Change the constraints

I am creating an app with quite a lot of buttons. I have already placed all required buttons on the view and all constraints are set. Everything is done in the storyboard. I want to create a button which will change all buttons layout. In order to do

How to place the top of one view at the bottom of another view

I would like to set top of a view to bottom of another view. like this: A and B is a symbol to show what I want to do with views. I want to A(image view) symbol always below of B (image view) symbol. B view pinned in center horizontal and top of pare

Xcode 8 Adding Layout Borders

When I try to add layout margins to a label on a TableViewCell, using the right panel on Xcode, I try to add Explicit Margins (top, Left, Bottom, Right). But, as soon as I input a number value, or tap the arrow to change the value, Xcode crashes. I'v

My autolayout does not work for all screens

This is my layout when run on IPhone5. I am using AutoLayout to design app. It works well. But, when I run it on IPhone6 Plus, it does not look great. I don't know what happens. Please help me.You need to set tableview as per below screenshot.

Resize elements with iOS autolayout

I'm studying the ios autolayout . I understand how to position elements in view anchoring them to a point with coordinates x and y . not well understood though as resize my items depending on the size of the view . how? For item having the size as th

Autolayout Parent view height change

I have parent view at top of screen let say TOPVIEW in storyboard which contains some fixed height subview and scrollview following TOPVIEW Looks Like UIVIEW - TOPVIEW (128) FIXED - SCROLLVIEW When keyboard appears i want to set top view to 0 that's

Automatic layout with UIScrollView using .xib

I have enabled auto layout in my .xib but unfortunately, scroll view does not scroll anymore. Constraints on my view: Constraints on my scrollView: Constraints on my contentView: What I am missing here. Thanks for your help.Try to set contentSize lik

Additional X offset on a horizontally centered element

I have a SubView inside another View that has other elements inside it. I horizontally centered the middle element of SubView to SubView, but I need to give it an extra horizontal offset. Is there a way to be able to use both Horizontal Center and gi

Create responsive layouts with AutoLayout

For the past few months, I have been trying to learn iOS development. Most of it has relatively easy, however, one thing has been very difficult for me. AutoLayout. After I grasped constraints, I thought it would be easy, but I am having real trouble

Automatic layout problem

I have a UIButton inside a UIView sitting at the bottom of a UITableView (outside and after the tableViewCell), with the following constraints: The result looks like this: I can't figure out these: How can I add extra space between the last cell and

IOS autolayout: are size constraints for UIView mandatory?

I am trying to arrange controls in the storyboard using constrains via Interface Builder ("Any Width, Any Height" case). I add there UIView, however, when I press update frames for this element (Selected Views case) according to the given constr

Get rid of spaces in a TextView in Interface Builder

I have an issue on iOS devices larger than 4 inches. As you can see, there is a large gap of whitespace at the bottom of my Text View. I am wondering how to clean it up to remove this whitespace using Interface Builder.Simply change your bottom const

Autolayout and dynamic width UILabel inside Prototype Cell

I'm trying to create a "3-column" UITableViewCell where each column contains a UILabel. The two left-most labels are easy to set constraints on, they are fixed width and their text will not exceed their IB-set widths. The right label though coul

How to divide the space evenly between several buttons?

I have four buttons inside a view container. I want to have the space between the buttons automatically resized equally depending on the device's screen size. The view container is constrained as follows: Horizontal and Vertical to Superview Equal Wi

Autolayout reducing space when deleting intermediate views

I am a bit stumped as to how to properly define constraints that will collapse the space between views when a given view is removed. I have tried adding vertical constraints with a greater than or equal relation, however, it seems that the min distan

Creating a custom exploded view using container views

I am trying to build a custom split view controller for iPad using 2 container views that embed UINavigationControllers... I managed to do all that but I am having problems with setting up constraints so that everything resizes nicely. This is what I

Floating autolayout iOS / OSX

I have a need for floating autolayout. I find that its quite hard problem to solve but i think it can be done by using some of the tips described here: Maybe someone have already tried solv

AutoLayout Conflict Errors

I'm getting some conflict errors for my AutoLayout setup in the console. I know what they mean. How can I find which views the errors are referring to? I know I saw a WWDC video where the guy set some identifiers on the views so that the AutoLayout e