Applying appendTo to add a sort node to apply-template

I am trying to programmtically insert an appendTo() method with jquery. I have a formatting stylesheet which formats an xml sheet, but I do it in a third HTML document using jquery and javascript. My original xml is in this format: <guitars> <gui

Why not add line work with table?

I am trying to insert a row to the bottom of a sheet, but instead of my values I see text similar to what happens when you try to print an array in Java. I checked to see if the array is made correctly with logger and it has the values I want. var na

how to add a numpy matrix in an empty array

I want to append a numpy array(matrix) into an array through a loop data=[[2 2 2] [3 3 3]] Weights=[[4 4 4] [4 4 4] [4 4 4]] All=np.array([]) for i in data: #i=[2 2 2 ] #for example h=i*Weights #h=[[8 8 8][8 8 8][8 8 8]] All=np.concatenate((All,h),ax

Pandas add a dataframe without creating new columns

I have two dataframes that look like this: df1= A B 1 A1 B1 2 A2 B2 3 A3 B3 df2 = A C 4 A4 C4 5 A5 C5 I would like to append df2 to df1, like so: A B 1 A1 B1 2 A2 B2 3 A3 B3 4 A4 NaN 5 A5 NaN (Note: I've edited the dataframes so that not all the colu

Access to the board with the chain key

I'm generating html elements from a JSON object tableobj and assign them to an array elementArray through the generate() function, this works great, but the problem is when I pass elementArray to the assemble() function I get the following error. Unc

Add new data to partitioned floored files

I am writing an ETL process where I will need to read hourly log files, partition the data, and save it. I am using Spark (in Databricks). The log files are CSV so I read them and apply a schema, then perform my transformations. My problem is, how ca

I want to write to a new file not add for each iteration

I want to create a new file for each iteration, but I'm not able to do so. I'm only able to update the same old file, how could I solve this? The other more basic question what is "" function in file.write("".)? I have tried with "

Adding large groups of elements in IE11 is extremely slow

I am encountering a massive problem in terms of loading big amounts of data into the DOM. In fact, only IE11 is the deal breaker here. Here is some example code first, basically I am doing this: var concat = []; for (var i = 0; i < 10000; i++) { conc

sed - add text to the variable

i have html code like this <a href="/site/index.php/Something" title="Something">Something cool</a>, <a href="/site/index.php/Nice_Text" title="Nice Text">Nice Text</a> some text <a href=&

python adding a value to a sublist

I'm running into a problem in my program and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. To start I created an empty list of lists. For example: >>> Lists = [[]]*12 which gives: >>> Lists [[], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []] However,

Jquery .appears on writing

I have the following jQuery code (x being 3, i being 1 and storeid being 4): function addNewTableRow(x,i,storeid){ $('#kds_resultsTable tbody').append('<tr></tr>'); //tr:nth-child('+(i)+')' for (var a=1; a<=x; a++) { if(a==1){ $('#kds_resul

Syntax Python with loop and lists, export to text file

Possible Duplicate: Joining List has integer values with python I'm having a syntax problem with for loops and list in python. I'm trying to export a list of numbers that's exported to a text file that's space delimited. Example: what should be in th

jQuery does not select the added controls / elements

Maybe it's my selector syntax, I dunno. When I add everything into a single statment, everything's added, but they can't be selected with the jQuery selector. If I split it up, the second append fails, but the first succeeds. $.each($.parseJSON(msg.d

How to make a prefix and add a clone

So I'm moving one element to another element using either prepend or append in some cases such as this: $('.categories').prependTo($('.date')); Now I understand that prepend and append can sometimes clone the content, but how can I cancel that clonin

Add an image after the first image element jquery

I'm trying to add images dynamically in a div element. So I have a block like that <div id="gallery" > <img src="images/slide1.jpg" alt="Slide 1 /> <img src="images/slide2.jpg" alt="Slide 2 /> <

jQuery add text from a & lt; textarea & gt; to & lt; tr & gt;

I've checked some similar threads, but either they were unclear or too advanced for as I'm still couple of days learning jQuery. I have a text area: <textarea class='text' rows='10' cols='25'></textarea> And I want that after the user has ente

How to add a second whole array to the first array in Java

I know, We can copy or append elements of array. But, I have around 100 elements in an array. Is there any other way available so I can append array to first array. Consider I have this two arrays. String name1[]={"abc", "def", "g

Write file - PrintStream appendix

I am trying to append some information into a text file, but the file only shows the last element written. There are many Engineers, but it prints to the file only the last element which is read. For example: Engineer e = new Engineer(firstName,surNa

XPCOM FileOutptStream append does not work

Has anyone managed to persuade XPCOM to do an append write to a local file? The code block below works fine with 0x08 (create if not exists) in the flags. But 0x10, append to the end of existing file just, plane don't work! Also the privilege bits 06

Jquery append () is not added as expected

So I have the following div <div id="object_list"> I want to append a list and items into it. So I run the following jquery $("#object_list").empty(); $("#object_list").append('<ul'); $("#object_list").appe

JQuery add text to the text field

Sorry folks, still being thick on JQuery. Had great help creating a selectable ul li list like this $(document).ready(function(){ $('.selectoption li').not(':first').hide(); $('.prev, .next').click(function() { // Determine the direction var dir = $(