Validation of the date in MVC Gridview

I have the following gridview code and I am trying to do some basic validation on my dates. As you can see I have a start date and end date and I need to validate them so that StartDate <= EndDate. Is there a simple way to add this validation to the

404 Redirection Troubleshooting

I have Existing MVC Web Application url physically not exists (i.e. MyMVCSite/mypage.aspx. i need to redirect page on "error page" if invalid aspx enter by user, which not working in .aspx page condition but when unvalid action enter its work -)

a good way to pass multiple View values ​​to the controller

This is something happening everyday I'm looking for a better way of grabbing the values from view into the action, since the controller create and destroy based on http request, is there a good way to pass all the params thru?(By that I mean more th

Set RedirectUrl in the JsonResult Action Method

I am trying to implement demo application to learn ASP.NET MVC. Application have three views and corresponding actions and also have login feature. Views: Index.cshtml - contains person information grid PersonInfoView.cshtml - display person informat

ASP.NET MVC takes a long time in the chrome login page

I Have a Route that is in the format: http://localhost/SocialNetworkWeb/Home/Index When I press login in any other browser it works fine but in Chrome it takes too long. Is there any problem with ASP.NET MVC3 & Chrome working together or maybe IIS Ex

MVC3 OutputCache VaryByHeader = The cookie is not defined

I have the following action method: [HttpGet, Authorize, OutputCache(Duration = 60, VaryByHeader = "Cookie", Location = OutputCacheLocation.Any)] public ActionResult Index() But when I make a request, these are the headers issued: Cache-Control:

MemoryCache object and load balancer

I'm writing a web application using ASP .NET MVC 3. I want to use the MemoryCache object but I'm worried about it causing issues with load balanced web servers. When I google for it looks like that problem is solved on the server ie using AppFabric.

How to edit multiple models in a single razor view

I am new to MVC3, I have an multiple models like BussinessDetails,ContactPerson,ServiceArea,Address and many more models. I have a single view page where shared view pages like Contacts,BusinessDetails,Address,ServiceArea etc.these are all in tabs. T

Send the status of the check box without send button

I have a view with a few checkboxes that can be selected or unselected. I'd like to always register any change in a checkbox, without the use of a submit button (the user could forget to do it, and it would waste time). So, is there a way to handle t

Display the alternative line color in the data grid

Could someone help with a quick alternate way to jquery to display alternate rows with different background colors? Trying with a foreach loop but not having much luck. Many thanks!!! <div class="acgridhdrstart">Account Name</div> &l

How to change the appearance of a text box

I want to have a multiline textbox of max of 3 rows and I also want to modify it`s width and height size. How can I do that in mvc? The following code is not working @Html.TextBox("myTextBox", String.Empty, new { @style = "width: 150px; ,he

Do I need a model or sight model? MVC 3

I have a pretty standard scenario where I have a model which in this case is a product. The product model has a load of properties such as price, desc etc which I want to display on a view. I have this working fine. The product has a list of accessor

How to pass a jQuery variable to a variable in View of MVC3?

Possible Duplicate: How to pass variable from jquery to code in c# In my View I have a variable named as shown below x: @{ int x;} I want to set a value to x from within my jQuery code. How can I do it ?by this: @{var x = 5;} <script type="text/ja

MVC3 categorized grid with totals and subtotals?

Is it possible in MVC3 (Razor if possible) to have a page rendered with totals and subtotals? e.g. I have 5,000 rows in my db table retreived through EF4/L2E. Type Category Product Month1 Month2 Month3 ________________________________________________

Session Variables for the Unit Test Controller in MVC3

I am unit testing my controller. In one of my controller methods I am setting Session variables: public void Index(){ Session["foo"] = "bar"; return View(); } How can I unit test this? The problem is that the Session property is null w

Is there a timer function in ASP.NET MVC3?

I'm looking for a way to call a function every N seconds in order to update data displayed on the page. Is there a built-in functionality to accomplish this task or do I have to do it by myself?There are the window.setTimeout and window.setInterval j

How to avoid multiple messages on MVC3?

A user wants to post in his blog, he fills the field and click submit. The site is running slow, he clicks again, and again, and again. It was finally saved, but now he check his posts and sees 4 posts. How can I prevent this from happening? If the u

MVC 3 beta + Dependency Resolver + Unity = problem obtained

I'm tried to use Dependency Resolver with Unity, and got some problem when my Controller creating. Here example of controller: public class AccountController : Controller { private readonly ICourseService _courseService; public AccountController(ICou