if statement on the tables in R

In a simple way of stating my problem, consider I have the following function: > ff<-function(a){ if (a>0){ return ("positive") } else{ return("negative") } } now: > ff(-1) [1] "negative" > ff(1) [1] "posi

Amazon MWS: Access to an array of corresponding products

I am Working with MWS for the first time and hoping to create a program that uses the ListMatchingProducts request to average out the prices of every product that matches a query. It should be a very simple program, but I am having trouble retrieving

angularjs undefined $ scope parameter of the array object

Let see my Angularjs code: My function 'getequipselected' from my 'EmpApi' factory request data of my webservice and save it in response: EmpApi.getequipselected(idequip).success(function (response) { $scope.editequipamento = response; console.log(re

How to update the JSONArray value on Java

can anyone help me, i'am new on java programing let say i have JSONArray with this data below : [{ "STATUSUPDATE": 0, "IDSERV": "2" }, { "STATUSUPDATE": 0, "IDSERV": "3" }, { "STATUSUPDATE&q

Read the char table line in matlab

What I have I've a char array, defined by doing an strcat between two char arrays like this: coeficientes = strcat(coef_bin, coef_bin_comp) Then, I want to read each row and convert them to hex. I'm doing it like: for k=1:11 coef_binario = coeficient

How to access data in nested JSON in swift

I have a json file I need to get the latest "id": "article" "createdAt": "2016-04-22T03:38:39.130Z" date. How do I go about getting this data from the request in swift? Note: Sorry im a swift newb. let url = "h

Passing Array as a function argument and setting element values

So the solution to this problem I think is fairly simple but I must be missing something. All I want to do is pass an array to a function and then set the arrays elements values in the function to then use in the global scope. int setArray(char* myAr

PHP adds single quotes to a comma-separated list

When I implode my array I get a list that looks like this: qwerty, QTPQ, FRQO I need to add single quotes so it looks like: 'qwerty', 'QTPQ', 'FRQO' Can this be done using PHP?Use ' before and after implode() $temp = array("abc","xyz")

Number of Java words

So my code is supposed to return the amount of words (words being lengths of letters) and it works except for when i enter anything 0 or less can some pplease help spot the error?? Edited Code: public class WordCount { public static int countWords(St

Mix a random array

Looking for some help regarding a shuffle and cryptogram problem in java. First, I tried to randomly shuffle a array, but i keep getting 2 of the same values in the shuffled array. Here's the code :) public static void shuffle (char[] characterArray)

Python - read images in the image matrix

I am trying to read multiple rgb images into one matrix, such that the matrix dimensions are (image_size, image_size, index) e.g. data[:,:,1] should retrieve the 1st image. data = np.zeros((image_dim, image_dim, numImages), dtype=np.float64) for fnam

Printing the float array element

I've been hung up on this for the past two hours, and it's really starting to irritate me. I'm using standard C, trying to print a char array's element. The following is a snippet that works(prints entire array), CreditCard validate_card(long long n)

How to check the radio button is selected or not

I am working on a quiz system. In that what I want to do is that the questions are collected from database and put as follow using php : <div class="span12" style="margin-top:140px;"> <ul id="part"> <?php //pri

Combine 2 rows of tables (sum 2 values)

I have this array: array( array('id' => 1, 'price' => 20.00, 'stock' => 2, 'year' => 11 ), array('id' => 1, 'price' => 20.00, 'stock' => 3, 'year' => 12 ), array('id' => 1, 'price' => 20.00, 'stock' => 2, 'year' => 13 )

prev () and next () return no results

prev() and next() return no result, but current(), end() and reset() does as you can see here: http://flamencopeko.net/songs_scans_skip_2.php http://flamencopeko.net/songs_scans_skip_2.txt <?php echo current($arrFiles); ?> <br />prev: <?php

How can I get data of different types from an anonymous class

I have an object that delegates some work to another object which is implementing an interface. Then, I am creating anonymous classes implementing this interface and I would like to get information from these. Is it okay to use a final array with a s

analyze the json string in a javascript object

I'm using Firefox 19.0.2. I receive a JSON string (into a JavaScript function) with changing sizes, sometimes it is: var jsonstring = {"CA":"CA","NY":"NY","TX":"TX"} sometimes it is: var jsonstri

const char ** name VS char * name []

I know this topic was already discussed several times and I think I basically know the difference between arrays and pointer but I am interested in how arrays are exactly stored in mem. for example: const char **name = {{'a',0},{'b',0},{'c',0},0}; pr

PHP sort tables by specific key in another table

Possible Duplicate: Sort multidimensional Array by Value (2) How can i sort array by specific key inside it: array( array(5, 2), array(5, 3), array(3, 1), array(5, 4) ); It's an array that has several arrays with 2 values, how do i sort by the second

Resetting array keys resulting from array_diff ()

In my application I am using array_diff function as - $aDeleteCountryCodes = array_diff($aCurrentCountryCodes, $aNewCountryCodes); Now what happens is, the resultant array, $aDeleteCountryCodes, some times comes as Array ( [2] => 213 ) and some times

How to make a static table in the javascript class?

A class is made in javascript. i create its objects in differnt other scripts. But i need its one data member(array) to be static? every time i create a new object of that class then it should not lost that arrays data..i need old array data...Just c

conflict b / w string and string []

Basically I have a class that has methods which use String arrays and i'm writing a method in the application class to read a file and update an array of object of class Customer. I get errors like: Line 83: set_address(java.lang.String[]) in Custome