Add a status dialog to the Qt project

I am making open source file manager with the ability to encrypt and decrypt file/files according given password called Cryptofm. You can get the code from here - the first version. I want to add status dialog, representing loading screen with progre

Consensus between DDD and Enterprise Architecture

In literature (blogs, articles, books on Enterprise Architecture...), it seems there is a real (and exclusive) appliance of SOA in EA. If we consider DDD and SOA share common architecture principles but differ on many others, what is the place for DD

EAA Domain Model and Service Layer Models

In Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, Martin Fowler talks about two patterns for organizing Domain Logic: Domain Model and Service Layer. The Domain Model pattern is the "pure OOP" approach, where models (those objects that are pro

Android Architectural Models

I have just started with the android development and I am trying to develop my first application, which I am actually going to publish. I have a programming background in Java and knowledge of some patterns however I have no idea which patterns I sho

Session Fault in a Client-Server Application

In the J2EE Pattern Session Façade - that the "Core J2EE Patterns - Best Practices and Design Strategies" book says: Use a Session Façade to encapsulate business-tier components and expose a coarse-grained service to remote clients. Clients acce

MVVM model with PySide

I've been trying to find a way to implement MVVM with PySide but haven't been able to. I think that there should be a way to create Views from ViewModels with QItemEditorFactory, and to do data binding I think I can use QDataWidgetMapper. Do you have

Active Records vs. Repository - Advantages and Disadvantages?

Using ActiveRecord you might define a class like this: class Contact { private String _name; public String Name { get { return _name; } set { if (value == String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace()) throw new ArgumentException(...); else _name = value; } } public B

Advantages and disadvantages of using the CAD model

As I mention in the title, I'm interested to know what you (as experienced developers) think about the use of the DAO pattern, specifically within a web application. What advantages have you found and what consequences of its use have you disliked?Th