AutoComplete using Javascript - How is the value passed

I am learning to do autocomplete using Javascript. This is the example code I am using, it works, I need to understand the flow of it. When you enter JO in the input tag, the option for 'john doe' is shown // variables var input = document.querySelec

JQuery AutoComplete with a remote data source

I am having a problem with JQuery Autocomplete with remote data source. I see that there are request being made each time I start typing, however, I don't get any visible JQuery output. Can anybody help? The code that perfomrs search: $term=$_GET['te

tListBox Using AutoComplete Navigation From Other ListBoxes

Is there a way to use native tListBox AutoComplete navigation system but based on the items of other ListBox? So when ListBox1 focused when i type some chars items should be selected according to data from ListBox2. Both of them have same amount of i

Atom 'autocomplete +' does not work

So the autocomplete+ comes with Atom when you install it and is enabled by default. When I am writing code, nothing shows up, why? Is there any file I need to configure before it works properly?In autocomplete-plus settings page there is option "File

jQuery autocomplete: hide items by ID

I have an array with some objects that have the same "id" property like this : var regions = [ {'id': 1, 'value': 'Ankara'}, {'id': 2, 'value': 'İstanbul'}, {'id': 2, 'value': 'Istanbul'} ] I try to display only the first object of a certain ID

jqueryui autocomplete number of suggestions

I'm working with the jqueryUI autocomplete script. The thing is that I want to limit the number of suggestions it provides to 6, as it is offering too much suggestions. This is the script: $.get('file.txt', function(x) { var i; var pos = 0; var avail

My jQuery autocomplete does not work

Im trying to use jQuery autocomplete to show my title of news while Im writting on my search form. But Im having a problem, when Im writing in my search input nothing appears. I have my header.php file where I have this script to start jQuery autocom

AutoComplete Does Not Work After Posting in Mvc

In my mvc application i'm appending jquery autocomplete to the searchbox. my problem is at first time autocomplete is working fine. it shows the related items when ever we type in the searchbox. after selecting one of the item it will redirect to ano

store autocomplete source (Mvc 4)

I´m calling a function to get the source of the autocomplete. My jquery function call a controller, the controller call a method and the method call a wcf service. My wcf serice return a list of addresses. I want to know if there is a way to store th

AutoComplete using jQuery callback (label / value pair)

I am trying to implement autocomplete jQuery, but am not understanding the autocomplete function that jQuery UI provides. It uses a callback function and gets the response as a label/value pair. I have some sample code where I am trying to pass an ar

automatic search with sphinx

I am looking for a very fast autocomplete solution for displaying results in mobile apps. I am using sphinx as full text index solution, but I thing if sphinx is the best one solution for autocomplete search, because after the index is searched, then

attach an event to jquery autocomplete

I have this: $("#term").autocomplete({ minLength: 2, source: function( request, response ) { $.ajax({ url: '', dataType: 'JSONP', data: { format: 'json', q: 'select * from xml where url="http://google

jquery ui autocomplete without filter

I need to show user all autocomplete choices, no matter what text he already wrote in the field? Maybe i need some other plugin? $('#addressSearch').autocomplete("search", ""); That doesn't work.There are two scenarios: You're using a

Eclipse Code Completion Issue

why doesn't eclipse match the argument while doing code completion. In the following example it should have automatically matched the throwable. In stead it shows arg1 as the first option. The autocomplete options in Eclipse for auto-completed method

Autocomplete functionality on a text box

Is there a way to implement auto-complete functionality in a region defined by textarea tags or something similar? I'm currently using a jQuery auto-complete plugin to suggest input to the user inside input tags, but the issue is that the auto-comple

WPF: TextBox AutoComplete, & hellip;

This other SO question asks about an autocomplete textbox in WPF. Several people have built these, and one of the answers given there suggests this codeproject article. But I've not found any WPF Autocomplete Textbox that compares with the WinForms a

How to do HABTM management with automatic completion in Rails?

I am looking for a good solution for a probably typical problem of managing models with HABTM association in Rails. Let's assume that we have two models -- products and categories: Products has_many :categorizations has_many :categories, :through =>

ICSharpCode.TextEditor - KeyDown problem

I'm trying to create an auto-complete function for the ICSharpCode.TextEditor. But the fileTabs_KeyDown doesn't recognize Enter/Backspace/Tab/... I tried to add a new KeyEventHandler to the active editor but that doesn't call my KeyDown function. May

Get the cursor position in a Textarea

I am trying to implement Autocomplete in a text area (similar to What I am trying to do is when a user enters a specific set of characters (say insert:) they will get an AJAX filled div wit