How to write innerQuery medium

From the Image I have same course id and multiple videos for i want to show the overall watched percentage as the average of them how can I do that I want something like this: (SELECT SUM(watched_percentage) FROM tbl_student_learning_path where cours

Calculation of an average in SQL excluding the current line

I have a DB where certain records are tagged with an ID and I want create a view that contains the Average of all those records with the same ID, EXCLUDING the current record. For example, if my data looks like this: ROW - ID - Value 1 1 20 2 1 30 3

Average in the PivotTable

I wanted to calculate the average of company score and property score by ignoring the 0's for the below picture (pic1) in pivot table Pic1 when i average the column in pivot table it includes the 0's as gives the average as shown in below picture (pi

Find the average pH in the files

My code is supposed to calculate and print the average pH for every fluid given the file variable name. This is what I have so far, trying to separate the txt file into parts using split(). I don't really know how to separate the function line by lin

Calculate the average for numbers from a to b using repetition

I am new to programming and i am currently learning algorithms and flowcharts. I know how to write an algorithm for finding the inclusive sum between two integers with incrementation, but how can you calculate the average between two integers (input

How could I solve this SQL exercise?

Hypothetically, I have a table, EMPLOYEES, that has a SALARY column which consists of: 30250 35260 7340 60185 Also, hypothetically, we have a person that calculates these salaries on a calculator with a broken '0' key. So the entries are: 325 3526 73

Average calculation in a class

right now I am working on a program that is printing out a students name, id number, scores on exams, average score, and grade. For some reason there is a problem with the method that computes the average score. I have tried adding parenthesis and th

Find a lower than average value in Oracle SQL

I have this code: SELECT username, first_name, last_name, NVL(salary,0) "salary" FROM customer WHERE NVL(salary,0) < AVG(NVL(salary, 0)); Trying to find out which users have lower salary than average and one user has no salary ("null&quo

Query including TOP and AVG

This is the last problem I have to deal with in my application and I hope someone will help because I'm clueless, I did my research and cannot find a proper solution. I have an 'University Administration' application. I need to make a report with few

Average of several columns with different specific weights

I need to calculate the average of Value_A, Value_B and Value_C in mssql. My problem is that every information I need is in one row. Every value has its own weight: (sum of values * weight) / (sum weight): every column can be null. if there is a valu

How to select avg (value) by column_name in SQL

I have a table named studios with the columns "earnings" and "country". Each item of that table describes a studio in a country and its earnings. How can I select the average earnings of the studios for each country? SELECT AVG(earning

Error in the method declaration

I am writing a program to find the average of an array as well as numbers larger than that average. I am trying to write this all in a method. However, I'm having a problem with the method declaration as I am being told that what I have is an illegal

Calculate on average with Linq while knowingly ignoring 0

I have a linq statement that averages the rows in a DataTable and displays them on a chart, grouped by date and time of day. There are 1 big problem: there are many 0 values that are returned, due to particular times of day simply not having anything

Bash - Calculate the average of the numbers entered

Need help with Linux Bash script. Essentially, when run the script asks for three sets of numbers from the user and then calculates the numbers inputted and finds the average. #!/bin/bash echo "Enter a number: " read a while [ "$a" = $

Average number in my SQL query

I have a question regarding my SQL query. Below you will see my database: And I have the following query right now: SELECT enquete_vraag,enquete_antwoord,docent,vak,semesterstart FROM ENQUETE_ANTWOORD LEFT JOIN KDV ON ENQUETE_ANTWOORD.kdv_ID = KDV.kd

Moving average of a python list of lists

I have an large array, but with similar structure to: [[ 0 1 2 3 4] [ 5 6 7 8 9] [10 11 12 13 14] [15 16 17 18 19]] What would be the best , most efficient way of taking the rolling average of 5 elements without flattening the array. i.e. value one w

Function Averageif

I'm trying to get an Average If function to work, the basis is this. Sheet 1 TIME Duration (sec) 4/24/2013 5:04 57 4/24/2013 5:09 122 4/25/2013 12:22 341 Sheet 2 Date Average Duration 4/24/2013 4/25/2013 My question I have right now is what should th

Find the average of two columns combined in sql

I want to find the avg of the total of two columns. I want to count the total of col1 and the total of col2 then find the average(how many different rows they are in). I have managed to come up with a solution in the this sqlfiddle (also see below) i

Average of a column linked to another column in Oracle

okay so i have one database with three columns: id, username, and rating. The database would look like this: ------------ ------------ ------------ | ID | NAME | RATING | ------------ ------------ ------------ | 1 | bc112 | 3 | ------------ ---------

Average number of lines of variable length VBA

I am trying to get a simple VBA code as part of a Macro that will put in column B the average of the values for each row. I have code that generates a time series and fills a column per simulation such that each column is a time series starting at co

Sql group by dates and then find a way

I have a database, including the field "Date" of the form e.g. "2012-06-13 23:34:52+00" and the field "Sentiment", including a double signed value between -1 and 1. What I want is to calculate the average sentiment, grouped b

calculate the average on a python list, excluding literals

In Python, I have a list of lists like the following: [[1,2,3, 'L'], ['L'], [1]] and I want to compute for each sublist the average over all the numerical elements. Values 'L' should thus be excluded. The result for the above example should be: [2, [

C # how average a table entry

I Have the first part of my code pretty complete and I got the gist of the rest, I'm just not sure how to put it all together. Here is the first part using System; namespace ConsoleApplication1 { class Program { public class AccountInfo { public int

MySQL AVG (COUNT (*) - Orders By day of the week request?

This query has baffled me... I've searched the web work over a day now and I have tried numerous things. I want to get the avg number of orders for every day of the week from my db. I can pull the total # with COUNT just fine. But I just can't figure

Calculate the average in the interchangeable range?

I know it's because of n, but n is supposed to be any variable, and left as n, this is what I have: def average(n): if n >= 0: avg = sum((range(1:int(n)))/float(len(range(1:int(n))))) print avg how do I fix it?The summation of x from 1 to n is simply

Find an array of ints

Say you have an array of int (in any language with fixed size ints). How would you calculate the int closest to their mean? Edit: to be clear, the result does not have to be present in the array. That is, for the input array [3, 6, 7] the expected re