Dynamic Range Excel Excel

I have a table in Excel for which I would like to calculate average goals scored for n recent games with criteria being the team. Team Score Real 4 Real 4 Barca 2 Real 3 Barca 2 Real 3 Barca 2 The problem is how to get the range dynamic in the averag

Average rating with notes recorded in 2 columns

I have searched the site and all answers similar refer to a separate rating table, not an implementation like this. I have converted a wordpress site to a self built website in PHP/MYSQL, imagine the actual post being a review and the comments being

Average python by length of a string

I have a data file which has 6 rows of numbers within seven columns of numbers. Example: 5 8 3 21 10 99 3 14 20 100 34 94 2 3 4 2 102 330 101 3 9 9 22 77 721 30 4 9 99 3 4 1 0 55 8 4 8 90 3 1 99 4 101 I have the following code and would like to know

Internal join function and Avg ()

I am using sql-server.I have a table looks like StudentName Class score Jim a1 80 Ann a1 83 Bill a2 90 I want to select student whose score is above the average score in his/her class. Here is my code: Select a.StudentName From Table a inner Join Tab

Find the average of the nested list in Common Lisp

ive been struggling to the the average of a nested list and this is what i have at the moment: (defun nested-average2 (tree &optional (sum 0) (count 0)) (cond ((null tree) (/ sum count)) ((listp (first tree)) (nested-average2 (rest tree) (nested-aver

obtaining an average value of a node tree

I have to implement this method: public int GetAverage(Node root){ //TODO implement } this method should get average value of all nodes of root tree. where : public interface Node { int getValue(); List<Node> getNodes(); } do you have any ideas how

Calculate the average using a simple web form

I am having trouble getting the function to calculate the average. It keeps returning NaN. I am not sure why this is happening but I have put the code sample on jsfiddle for review. Any help would be appreciated. http://jsfiddle.net/Q6GQs/3/ /* This

In Java, do I find the maximum and min from a text file?

@rayryeng has been very helpful to me in my most recent attempt at correcting this file. Since my question has now slightly changed, I've decided to create a new question. I have the following code and I am trying to make it find my maximum and minim

bridging data gaps with monthly averages (Python)

I have a very long time series over 10 years with half-hourly measurements as Csv file. Every now and then the measurement device break down. I want to interpolate this gaps either with the monthly average or a moving average (which neglect missing v

How to find Max, Min and Average of Array java

I"m having trouble with part D-finding the max and min from the average.Need help being able to calculate the min and max after it has been averaged. I need to write a program where I get a sample size For each of the 4 trials reads in the data for e

Google Chrome Average request time

On my project, I would like to optimize an ajax request and to know, on average, how many ms I have gained. So, thanks to the Google Chrome network tab, I have the time of a request, something like that : Is there a feature to have some stats about o

Find the max and min values ​​in a table of five times

I'm supposed to find the minimum and maximum values in the array, but I can't seem to figure out why the answers aren't correct. For example if I entered "1 2 3 4 5" as my five times, it told me 1 was my maximum and 0 was the minimum. For some r

C ++ Array loop for average

I am currently trying to use C++. I've learned so far to make a program that allows me to input 10 variables as well as 5 variables that are already assigned values and then find the average of these numbers. However I cannot figure out how to do thi

Average time series by time and date of R

I have a time series and I wanted to perform average automatically every 1 hour. My data include temperature and date_time (timestamps) I do not want moving average, I would like to have average for 1, 2, 3, 4, ... o'clock since the frequency of data

Get the top middle student from the database

I've created a view that contains: student_full_name subject_code result Jennifer Higgins CS1234 81 Jennifer Higgins CS1235 90 Kal Penn CS1234 70 Kal Penn CS1235 60 Han Solo CS1234 45 Han Solo CS1235 70 I am trying to get: Average result of each stud

Using ODP.Net with NHibernate with .net System.decimal

I am using ODP.net to run the aggregate AVG against an Oracle 10g database. I run this query directly on the database and it works fine: select avg(ANSCHAFFUNGSKST) from IHObjekt it returns: 13.4493973163521 Niether the HQL nor the CreateCriteria int

How do IObservable & lt; double> .Average supposed to work?

Update Looks like Jon Skeet was right (big surprise!) and the issue was with my assumption about the Average extension providing a continuous average (it doesn't). For the behavior I'm after, I wrote a simple ContinuousAverage extension method, the i

calculate the average of three numbers

Is possible to calculate average of three encrypted integer? No constrain on the method of encrypting. The point of this is just to hide the three numbers and find average.What you seem to be looking for is called Homomorphic Encryption: an encryptio

SQL aggregation functions using MIN and AVG

How can I omit Zeros in my data? For example using the MIN function? I would like the Minimum value except a 0... How can I get the next largest? MIN(availables.price) Also is there a generally way to skip over 0s in the same way if I'm using the AVG