jQuery JSON saves the object in ASP.NET MVC2

I'm using ASP.NET MVC2 and jQuery to load and save objects. I'm using knockout.js's object serilization/deserialization to safely maintain the object's data structure when loading/saving data. When I send back my object in its exact structure back to

The MVC Ajax.Begin form is not published on actionresult

I have recently changed the below code from using a regular html 'form' to using an ajax.beginform, but it does not post back to the 'PostCheckListCompleted' actionresult. Any ideas why this is not working? @Html.Grid(Model.ContactApplicationConditio

Timeout simulation on ASP.NET MVC

Problem: I need to create a web project with a controller that times out. What I have done: Create a new web application Empty the web.config, and write the values below: . <?xml version="1.0"?> <configuration> <system.web> <

How to include a link in the AddModelError message?

I want to add a ModelState error, like so: ModelState.AddModelError("", "Some message, <a href="/controller/action">click here</a>) However, the link doesn't get encoded, and so is displayed like text. I tried using &l

Asp.net ajax with mvc2

I am calling a ajax method as below var srchText = "Chicago"; $.ajax({ url: "/Ajax/GetCities", data: "{'srchText' : '" + srchText + "'}", dataType: "json", type: "POST", async: false, contentType

function vs property?

Possible Duplicate: What is Method, Property and Function ? Can anyone tell me what is function and what is property? Just a basic explanation.Property denotes the object's state, Method denotes the object's behavior. Function is like method except f

download via $ .post

i am trying to select my file trough a $.post command? at the moment i have it like <% using (Html.BeginForm("Index", "Upload", FormMethod.Post, new { enctype = "multipart/form-data" })) {%> <input type='file'><

Problem Calling the Extension Method on a ViewPage

I created the following extension method for a ViewPage: using System.Web.Mvc; namespace G3Site { public static class ViewPage_Extensions { public static void Test(this ViewPage vp) { vp.Writer.Write("this is a test"); } } } I then put an import

Link CheckBoxFor to bool?

How to bind nullable bool to checkbox in MVC 2. I try with this code in view: <%: Html.CheckBoxFor(model => model.Communication.Before)%> But show me compilation error. Thanks in advance.I know about this issue. You can try to use this workaround

MVC 2 Twitter Application

This is my first time here so I apologize in advance if this question is not relevant here. I have just started to learn C# and MVC 2. Most of my learning so far has been from examples and I wanted to learn from an example which I can learn a lot fro

ASP.NET MVC template project with Facebook Connect

I'm looking for template project that uses Facebook Connect instead of ASP.NET Membership service with ASP.NET MVC 1.0/2.0/3.0. It should support connect (login) and logof and storing user data to the database. Is there something like that? And secon

ASP.NET MVC how to display html tags in html?

I display some text in the view: .... <%: model.Content %> .... my model.Content contains html tags, and I want to display them not as text, but as html. How to do it? Thanks. <%= model.Content %> Be careful with this because it could open you

ASP.NET MVC 2.0 How to Pass Controller Data to Jquery

Iam trying to pass data from my controller, and put it into the variable in JS script. I have done it before and it worked perfectly, thats why this one puzzles me even more. Here is my code of the controller: public ActionResult GetCategories() { va

Publishing to IIS7 File Sharing Results in HTTP ERROR 403.13

I have an test server setup that is running a version of the site I am working on. I change nothing on the server (IIS and whatnot). I have a share mapped to a directory below where the site is running from. I publish into the directory from VS2010.

ASP.NET MVC strongly typed view compilation error

This is a strange one. I changed something (not sure what) and now my app's view doesn't compile at runtime. The view itself is strongly typed: <%@ Page Language="C#" MasterPageFile="~/Views/Shared/Site.Master" Inherits="System

MVC2 - Basic question where logic should go

Starting with MVC2, messing around with a simple db and just using the index view to display the items like: in the controller: // // GET: /Equipment/ public ActionResult Index() { return View(database.Artists.ToList()); } then the auto generated cod

TryUpdateModel does not work

I am following though the examples in Professional ASP.Net MVC 2 and one of the examples doesn't work for me. [HttpPost] public ActionResult Edit (int id, FormCollection collection) { Dinner dinner = dinnerRepository.GetDinner(id); if (TryUpdateModel

ASP.NET MVC 2 Integrated Database

I am building a very small temprorary website that needs a small backing store. I have built this in ASP.NET MVC 2, and wanted to host with DiscountASP - although this isn't essential. I would like an backing store that will work with ASP.NET MVC 2,

ASP.NET MVC 2 EnableClientValidation: validation group

I'm using ASP.NET MVC 2, DataAnnotation and MicrosoftMvcValidation.js for validation. I have two forms in my view..is there a way to use Validation Group for client side validation (like in ASP.NET Webforms). thanksThe example I've seen with the nerd

MVC2 client-side validation for injected Ajax content

I am making an Ajax call and adding content to a form inside a MVC2 app. I need to update the Client Validation Metadata with the validation for my new content. <script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ if (!window.mvcClientValidation

Is ASP.NET MVC 2.0 still available?

Does anyone know if this has been released yet? I went to asp.net and the Windows PI installs MVC 2 and it doesn't mention anything about RC's but then Scott Guthrie doesn't mention anything on his blog either.ASP.NET MVC 2.0 RTM was released on 2010

MVC2: validation of user input / best practices

I'm trying to validate user input, in particular user passwords. I have some jQuery validation, but of course I also need to validate on the server side. Now my request comes in to the controller, which will hand it off to a UserService. Everything i

ASP mvc design issue: single view for multiple data types

In my database, there are maybe a dozen tables that represent lookup types (All have ID and Name columns - No, they must remain as seperate tables, won't be normalized into one table). I'm building an administration application, where I want an admin

Are there any good ASP.NET MVC2 or MVC3 cheat sheets available?

I have been looking for some good MVC2 cheatsheets to help a new team of .NET developers get used to some of the basics of MVC as a pattern and also MVC2 as a microsoft framework. I found a few examples for MVC1 in relation to the HTML helpers but no