indexPath.row does not receive data from the table

I've created a PFQuery to get some strings from my parse server and the put this in a couple of arrays var packsAvailable = [""] var packsImage = [""] var packsDescription = [""] If I print the value of the array in the for l

Kotlin way to filter the max values ​​of 2 tables?

I currently have 2 arrays, both containing 5 objects. All objects contain Int variables. Sample data: data class Demo(val number: Int, val name: String) val a = Demo(12, "a") val b = Demo(1, "b") val c = Demo(3, "c") val d =

reading and data entry in a table 2d char, and printf. in c

I have a file having data as like wavenumber wavelength PS 0.000000e+00 inf 1.339797e+10 2.667793e-04 2.355200e+04 2.264711e+07 5.335585e-04 1.177600e+04 5.774260e+06 8.003378e-04 7.850667e+03 4.347408e+06 1.067117e-03 5.888000e+03 2.071735e+06 1.333

Backing up 30 keys from one array to another variable

I have a problem with my code sadly. So I have an array with around 100 keys saved into a $data variable that looks like this: ["data"]=> array(413) { [0]=> object(stdClass)#254 (7) { ["Date"]=> string(10) "2016-09-08&quo

PHP - How to return all the values ​​of an array?

This question already has an answer here: How to create comma separated list from array in PHP? 11 answers I'm a following function to get related keywords from Google. function getKeywordSuggestionsFromGoogle($keyword) { $keywords = array(); $data =

Add to a painting by Parsing Json

Trying to retrieve the Json string from localStorage and append a new dish to it. It is not working as it should, can someone please help me. Am using TypeScript. interface Dish { id: number; name: string; desc: string; price: number; }; export class

Replace the element in the table

I want to change the location of the 2 and 5. Later I want to print again. How can I do? <body> <div id="test"></div> <input type="button" value="Click" onclick="test();"> <script> func

Pointers do not pass their value

I'm trying to solve a mystery that occured while doing the assignement. The main and entry functions works just fine, but the average one doesnt. While checking if variables constant and arraysize, it seems that they do not to pass it's values like i

The best way to convert Vector to Matrix in Julia?

Suppose I have a variable v of a type Vector. What would be the best / fastest way to just convert it into Matrix representation (for whatever reason)? To clarify, v'' will do the job, but is it the best way to do this?Reshape should be the most effi

Invert all three-digit elements of an int array

so I'm trying to take an int array and reverse every element that has more than three digits. i.e. change 147 -> 741 I'm new to java and do not even know where to start with this. Here is the array I am trying to do this with. int codedMessage[] = {3

How to combine arrays with 2d array in php

I have googled to do this but I think I am lacking something to make it work and after the merging I will save it to csv file or mysql db. This is the sample data: 01 2015-09-03 08:01 01 2015-09-03 11:03 01 2015-09-03 13:15 01 2015-09-03 17:12 07 201

Create a Function Input Matrix Array in Matlab

I would like to create several matrices to represent Hilbert matrices of different orders. The matrix will then be called by a function. However, error messages appeared saying that the function(GE) is not defined. But if I put the function on top of

Filter the table by javascript string length

This question already has an answer here: How can I only keep items of an array that match a certain condition? 3 answers I'm a really beginner in javascript I have an array containing array_1 = ["the","quick","brown","f

array, string, C pointer manipulation

This question already has an answer here: Returning an array using C 10 answers Supposedly there is a bug in this code, but it runs fine and with an output that I expect ("hello world"). Is there a problem with return str? #include <string.h&

Java // Array // Multiplication // For-loop;

Objective: Produce rotation using the rotation matrix; private double[][] rotateX = {{1.00,0.00,0.00},{0.00,Math.cos(theta),Math.sin(-theta)},{0.00,Math.sin(theta),Math.cos(theta)}}; // Rotation matrice for x axis; Problem definition: Output does not

Unknown NullPointerException

I'm writing a simple class to simulate an airplane reservation system. Unfortunately, I keep having my plan-to-hog-all-first-class-seats glee interrupted by multiple null pointer exceptions, and I can't find them anywhere. Here is my completed work:

Java minimum and maximum in Array

My code does not give errors, however it is not displaying the minimum and maximum values. The code is: Scanner input = new Scanner(; int array[] = new int[10]; System.out.println("Enter the numbers now."); for (int i = 0; i < array

C non-secure global table?

We had a school project, any information system using C. To keep a dynamic-sized list of student records, I went for a linked list data structure. This morning my friend let me see his system. I was surprised with his list of records: #include <stdio

Store a lambda in a table obtained by switch, then use it

In my script (for Ruby >= 1.9) below I defined a Table class, which responsability is to generate 2 to 10 addition or multiplication table (chosen with a parameter). Then I call table method from a new Table instance in order to print result in a fil

Remove elements from one array if found in another

Possible Duplicate: Remove item from array if it exists in a 'disallowed words' array I have a dynamic string that clients will send and I want to create comma delimited tags from it: $subject = "Warmly little in before cousin as sussex and an entire

C ++ array of different objects? Know how to do it in Java

I am very used to Java where I can create an ArrayList to hold multiple objects, but I don't know how to do it in C++. I have 6 different objects: WebcamData UltrasonicData KinectData ImuData GpsData SickData I need to hold an instance of each in one

modify a multidimensional array into a single array

i want to use split() method in my array.but, i cant use single array.this is my code: output_list=[1 2 3 4,5 6 7 8,9 8 7 6] Arraylist<String> output_list = new ArrayList<String>(); String[][] test = new String[output_list.size()][]; for(int i

Effectively display strtotime () in a MySQL / PHP query

This is my PHP/MySQL query, as mentioned at Displaying links in PHP/MySQL?: I'll admit, I've forgotten how to use the strtotime() function effectively, as I want to show my show times in this format: 06:00 10:00 (without

C ++ segmentation error with an array of strings

When I run my program, I get the Segmentation Fault error. I believe it is coming from how I am using the array "string *words" which is privately declared in the class definition. I use it here in the .cpp file anyone know what I need to change