Produce a spectrogram from the microphone

Below I have code that will take input from a microphone, and if the average of the audio block passes a certain threshold it will produce a spectrogram of the audio block (which is 30 ms long). Here is what a generated spectrogram looks like in the

how to disable the sound in my application with a button?

I have some mp3 audios in some scenes, and I have 1 button in my main scene and I want when user press these button, my App had no mp3 sounds. Do I Have to duplicate my App without sounds? or how? I have this but not works? public class AudioApp : Mo

Processing: Audio file not found

I have a bit of code that is supposed to play a music file when run. import processing.sound.*; SoundFile soundtrack; void setup(){ soundtrack = new SoundFile(this, "space_music.wav"); //; } void draw(){} When I run the code, th

Play the sound without iOS latency

I can't find method how i can play sound real with low latency. I try use AVFoundation audio player huge latency around 500ms So i try create system sound, and too without luck latency around 200ms it's not much but not useful for me. I need 50ms max

How to encode and decode audio using opus

I am trying integrate opus into my application, the encode and decode function returns positive value which means successfully, but the output audio can't play. Raw audio data can play as well. Here is how I encode data. I use 4 bytes prefix to separ

How to play music in the background vb6?

hi i make a small game with vb6 and i need play 2 sound in some time i use this code Private Declare Function PlaySoundMem Lib "winmm.dll" Alias "PlaySoundA" (ByVal lpszName As Long, ByVal hModule As Long, ByVal dwFlags As Long) As Lon

Control the audio speed of an mp3 file

I would like to play a mp3 soundtrack on my website, and manipulate the speed of the soundtrack by a percentage using a slider. I'm wondering how this could be done with only HTML(5) and JavaScript. I haven't been able to find any examples or tutoria

Playing Windows system sounds with System.Media.SoundPlayer

Is it possible that the System.Media.SoundPlayer can not play Windows System Sounds found in c:\Windows\Media?? I have the code: using (var soundPlayer = new SoundPlayer(@"c:\Windows\Media\Landscape\Windows Notify.wav")) { soundPlayer.Play(); }

.wav file zipped only on my available computer (C #)

I need to submit a program for my study. I would like to attach background music. This was done, but my teacher will not be able to play the sound because the .wav file refers to the location on my PC. Even if I would zip the whole C# program and inc

How exactly does the AudioRecord class work?

Please see my other questions as well because I think they are related: Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 This is the code I am using which performs a pass through of the audio signals obtained at the mic to the speaker, when I press a buton: public c

Add code to toggle the image while the song is playing

I use this code to play and pause song samples, and there are multiple instances on the page. I would like to append some code after that changes the background-image of this instance only of the .playback class to pausebutton.gif and the

VB.Net playing mp3 at the same time

I've been wondering about this, I have tried multiple suggestions I have got from different sites. I have my code here but it's not working. Private Declare Function mciSendString Lib "winmm.dll" Alias "mciSendStringA" _ (ByVal lpstrCo

General additive synthesis program

I'm attempting to write a general additive synthesis c program that will generate a complex sinusoid created from a sequence of pure sine waves of arbitrary frequency following a single envelope. The input file will be something of this nature F0 P0

ShoutCAST Streaming with JPlayer does not work (no error)

I've got a ShoutCAST stream and decided to give JPlayer a try. I've researched as much as I can on my on, but still can not seem to get it to work and I am not getting any error messages. My code is as follows: <script type="text/javascript"&

MediaRecorder does not record video recording only

my Video Recorder app does not record video it only records the audio with the file extension of .mp4. There's no error returned in logcat. So, I can't figure it out whats wrong with my code. Anyone knows this issue? Or any suggestions on what to use

MIME type PHP $ _FILES returning null

Right now I'm trying to write a script that will only accept certain audio files for upload to a server. However, some MIME types are being returned as null. Here is some code fragments: PHP: $allowedExt=array('audio/mp4a-latm'); if(isset($_POST)) {

How to initialize audio with Vala / SDL

I've been trying to figure this out for a few hours now. In order to start up the audio, I need to create an SDL.AudioSpec object and pass it to SDL.Audio.Open. The problem is, AudioSpec is a class with a private constructor, so when I try to create

OpenAL Direction of sound

I have a question about OpenAL. I wrote a class which optimizes work with OpenAL. I mean it provides convenient functions for work. StackOverflow, my question is about direction of sound. When I rotate the source of sound around the listener, the sou

HTML 5 / QuickTime audio caching in Safari on iOS

I'm desperatly trying to find a solution for a web application that has to run on an iOS-Safari (e.g. on iPad, iPad2 and iPhone 4): It's a web application I wrote some time ago which lets the user search for and listen to short music samples (MP3s, a

conversion option for ebook in ebook audio

I gone through google search and this site, but I had not found any consistent good audio converter, so can all help me out in getting some info about any tool or free online tool available to convert technical ebooks to their audio counterparts. and

amplitude, time values ​​of an audio signal

How can we get the amplitude,time values of an audio signal in java. I need to detect the peaks in the signal using these values.Here's one web page describing the most common .wav(RIFF) file format:

AVPlayer vs. AVAudioPlayer

The documentation for AVPlayer states the following: [The] player works equally well with local and remote media files However, the documentation for AVAudioPlayer states the following: Apple recommends that you use this class for audio playback unle

audio playback of the audio track in android

I want to play music from an online mp3 link. I am reading the music data into a stream and trying to play it using audio track. But it's giving only noise. I can't hear any music This is my code. int intSize =

Manipulate MP3 programmatically: cut some parts?

I'm trying to write a batch process that can take an MP3 file and mute certain parts of it, ideally in Python or Java. Take this example: Given a 2 minute MP3, I want to mute the time between 1:20 and 1:30. When saved back to a file, the rest of the

AVAudioPlayer - Playing multiple audio files in sequence

I want to play multiple MP3 files, in sequence (one after the other) , using AVAudioPlayer. I tried it, and it stops after playing the first MP3. However, if I go into debugger, it works fine.. any ideas? I read somewhere AVAudioPlayer plays audio in