Ruby on Rails is optimal or any general advice I should know?Any OS where Rub

Polymer Starter Kit: how to work with the backend API?

I use Polymer Starter Kit 1.0.3. My application have different types of pages. Some of them should render data received from request to backend API. But when the application starts, all requests from all pages immediately start. The question is how t

Best BaaS Polling App for iOS

I am making iOS poll App, each device is able to make one vote per month. When vote is made on iOS app, following is send to BaaS (UDID, vote, local_timestemp) Then BaaS need to check that this UDID has not voted this month already: if it has voted,

The best and cheapest way to store user data

I have an app out in the market and planning to maintain basic user data somewhere on backend. My app is free so I am NOT getting any money from users. My question is what is the best way to store this data(data has name, email, phonenumber etc.) One

is there a good tutorial backend Angular Js + rails?

recently I read Micahel Hartl's Ruby on Rails tutorial. It really works for me. Now, I want to make front-end with Angular or Ember JS. I plan to use rails as backend server with json. please suggest any good tutorial or book in this situation. thank

The Android tutorial on Google App Engine will not work

So I have been trying for the last 5 hours to get this Google App Engine to work with Android. I have been following their tutorials (there are two, which are slightly different, but neither work). So here are the steps that I am doing Create a proje

backend and frontend configuration for Yii

Currently I have 2 install setups of Yii for both my backend and frontend. But while working on this it gets abit confusing and I was wondering if this done in the right way. Below is an example how my folder structure is setup. - backend - assets -

Using XML files for the PHP web application

I'm thinking of using XML for storing users content on my web app. I am a php newbie and don't know much about how I would do this. The content is private to the user, not shared public or for passwords or anything. So I was wondering how I can creat

Dorsal platform for lean sideproject with advanced tagscheme

I'm an experienced frontend developer (Backbone, Coffeescript) and designer with little to no skills concerning backend stuff. I want to build a sideproject without having to worry about setting up a server or maintaining a database. The project has

Authenticate communication backend from iOS

I have a backend that handles requests to a database. My apps do not talk directly to the database for security reasons. How would I make sure that only my apps talk to the backend on my server? I do not want other people querying my backend and try

Symfony: a way to show / hide the lines of the list in action?

i try to make set of actions that work similar to Index action, but they show filtered data (some kind of readymade reports). So far I figured out something like this:: public function executeReport(sfWebRequest $request) { $this->setFilters(array('f

Processing XMLHttpRequest to call an external application

I need a simple way to use XMLHttpRequest as a way for a web client to access applications in an embedded device. I'm getting confused trying to figure out how to make something thin and light that handles the XMLHttpRequests coming to the web server

CMS the easiest way to customize its user interface?

I'm actually working in a university-related project where the users would generate the site's content (quite a lot of searcheable static pages), having at the same time a profile's page, that the other users could see. As I work usually with WordPre

How can I take a screenshot / image of a website using Python?

What I want to achieve is to get a website screenshot from any website in python. Env: LinuxOn the Mac, there's webkit2png and on Linux+KDE, you can use khtml2png. I've tried the former and it works quite well, and heard of the latter being put to us

C ++ and back / front compilers

For my own education I am curious what compilers use which C++ front-end and back-end. Can you enlighten me where the following technologies are used and what hallmarks/advantages they have if any? Open64 - is it back-end, front-end, or both? Which c