Trying to change the imr src of a table on click using react

Im trying to change the img src getting the src from and array based on the direction of arrow that is clicked in react.js. So for example I have an array when a user clicks on the right arrow it will change the img src forward and if she clicks back

Nested lists and saving to a text file

I have a nested list containing strings and integers that I'm trying to save into a txt file but I'm having trouble with formatting. array = [(string1, int1),(string2, int2),(string3, int3),...(string_n, int_n)] with open("output.txt", "w&q

how to add a numpy matrix in an empty array

I want to append a numpy array(matrix) into an array through a loop data=[[2 2 2] [3 3 3]] Weights=[[4 4 4] [4 4 4] [4 4 4]] All=np.array([]) for i in data: #i=[2 2 2 ] #for example h=i*Weights #h=[[8 8 8][8 8 8][8 8 8]] All=np.concatenate((All,h),ax

1 Android ListView of 2 different JSONObjects

I have a JSON file and it looks something like this. I was wondering if it is possible to create 1 single view for my admin users in the android app to view the full list of sms logs(fromSMS and toSMS) in just 1 page and arrange it accordingly in the

Table with consecutive numbers - Algorithm

I am trying to answer the following question: given a sorted array with some sequenced numbers and some non-sequenced numbers, write an algorithm that obtains a pair {start, end} for each group of consecutive numbers. Consecutive numbers have differe

How to multiply all the elements of a table

I found it difficult to multiply all my elements of an array. I am writing two arrays of elements, and after that I am merging those two arrays to one array of negative numbers. Later, I want to multiply all elements of that merged array. This is my

Sorting a student array by last name alphabetically in Java

I currently have this program read the contents of a text file and calculate the averages and amount of test scores taken and print them out neatly in a small data table. These are the names, amount of quizes taken and average of each student: James

Store random integers in a table

package selectionsortintro; public class SelectionSortIntro { public static void main(String[] args) { int nums[] = { 22, 30, 15, 1, 7, 87, 65, 24, 22, 0 }; // print out unsorted list for (int count = 0; count < nums.length; count++) { System.out.pri

JQuery - Fractional chain (for each)

Current Code Below - I have to copy and paste each arr[0], arr[1], arr[2]. However, in the future I may have more or less array options and would like the code to auto update itself without needing to alter my code. Basically, I want to create a "for

Checking int in an int array

I'm trying to find an integer inside of an int[] array and return true or false depending on whether or not it's present anywhere, however my code, which I've taken from numerous websites. My array is as follows: private static final int[] thirtyOneD

Sort table elements by date

I have the following array. dates = ["6/23/2014", "8/5/2014", "8/19/2014", "6/26/2014", "8/19/2014", "8/19/2014", "7/8/2014", "6/3/2014", "7/30/2014", "7/3/2014

Pointer notation vs table notation

I like pointer notation in C more than I like array notation, but just can't figure it out for some cases. I have the following code, and the body of main /*converts arguemnt to number using atoi()*/ #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int

MySQL result at VB.NET table

I am creating a program in VB.NET which uses an online MySQL database to retrieve certain data. I have now succeeded in connecting and getting some basic stuff out of it. Now, what I want to do is that when an user presses a button it has to update t

iOs App 1000+ Data Input CoreData or Simple Array?

I have about 1000+ Data Entries (Number, Name, Age, Color). On the first view the user can imput a numer which will output the corresponding entries on the second view. Do I have to work with CoreData or is it a good solution to use a simple Array to

How to make this method return an array?

How can I make the following method return a character array ? public char[] startThread() { // arr declaration Runnable r = new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { arr = getArray(); // arr assignment } }; new Thread(r).start(); return arr; }

Can Mybatis annotation mappers return arrays?

I would like to return an array from an annotation based Mybatis mapper to avoid the memory overhead of boxed primitives. Is this possible? I tried @Select("select id from some_table") public long[] selectIds(); with no luck.It can as of version

PowerShell: Difference between table notation?

Is there a difference between these two array creation statements? So, is '@' sign optional when creating arrays? $a = "This", "Is", "a", "cat" $a.GetType() $a | gm $a = @("This", "Is", "a&q

jQuery - Adding elements to a table

I'm trying to add the ID's, which are the $hexcode values from the html span into an array. How do I do this with jQuery? Eventually, I'm going to need to grab these hexcode values and match them to a color index. <?php // display every color in the

Add null values ​​to a table

I have the this method: public function search($searchKey=null, $summary=null, $title=null, $authors=null, $paginationPage=0) { ... } And I'm trying to retrieve all parameters with this: $Class = new Search(); // Get parameters $ReflectionMethod = ne

Elegant way to sort a table like this

This is my array: $arr = array(-3, -4, 1, -1, 2, 4, -2, 3); I want to sort it like this: 1 2 3 4 -1 -2 -3 -4 So first there would be values greated than zero sorted from the lowest value to the highest value, then there would be negative values sorte

Help with the object of the mouse algorithm

I wasn't sure what to call this. I'm building a tile based game where the user can click on a tile. it is a 2d c++ vector of tiles. right now I have an algorithm that positions them like this: [][][][][][][][][][][] [][][][][][][][][][][] [][][][][][