Publish from Visual Studio to a Secure Cluster Error

I've created secured Service Fabric cluster on Azure like described in Create a Service Fabric cluster by using Azure Resource Manager and use self signed certificate as cluster certificate and AAD. (CN in certificate different from actual cluster UR

Understand oauth2 on the resource server side

I have a little question because I am trying to understand the notion of authentication server. I saw lot of diagram explaining for example oauth. But there is something I do not understand. It is the validation of the token to let access to the reso

Extracts the permission from the response header with JMeter

I am new to JMeter. My app is getting authentication token from the server. I see it at Response Header: View Results Tree I am trying to extract the authentication token with regular expression extractor: Regular Expression extractor But it doesn't

Can not Sign In Using Community Authentication in Codeigniter

I've been following on how to install the Community Auth to codeigniter. I followed the instructions in the installation guide: 15 Create a user for testing purposes by editing the user_data array that is inside the create_user method, which is in th

How authentication of cookies on couchdb with angularjs

Hey? Can someone hep me to do cookie authentication on CouchDB with AngularJS? This my code: var app = angular.module('app', []); app.controller('mainController', ['$scope','$http', function($scope,$http){ //Authentification cookie $http.({ url: 'htt

viaRemember does not work - laravel

Auth :: attempt works perfect, but when you pass the second parameter "true" apparently does not care or does not recover with viaRemember viaRemember fails to work, check this controller User `$`userdata = array( 'email' => trim(Input::get('

ASIHttprequest for login authentication

i am using ASIHttprequest for login authentication Here is the deme code The code i am trying is : [self setRequest:[ASIHTTPRequest requestWithURL:url1]]; [_request setUseKeychainPersistence:[useKeychain isOn]]; [_request setDelegate:self]; [_request

ASP.NET MVC 4 authentication with an existing user database

I'm new to ASP.NET MVC framework. I'm asked to develop an application using MVC 4 Our company already has an authentication table in DB2.The columns are Employee ID, Name, Security ID, etc. How can i develop an application witch uses that table for a

Use Shiro's PasswordMatcher with a custom domain

I'm using Apache Shiro with a custom JDBC realm to retrieve a user's salt, password, hash algorithm name and number of hash iterations from the database which are all stored as separate columns. The problem is I'm unsure how I should handle the salt

How can I handle the exceptions raised by django-social-auth?

In django-social-auth, there are a few instances where a backend will raise a ValueError (such as when a user cancels a login request or if a user tries to associate with an account that's already been associated with another User). If a User runs in

Basic and Form Authentication with Mechanize (Ruby)

I'm trying to log into a site on the company intranet which has a basic authentication popup dialog box and form based authentication. This is the code I'm using (which results in a 401 => Net::HTTPUnauthorized error): require 'rubygems' require 'mec

LDAP Authentication Using DirectoryEntry

We use to authenticate user on AD using the following DirectoryEntry constructor: new DirectoryEntry(path, domainName + "\\" + UserName, Password); It use to work fine until the Domain Controller was changed. Now to make it work we have to use:

On authentication templates

To learn I started building a todo web app(web forms not MVC), this is essentially helping me in learning how works, during this course I have also learnt about the authentication modules provided by, and to my understanding i

Users of the PW mint store in localstorage?

I'm writing a web app for 100 users where I work. It is accessible on the internet, not just our intranet. Many users are unskilled users, though most use Chrome as that's the browser that's default on their laptops. To auth with the web app this is

Sign out with

I was wondering if any of you know how to 'log-off' basic authentication (BA) using the class. I know that BA doesn't have a log-off method, and that you have to close and reopen the browser to end the session. Question is, how

How to make some pages unavailable when a user is logged in

In CakePHP we can use $this->Auth->allow('someMethod'); to make a page viewable without having to login. How do I make some the same page is not viewable when a user is logged in? An example of this would be a register page which we want to be acces

Authentication - ajax javascript call to wcf

We are loading the combobox on demand using a WCF service. This way, as the user starts typing, the ComboBox talks to the WCF service and fetches the necessary data. We have forms authentication on the ASP.NET application. The issue is that I want to

Windows authentication prompts you for your username / password

I am trying to deploy an application in a client network, with AD/domain controller. My application is a simple c# application, using windows authentication. I am using win2003. Basically, using VS2008, create a new website, hosted on IIS6.0.

benefits of & ldquo; HTTP authentication with PHP & rdquo;

what are the benefits of using HTTP authentication with PHP (HTTP 401 headers) instead of using a normal form submit authentication??From security perspective, both the form based and HTTP Basic Access Authentication use plain text for sending the au