What is the problem with this use of asynchronous waiting?

I am trying to download tracks via the soundcloud API, and then launch a callback once an indeterminant amount of tracks is downloaded. When I run the below code, I see "All done" being console logged before anything else, even though I intend f

Javascript callback in a while loop does not work?

I'm trying to make an event driven while loop in javascript. Essentially it iterates through an array of values and makes a query during each iteration. Then, based on the result of the query it should either keep looping or stop and do something. I

How to test Async storage with Jest?

I'm building an app with React Native. I want to minimize how often I communicate to the database, so I make heavy use of AsyncStorage. There's a lot of room for bugs in the translation between DB and AsyncStorage though. Therefore, I want to make su

promises in angular - POST request

I'm new to programming and was wondering why do you not need a promise on a post request, but you do on a get request? var getAll = function() { return $http({ method: 'GET', url: '/api/links' }).then(function(resp) { return resp.data; }) } var addLi

How to wait for an async method to finish using Futures?

I have an async Retrofit-based API call in Android and need to wait with the DB calls until the API call finishes, so that I am sure the proper data gets entered into the DB. I read that you can use Futures to accomplish this task, however with my cu

TcpListener-based application that does not work well

I have an ECHO server application based on a TCPListener. It accepts clients, read the data, and returns the same data. I have developed it using the async/await approach, using the XXXAsync methods provided by the framework. I have set performance c

Orchard and roads

An interesting one. On a team of half a dozen developers, I am the only one experiencing the following problem so we are reasonably sure that it is something local to myself but we can't seem to track down what is causing it. Using a Orchard based si

javascript async does not work

Logging rides alerts, logging users doesn't. I can't figure out what's going on here... There's no network errors. Both data/users.json and data/rides.json are reaching the client fine. $.ajax({ url: "data/users.json", dataType: 'json', async: f

Asynchronous JMS Messaging

How I can implement an asynchronous JMS application? Is it necessary to change server program or just I should change the client code? I want to know How I can change a synchronous JMS messaging to asynchronous?Very simple. You need to assign a messa

Does Jedis support asynchronous operations?

I am using Jedis (java client) to commmunicate with Redis server. I have 3 Redis instances running on three different nodes. I want to "get" (read) some records from 3 Redis instances. I want to issue these "gets" (reads) in parallel,

SOAP Asynchronous Web Service

I have an interface that I've exposed as a regular SOAP web service. One method of the interface consists for the client to send a file to the server, then the server processes the file and returns a result file. Processing the file may take some tim

Need to wrap my head around Async operations

I have custom control and I have interface this control exposes to it's users. public interface ILookupDataProvider { string IdColumnName { get; } IEnumerable<IDataColumn> Metadata { get; set; } void GetDataAsync(string parameters, Action<IEnumer

GWT-RPC vs. HTTP Call - What's Better?

I am evaluating if there is a performance variation between calls made using GWT-RPC and HTTP Call. My appln services are hosted as Java servlets and I am currently using HTTPProxy connections to fetch data from them. I am looking to convert them to

to update an activity from an asynchronous service

I've implemented a service that does an asynchronous sync between my application and google docs. I want to update the top level activity of my application when the sync is complete. However because of the service it's possible that the app could be