Fixed div height as a percentage of the page height

I am going through this example to make my div consistent to the page / screen resolution. Even this looks very simple but I dont know why its not working with me. I did the same in my page but not working. It shows me div.container 1066.39 x 18 in p

To create a registration form using C # and SQLite

I would like to create a simple registration form for WINDOWS application. I am using SQLite database which can be embedded into the project as I need to create a .exe file and mail it to my friend. Now my registration form has 2 text boxes. textBox1

Webservice not accessible on IIS, behind proxy

Spend two days looking through lots of questions but found nothing or may be I am doing something wrong. Basically, I am accessing an AXIS web service from inside a class library, and library is used by web application and windows service. Service re

how to add a different control in the gridview line

I have a gridview which I populate from the list data. every row in the gridview has a text box. there is one row within the gridview which I want a dropdown control rather then the textbox. I can't figure out how to change the textbox to dropdown co

find dynamically added controls from the container

I am generating dynamic textbox controls on drop down selected index change event. protected void ddlCategories_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { foreach (Attributes attribute in getAllAttributes(Convert.ToInt32(ddlCategories.Selecte

Google API graph in ASP.NET MVC

I am using google apis to create a simplechart [AllowAnonymous] public JsonResult PieChart() { return Json("[[\"State\",\"Total\"],[\"GA\",50], [\"AL\",30]]",JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet); } I am calling t

Serialize c # array of strings on JSON array

i have the following code in my _Layout.cshtml file. The idea is that in my javascript code some items about the security are filled in. LoggedIn and username are obviously no problem, but the way the roles are put in the javascript is wrong. The Rol

How to prevent a web-based game from being hacked?

I need to build a web based (html/js) game where the user earns/scores points. At the end of the game, the user enters their details on a form and it, along with their score, are submitted to the server (via ajax post) to be stored in a database. The

jquery-1.4.1.min.js does not work

The code below works prefect in visual studio 2010 but doesnt work on visual studio 2008, if there any others exception that i miss out? what else i should check for in order to know what am i missing? Noted* i can only received alert(starting) but n

DataTable Merge Issue (s)

I have two datatables which I want to merge. I know there are a lot of methods 2 for loops and dataset merge and linq. But I found out all of them needs to know exactly how many columns that each datatable has. My case is a little bit different. I am

join two tables to be linked on a gridview

I was getting confused on how to build the SQL query when it come to joining two tables so that I could bind them later to a gridview. Basically I have two tables, tablename: family __________________________ |Status |lastName|firstName| |-------|---

ASP.NET Gridview ItemTemplate Access in CodeBehind

I am having trouble accessing an asp.NET HiddenField from a Gridview ItemTemplate in the codebehind. I need to be able to read the values that these hiddenfields contain so that I can execute the delete method. The code is as follows <%@ Control Lang

Make a popup that can be used on multiple pages in ASP.Net

I have two web-form pages in ASP, one for viewing a record and and another for editing it. I would like to have a link on each which popups a box to allow editing a certain property on the record. If I only placed it on the Edit page, I would use an

JavaScript issue dealing with different browsers

The problem that I'm having is that my code works fine in JavaScript but doesn't work correctly in Firefox or safari and wondering why. What I'm doing is I have a loop going through each element and depending on the variable inside a text box just wa

Add a txt file in .Net

I am Creating a txt file in.Net with the help of below code. StreamWriter writerVer = new StreamWriter(@"c:\Version.txt"); writerVer.WriteLine("Version : " + Context.Parameters["ver"]); File.SetAttributes(@"C:\Version.tx

Intelligencia UrlRewriter with RegEx does not work

I have the following rewrite rule: <rewrite url="^/Membership/(.+)/(.+)/(.+)/(.+)" to="/Membership/Index.aspx?parentf=$3&f=$4"/> which I am expecting should work with this URL: /Membership/Benefits/Member-Groups/Sub-Groups/Mo

Error parsing AppSettings value with a query string

In my AppSettings in web.config, I have something like this: <appSettings> <add key="ExternalSystemUrl" value="{0}&action=eat&object=bacon" /> </appSettings> However, it seems th

How to print an ASP client ID in a web page?

How do I print an ASP clientID in a web page? <td class="ColDatos" colspan="1"><asp:TextBox ID="FECHA_APLICACION" runat="server" Width="85%"></asp:TextBox> <a href="javascript:ale

Ajax Div Positioning

I have an aspx page with ajax panel on it and a button. this is my button : <asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" OnClientClick="javascript:SetValues()" onclick="Button1_Click" Text="Button" /> whe

ASP.NET MVC - TextArea Values

I have a WYSIWYG editor set up using ASP.NET MVC. When I post, everything is fine, however when I post and there is an error when the page comes back and shows the errors, the value in the textbox is messed up (it has become un-HTML Encoded) and for

Silverlight xap file hosting, single blank screen displayed

I have a SL 3.0 xap I want to host in a ASP.NET website, I have access to the XAP file and I have created a HTML page to host the SL component. When I access the page all I see is a white screen where the SL component should be, SL is loaded but the

LINQ TO SQL Mapping Error

Iam using LINQ To SQL with POCO's and XML mapping. I am getting the following error when I try to run the application: Cannot find type 'MyProject.DataTransfer.User' from mapping. Below is the mapping: <Table Name="Users" Member="User&qu

What new features are useful for ASP.NET in .NET Framework 3.5?

I've kept up to date with new features in the C# language as it's moved from version 1 through version 3. I haven't done such a good job keeping up to date with ASP.NET. I feel like some of the post version 1 features are not so good (e.g. the AJAX f