Display an unfilled 2D array in JTextarea in Java

I want to display array elements in the "jTextArea1".My 2D array is not a completely filled one.it is like this. row_count = 4 and column_count =5. 2D array: 4 8 8 4 5 2 7 5 6 6 4 1 8 9 5 5 2 for(int r=0;r<row_count;r++) { for(int c=0;c<co

Named array element used in the function definition

Recently I discovered that this syntax works in JavaScript (Chrome 53): function foo([param1]) { // Function argument is declared as array and param1 is used as variable? What is the name of this syntax? console.log(param1); } foo(['TestParameter1'])

How to recover an array in the URL?

Trying to get data following a shopping cart purchase on the success page but having issues with $_GET. The URL is: http://domain.com/success.php?customer[email]=email%40gmail.com&order[button][description]=music+download&order[button][id]=8976546

Merge two tables by deleting duplicate keys from one

I have two arrays. Those are below: First Array: $arr1[0] = 'Programs'; $arr1[1] = 'Levels'; $arr1[2] = 'Presenters'; $arr1[3] = 'Levels'; Second Array: $arr2[0] = 'Art'; $arr2[1] = 'Primary'; $arr2[2] = 'Kristine Ballard'; $arr2[3] = 'Secondary'; I

How to store a table in a database?

I am trying to learn php databases and I have a question. How do I store an array in a database? I saw an answer on stackoverflow and there were they doing something with type double and in an other answer they were talking about creating a table for

Assignment to int from compatible type int

In the bolded part, I am having compile error. some one help to find out error? my code is given below... void _multiDimensionalArray(){ int row = 10; int column = 10; cout << "\n\n For a 2-Dimensional Array:>>>>" << endl

The intersection of several sorted tables

From this, we know the method to solve the intersection of two sorted arrays. So how to get the intersection of multiple sorted arrays? Based on the answers of two sorted arrays, we can apply it to multiple arrays. Here are the codes vector<int> int

Convert a list to a 2-D array in python

I am trying to create a plot and the points are shaded with a colorbar. matplotlib.pyplot.scatter(x,y, c=time_color) I have a time_color list, e.g. time_color = [0, 4, 3, 3, 2, 3, 5, 4, 0, 3, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 4, 3, 2] Unfortunately, the plot c

Confused on how to sort an array of objects in ruby

I'm relatively new to ruby. I have an array called claims. Each elements in the claims array is a claim. If I do claims[0].houses, I get an array of houses. There are two things that I am confused on. The first is when I type claims[0] into the conso

Type of table typedef in C

typedef int arr[10] I understand that the above statement defines a new name for int[10] so that arr intArray; is equivalent to int intArray[10]; However, I am confused by the convention for doing this. It seems to me that typedef int arr[10] is conf

Get the least amount of a combination of matrix elements

Yesterday one of my friend came with a problem, asking me to find the solution. The problem I have a matrix(n x m). I need to find out the least sum what I can produce from those matrix element. The condition is : Counting should only start from the

Find a single element in a table without closing the table

I have an array with objects stored within it. I want to grab the object in the array that has a name of test-song-poll-02. I know I could loop thru it and do a conditional to check the name within each object but I was wondering if there is an array

No results in the console, probably a logical error

I'm relatively new to the world of OOP, and for some reason, the console of IntelliJ and Eclipse doesn't give me an output in the console for the following program. I'm trying to store 12 numbers into an array using scanner and to find the standard d

How to change an integer to equivalent asci?

I´m making and Minesweeper in a matrix of 5x5. I made the random assignation of the mines and also made the sensors for the mines, its working ok i think. public Minesweeper(){ matrix = new int [5][5]; int minesnumber = (int)(Math.random()*10); for(i

Check if a string contains a part of a table element

I just started learning javascript and I'm working on small chrome extension that checks a certain website's item listings for any items that contain keywords provided by the user. I'm looking for some help on a method to compare a string to an array

VB.net Alternative Way of ReDim Preserve

my program does work but i think it suffers performance issues, it is consuming upto 40% of my total CPU usage while it is looping the array. normally my programs would only consume under 5% of CPU usage, i think ReDim Preserve is causing this as i a

Objective C - Divide NSString into a table, maximum number

I am new to Objective-C, so I am trying to split an String into an Array in this format: NSString *str = @":49:DE:Bahnhofsstr:12:39:11"; NSArray *arr = [str componentsSeparatedByString:@":"]; I receive the following objects in arr: [@&

Find values ​​in the table and return index

I want to return an array with the index's where the getElem() is equal or higher a certain value. This is my function: public static int []findIndex(BufferedImage image,int value) { DataBuffer b = image.getRaster().getDataBuffer(); int array[] = new

Multiple mysql queries from inside for loop

hope someone can help with this problem that's been driving me insane for ages. I'm quite new to mysql/php. I have an array [$Booklist] that consists of a series of numbers that refer to BookID in the Books table. I then query the database to get the

Simulate a multidimensional array on MySQL

I have two tables with these structure: articles: article_id, text tags: tag_id, article_id, text How can I select all articles AND all associated tags with one query? As I know, MySQL can only return a two-dimensional array, so I can one solution wo

SQL - Retrieve a data array sorted by occurrences

I have a table with this kind of data in one of its column: ANS1228E ANS4987E ANS1228E ANS4987E ANS1228E ANS4987E ANS1228E ANS4987E ANS1228E ANS4987E ANS1802E ANS1228E ANS5258E ANS1375E ANS1999E ANS5258E ANS1228E ANS5258E ANS1375E I would like to tak

How is U [] castable in T []?

It is clear that the T[] array type is not covariant as the elements of a T[] can be set by index. And yet, a U[] can be cast to a T[] without any complaints from the compiler as long as U derives from T. Man[] men = new[] { new Man("Aaron"), ne