C # - Multiple timers in the Windows service

I just start develop a windows service. But I'm not sure if I can use multiple timers in Onstart() method? private System.Timers.Timer timer1; private System.Timers.Timer timer2; protected override void OnStart(string[] args) { this.timer1 = new Syst

View pending IEnumerable

Well im kinda new in Asp.net Mvc and im learning alone from scratch, i have a aplicattion that controls expends and earnings and what i am trying to do now is, basing on a list of earnings and expends give me the balance from a user, im having a lot

C # - How to print viewdata?

I was wondering how I can print out the viewdata on my view. Here's how I pass the view data along public ActionResult Details(int? id) { if (id == null) { return new HttpStatusCodeResult(HttpStatusCode.BadRequest); } User user = db.user.Find(id); if

How to handle unauthorized URL redirection to the error page

In Asp.net mvc 4 / mvc 5 how to handle unauthorised url to redirect to error page. Please any one give suggestionIn this is check url from xml file. Xml file is generate by userName or userName is int type. public class LogActionFilter:ActionFilterAt

Change the color of a custom control

I am trying to set the background color of a custom button. I build that button from HTML by overriding the Render method. I then expose certain attributes through customer overridden attribute methods with Get and set capabilities. This allows my to

Angular.js $ resource with webapi ASP.Net?

I have a simple ASP.Net WebAPI service that assigns a static variable on POST/PUT and returns the value on GET: private static State Repo = null; public State Get() { return Repo; } public void Post(State value) { Repo = value; } public void Put(Stat

How to correctly inject numeric values ​​into JavaScript?

Let's say that I have an ASP.NET page with JavaScript. Usually, injecting the result of server-side method/property calls into JavaScript is easy, as can be seen in the following common example: var myUsernameControl = document.getElementById('<%= tx

Jquery ajax get method with parameter does not work in asp.net

I want to call a web method using jquery ajax get method.but it is not getting called. below my javascript and code javascript: function RetrievePassword() { var forgotEmail = $("#txtForgotEmail").val().trim(); //call the ajax method to retrieve

How to get the ID of an edit text box in gridview

I want to get the ID of a textbox like below to add validator, the Client ID contains generated string, UniqueID too, but only the ID contains nothing, why? Protected Sub GridView1_RowDataBound(ByVal sender As GridView, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebCo

how to hide the contents of the master page in a Web page

I want to open a regular .aspx page in a rad window.But the regular page consists of Site Map.I don't want that sitemap to be displayed when it is opened in rad window. Please suggest me some solution. I already tried this: this.MasterpageFile="..//t

How to get a single column with Entity Framework?

I have code to retrieve all columns from a entity class against a search criteria. But I want a specific column value instead of complete column values. My code is - Main main; main = repo.Find<Main>(m => m.Code == criteria.code); where Main is e

The countdown characters in the text box to label do not work

In this scernario, I have a textbox and a label of which the label is a countdown of the remaining characters available in the textbox. E.g. "239 characters remaining". I personally want to use the javascript function a couple of times, so I wan

How to get the IPv6 address in c #?

I use Request.UserHostAddress, can only get IPv4 address, how to get IPv6 address of a visitor?I assume you're talking about HttpRequest.UserHostAddress. It will always return the address that was used to connect to you. If the request was made over

Why do not we use a nullable Guid in this linq query?

I have this code to find the root node of a tree: Guid? currentNode = null; var root = db.RecursiveTrees.Where(x => x.ParentId == currentNode).ToList(); This query returns 0 results. If I run this query I get the expected row returned: var root = db.

How to view ASP.net EVENT errors in IIS 7.5?

At the moment I use EVENT VIEWER in Administrative Tool to see some nested Asp Errors details for some pages of my website locally. At the moment I deploying my website on the Server where I have access only to IIS 7.5 and its Logs. I would like to k

Entity Framework Vs Data Access Layer

I want to know list of advantages of using Entity framework over data access layer. My website is host in shared hosting and i don't have access to IIS Considering that i am working shared hosting world, is it feasible to work with entity framework?M

want to make a dnn module of the time zone converter

i am new to dnn. i want to make a time zone converter module of dnn. will you please provide me the step by step process of making module in c#? there are many Blogs or matter on inetrnet. but that only provide the Overview Upto installing the module

ASP.NET custom login

I just started learning about ASP.NET, and I have a couple of questions. Am I required to use the ASP.NET login control for a secure log in? If not, can I do it the old-fashioned way, with calls to a MySQL DB? If so, how do I keep track of which user

pass a list to <% # Eval (& ldquo;% & gt; using C #

Okay I have searched and can't seem to come up with where to find the answer to my question. What I'm trying to do is to turn the generic string list retrieved from a sql table like so: List<string> UserList = new List<string>() { "User O

Convert HTML to PDF on ASP.NET (VB)?

I have data stored in the database with HTML format, and I want to get the value of this html content with MyReader.getString() after getting the html code I must do the conversion to PDF Format. You have any idea on how can I do it ? !!Pdfcrowd has

Status server in the webfarm scenario?

This is a fairly basic question about state server but assume there are 2 servers behind a load balancer. How do I configure the session state server? So, I have machine1 and machine2. I would assume that I would need to install the state server on 1

Visibility of RadioButton ASP.Net in a RadioButtonList

Is there a way to hide radio buttons inside a RadioButtonList control programmatically?Under the hood, you can access the attributes of the item and assign it a CSS style. So you should be able to then programmatically assign it by specifying: RadioB