How can I form a neural network from many datasets?

I have many sets of related data that I want to use to train a neural network. The data is from racing pigeons that fly a set distance. The inputs could be weight, age, size, wing span, sex, distance, time etc. sampled lets say every minute. I am try

Is there a classifier able to make decisions very quickly?

Most classification algorithms are developed to improve the training speed. However, is there any classifier or algorithm focusing on the decision making speed(low computation complexity and simple realizable structure)? I can get enough training dat

Is the reduction of dimensionality reversible?

I have implemented a dimentionality reduction algorithm using ENCOG, that takes a dataset (call it A) with multiple features and reduces it to a dataset (B) with only one feature (I need that for time series analisys). Now my question is, I have a va

Have a learn batch program

I am making a chat bot for my sister in batch but it is consuming so much time I figured I would let it have her tell it what to say when it does not know. However I can not get it working and I figured someone on here might know. Here is what I have

Initialization of weight

I plan to use the Nguyen-Widrow Algorithm for an NN with multiple hidden layers. While researching, I found a lot of ambiguities and I wish to clarify them. The following is pseudo code for the Nguyen-Widrow Algorithm Initialize all weight of hidden

how do i guess my program for the correct word?

I am interested in doing some AI/algorithmic explorations. So I have this idea to make a simple application kind of like hang man, were I assign a word and leave some letters as clues. But instead of a user guessing for the word I want to make my app

& ldquo; Less often used & rdquo; - algorithm

I am building an application that is supposed to extract a mission for the user from a finite mission pool. The thing is that I want: that the user won't get the same mission twice, that the user won't get the same missions as his friends (in the app

Using Prolog to Get Data Model Paths from Language Rules?

I want to build a semi-natural language interface for a data warehouse. A simple data model looks for example like this: Company - attribute 'name' - reference to 'Departments' Department - attribute 'type' - reference to 'Employees' Employee - attri

Cannibals and missionaries using IDDFS and GreedyBFS

Three cannibals and three missionaries must cross a river. Their boat can only hold two people. If the cannibals outnumber the missionaries, on either side of the river, the missionaries are in trouble (I won't describe the results). Each missionary

Tutorials to develop chatbots?

As a engineering student, I would like to make a chat bot using python. So, I searched a lot but couldn't really find stuff that would teach me or give me some concrete information to build a intelligent chat bot. I would like to make a chatbot that

Simple Hill Climbing Algorithm Example

I am a little confused with Hill Climbing algorithm. I want to "run" the algorithm until i found the first solution in that tree ( "a" is initial and h and k are final states ) and it says that the numbers near the states are the heuri

state of the art dimensionality algorithms

We know there are algorithms to reduce the dimension of data sets like PCA and Isomap What is the state of the art in the reducing dimensionality to data sets. Do you have an example, maybe on MATLAB? Lets say we have a data set with 100,000 attribut

Calculate the value of a unit in a game

I'm currently working on a game where each unit has a value for health, shields and agility as well as a certain number of six types of weapon. e.g. Unit B has 2 lasers, 2 heavy lasers, and 1 missile launcher, no ion blaster, no heavy ion blaster, no

After a dynamic score

I have little to no formal discrete math training, and have run into a wee bit of an issue. I am trying to write an agent which reads in a human player's (arbitrary) score and scores a point every so often. The agent needs to "lag behind" and &q

Programming Technique: How to Create a Simple Card Game

as I am learning the Ruby language, I am getting closer to actual programming. I was thinking of creating a simple card game. My question isn't Ruby oriented, but I do know want to learn how to solve this problem with a genuine OOP approach. In my ca

What are the practical applications of the AO * algorithm?

Those who have worked or working in artificial intelligence(or equivalent) area should be knowing the AO* algorithm very well. Its pretty clear that it is a generalized algorithm. Do anybody of you have come across any practical application of the AO