Add an extra button to the nopCommerce cart

I want to write a plugin that adds a new button to the shopping cart. This button would be the third one beside the update button and the continue button. In the picture you can see a red button like the one I would like to add. The picture is just a

Dynamic access control with ASP.NET identity

Maybe I've overlooked this somewhere in the "documentation" for ASP.NET Identity (2.2.1), but I'm struggling to see the point in creating a controller and interfaces for managing Roles. I understand the point of managing users (CRUD + Assigning

CSHTML files do not load outside of views

I have a C# MVC Razor site. Typically, Controllers load views from the Views folder. However, I have a special circumstance where I need to render a view outside of the Views folder. How do I do that? Controller will load /Views/Random/Index.cshtml C

Use Moq to test the unit but the object returns Null

I'm new to using Moq. I am trying to get this unit test to work but my object seems to keep returning null. I saw online that the Setup() must match the actual call. I'm obviously not getting it cause it still doesn't work; it seems to match to me. H

The model does not contain a constructor that takes 8 arguments

Im am completely new to C# and was trying to setup a very basic application where I created the class/model: public class Customer { public int CustomerID { get; set; } public string FirstName { get; set; } public string LastName { get; set; } public

.NET MVC 4 list with KnockoutJS data-bind'ing

Ok so i have a view with this so far function AppViewModel() { this.title = ko.observable("@Model.Title"); this.firstName = ko.observable("@Model.FirstName"); this.lastName = ko.observable("@Model.LastName"); this.fullName =

MVC4 binding to an object containing arrays

I am creating a form to allow employees to submit timesheets online. The form consists of a number of sections, each representing a day of the week. Within each section, the user can add multiple rows, each row reflecting a task undertaken that day.

JQuery click event on & lt; a & gt; fires twice

I have a click event that is being called twice and I can't figure out why. Razor/Html: <li class="active"> <a href="#" class="listitem">@Model[i].Name</a> <span style="display:none" class="

.net mvc 4 using razor and json

I am currently working on a .NET MVC 4 project. We have a razor list of items, the razor handles number of items shown and the ordering. We want to then make this client side. Is there a way we can update the razor via json to achieve this? Thanks in

MVC returns the page as a file

I have an mvc4 project and I am getting a weird result. Whenever I sumit a form and fire up a postback, if the entry is correct it redirects me to the success page which is good. But when my input is invalid and it has to return to the same page, to

Serialize c # array of strings on JSON array

i have the following code in my _Layout.cshtml file. The idea is that in my javascript code some items about the security are filled in. LoggedIn and username are obviously no problem, but the way the roles are put in the javascript is wrong. The Rol

javascript literals of C # - avoid warnings

First off, this code does work, but it gives me a low level of annoyance that I'd like to be rid of. I have a .cshtml page that is built using the razor syntax. There is a big, nasty, knockout object living behind the scenes to which many things on t

The grouping does not work for me -MVC

RegisterBundles : bundles.Add(new ScriptBundle("~/bundles/AllScripts").Include( "~/Scripts/jquery.x123.{version}.js", "~/Scripts/bootstrap.js", "~/Scripts/jqRect.js")); In the Shared Layout file : @Scripts.Render(&q

a good way to pass multiple View values ​​to the controller

This is something happening everyday I'm looking for a better way of grabbing the values from view into the action, since the controller create and destroy based on http request, is there a good way to pass all the params thru?(By that I mean more th

Unreferenced loading MVC Ninject dll

I have an MVC4 project in which I am using Ninject as the DI Framework. The problem I am having is trying to split my DI bindings from my implementation as i do not want my main web project to reference all of my other projects. I have tried to creat

Using the Esc Button to Exit the jquery Contextual Dialog Box

I managed to create a partial view with jquery for a popup dialog to show a create form, now my next problem is how to use the Esc key on the keyboard to return the page before the pop-up. I tried creating a close link/button and well it worked but I

Validate the date according to the region

I have an MVC4 app which is compiled in the UK and hosted on a US server. In my model I have a date field which is required. Attached to this field is a date picker, on selecting a date it will set a date to be UK format "DD/MM/YYYY" e.g. 23/12/

Build the .net 4.0 code with TFS2012

I have TFS 2012 installed. I want to setup gated checkins on TFS 2012 for MVC code that needs to be built in .net 4.0. What is the way to do this? I assumed TFS 2012 to be the controller and TFS 2010 to be the build agent. However, when I tri

MVC 4 Razor by adding the input type date

I'm wondering how to insert a <input type="date"/> for datetime attributes of my model. As for now Razor creates a plain input element with type="datetime". I want to make use of the new input types of HTML5.The input date value

Hosting ASP.Net MVC 4 SPA Web Application in IIS

I am having my application in ASP.NET MVC 4 SPA. It was developed using the template in Visual Studio 2012 after installing Web-tools 2012.2. But after my work when I tried to host it in IIS after publishing it to a local folder, I am getting the dir