How to add two tables in another table in C?

I want to try to get two arrays and sum them to another array, but it just doens't work, and I don't know why. My code : int v1[3],v2[3],v3[3]; for(int i = 0 ; i < 3; i++) { printf("Type a number : \n"); scanf("%d", &v1[i]); } f

Javascript Array inside a table does not work

I am new to javascript. I tried to achieve this output in array but I really cannot do it. Output should be: ["test", "test1"], ["test2", "test3"] From this: The data from items: items = [ { data1: "test",

How to get the value of a given key if it is found in a table?

This question already has an answer here: How can I access an array/object? 4 answers I'm trying to get the value of a given key if found using the array_key_exists function. $var = 35; if(array_key_exists($var, $_SESSION['cart_items'])) { //give the

Find the missing number (s) of a table

Written this code, would like to get better approach using any algorithm to find missing numbers from an sorted or unsorted array. If its an unsorted array, i would sort and execute the following. private static void identifyMissingValues(Integer[] a

Simple PHP array codeigniter controller

I would like to shorten my CodeIgniter controller a bit. Now it looks like this: case 'klant1': $data['title'] = $page; $this->load->view('templates/header', $data); $this->load->view('pages/klant1', $data); $this->load->view('templates/

subroutine taking an array as a parameter in Java

In the following program, the user is supposed to enter a String (name of a City) and the program should return the index of the corresponding City in the array. But I get an error, in the subroutine indexCities the following message: "nameCity canno

Perl: RegEx: Storing Variable Lines in the Array

I'm developing a Perl script and one of the script functions is to detect many lines of data between two terminals and store them in an array. I need to store all lines in an array but to be grouped separately as 1st line in $1 and 2nd in $2 and so o

Search an array in a .txt file

I'm doing a school project for vb and have been asked to write a program that creates a single dimension string array consisting of the names of the last 6 people to win a golf tournament. The user has to enter a name in a text box to search an array

javascript for the loop with 2 tables

This is what I'm trying to accomplish: var result = document.getElementById("o_q1_op1"); document.getElementById("a1_op1").style.height = result.scrollHeight; But I dont want to rewrite it a dozen times, instead want to use arrays stru

convert html markup to an object

I have the below code <html> <head> <title>Hello!</title> </head> <body> <div class="div1"> <h1>This is a headline!</h1> <br> <img src="header-image.png"> </div> &

React.js creates a loop through Array

I'm trying to display a Table of 10 Players. I get the data from via ajax and pass it as props to my Child. var CurrentGame = React.createClass({ // get game info loadGameData: function() { $.ajax({ url: '/example.json', dataType: 'json', success: fu

Check if an object with an index is in the table

$.each(constructions, function(i,v) { if ($.inArray(, map[ii].buildings) == -1) {//stuff} }; Where constructions is an array of objects, each with a unique name. map[ii].buildings is an array containing some of these objects. I want to iterate

How to set class values ​​in a class array

I am using Visual Studio to create a Windows Forms C# project and am trying to set up an array of a type class, and have the entries in the array correspond to the constructor string for the class. I am using an array with an index of a variable, whi

Do something to table elements except for one

I would like to ask is there a simple way of doing something to array elements with exception of one specific element in javascript. Example: var myArray = [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]; I wanna run method or something else on all array elements except on myA

PHP table empty outside the function

This question already has an answer here: Reference: What is variable scope, which variables are accessible from where and what are "undefined variable" errors? 3 answers <?php echo '<pre>'; error_reporting(E_ALL); $pid = '129'; $famili

Output values ​​of the client and the object class

I have an object and client class created which prints coordinates in order of their distance from the origin. The client class asks the user how many dimensions they want the array to have (x,y or x,y,z) how many points they want generated, and a ra

JavaScript: dynamically create a table

I'm trying to dynamically create an array from another one in JavaScript. I have a string which is a mathematical literal expression like this '2a + 3b + 4a + 5c': I just want to split it into an array with only the literal part of the number (Ex. 'a

Powershell - combination of paintings

I am new to powershell and in need of help. My first script for work is automate the new and termed users in AD environment. A CSV dump will be done once daily from our Peoplesoft system. I use Import-CSV and create 3 arrays (new, term and processed)

Array faster after removing the first element

After reading the recent smashing magazine article on optimisation, I ran some tests to see what would be the most effective way of "deleting" an element from the middle of one of my arrays. After running my own tests regarding splicing a value

how to change the array key to start from 1 instead of 0

I have values in some array I want to re index the whole array such that the the first value key should be 1 instead of zero i.e. By default in PHP the array key starts from 0. i.e. 0 => a, 1=> b, I want to reindex the whole array to start from key

Read items from an array of objects using C # reflection

How can I get the list of elements and datatypes of an array of an object in c# with reflections? Scenario: I have a method with an array parameter in my web service (asmx). Using reflection I am reading the method parameters and loop through the pro

How can I print only all three indexes in Perl or Python?

How can I do a for() or foreach() loop in Python and Perl, respectively, that only prints every third index? I need to move every third index to a new array.Python print list[::3] # print it newlist = list[::3] # copy it Perl for ($i = 0; $i < @list;