Securing PHP API to use in the Android app

I am newbie to android development. I am using android studio for developing an application. Things i have done Created a DB with two tables in it in MySQL. Created two separate api's for both GET and POST methods. Successfully accessed both api's Wh

How to access an API with Vue.js?

I'm new to JavaScript and Vue.js, and I'm having trouble accessing an api using Vue.js. The API I'm trying to access has JSON that looks like this: { "coord": { "lon": -88.99, "lat": 40.51 }, "weather": [ { "id

Recover POST Unexpected end of input error

I'm trying to do a POST request for authentication in Redux and I'm passing email & password as the body but it returns this error in the console: Uncaught (in promise) SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input I looked around for the answer and many peop

Access to the authenticated Azure API application

I have an Azure API APP that I have set up to use Azure AD authentication. Like so: I also have a console app that have a generated client API to my API APP like this: If I disable the authentication on the API APP, I can call the API from my console

SoundCloud SDK / API callback events do not fire

Here's a simple example that I believe should be working per the docs. The stream plays, but the callbacks don't fire. Am I making a mistake, or is there a bug somewhere between the SDK / API / SoundManager? <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head lan

Get the primary key from the Tastypie resource URI

I have a Django - tastypie Resource as follows. It has multiple fields that has Many to Many Relations. I am trying to get the fields "workflow_initiators", "workflow_submitters" and "workflow_approvers" and add the user to a

Support for the Magento API

I wonder if Magento provide API for following. Product Search. Add to Wishlist. View wishlist. Add to cart. If it does provides API for above, Can any one share useful resource for it. ThanksProduct Search - NO. Add to Wishlist - NO. View wishlist -

Does libhdfs c / c ++ api support compressed read / write file

I have found somebody talks libhdfs does not support read/write gzip file at about 2010. I download the newest hadoop-2.0.4 and read hdfs.h. There is also no compressing arguments. Now I am wondering if it supports reading compressed file now? If it

Where do I get the gem songkickr file?

I am attempting to use the songkickr gem in a rails app. I have installed the gem using the gem install songkickr The next step of the instruction is to: require 'songkickr' remote = API_KEY Where do I do this? In what file? The

Java Lucene Ngrams

I want to use the Lucene API to extract ngrams from sentences. However I seem to be running into a peculiar problem. In the JavaDoc there is a class called NGramTokenizer. I have downloaded both the 3.6.1 and 4.0 API's and I do not see any trace of t

Facebook FQL does not work properly for photos / albums

The following FQL was working properly and then for some reason it doesn't: @userPhotos = @rest.fql_query("select src_big, src_big_width,src_big_height FROM photo WHERE album_object_id IN (SELECT object_id FROM album WHERE owner = me())") It pro

Should a public API method return InputStream or byte []

I am designing the API for a client of a service that retrieves data as a stream of bytes. what is the advantage of using InputStream getData(String param1, String param2); over byte[] getData(String param1, String param2); The method that returns th

Print Flickr variables from the API using json_decode

I want to create a flickr photo url by calling variables from my json_decoded api request, but I can't get it to output any values... Here's the code: $flickr = file_get_contents("

Get the IP address of the URL in python?

Possible Duplicate: How can I do DNS lookups in Python, including referring to /etc/hosts? Im using Python 2.7 and im creating a iptracer with an online API. And i want the user to have the option to type e.g, or

how to handle the click event in the Win32 API?

I have created a simple win 32 which it has a textbox and a button in a dialog window..first when I created didnt display the dialog window and then what I did is added the code below to handle the close(WM_CLOSE) of the dial

Delphi calls a DLL

I have a DLL and want to call it from Delphi extern "C" export_dll_function int RetScreen(int number, char** pbuffer, unsigned long* psize, IMAGE_RESOLUTION resolution, float zoom, int dx, int dy); [DllImport("API.DLL", EntryPoint = &q

How to get the answer?

My problem would be that I make a POST request with jQuery, and if there is an error I modify the HTTP status to for example 401 and echo the error. (I'm using $.ajax();) So, the problem is that I don't know how to print out that error message. If I

Credit card payment gateway in PHP?

I need to process credit cards and integrate with backend payment services to credit them. The majority of solutions on the internet require an intermediary, eg. 2CO, GCO, Do you have any experience with implementing a credit-card payment g

Timeout error with Hpricot in Rails Controller

Hey--I'm writing a basic Rails app that uses the digg API. I'm trying to parse the xml data that digg's api provides with hpricot, but when testing the page, the browser hangs until I eventually catch the Timeout::Error exception. Here's the code for

How to send signed emails from Java?

What APIs/Libraries do you recommend for sending signed emails from Java code? What are the requirements on our company's SMTP-Server to make it transport these signed mails, if any? We already hava a PKI infrastructure running, so certificates are n