Can an anonymous type be queried using LINQ?

This question already has an answer here: Cast an Anonymous Types in Object and retrieve one Field 4 answers I want to read some lookup data from the database, using EF, so I do the following: public object LocationLookUps() { var locationTypes = Cli

Include properties based on conditions in anonymous types

Supposing I have the following anonymous type var g = records.Select(r => new { Id = r.CardholderNo, TimeIn = r.ArriveTime, TimeOut = r.LeaveTime, }); Is it possible to do something like the following: var g = records.Select(r => new { Id = r.Cardho

Return Anonymous to Json

I am trying to return JSONified anonymous type from a WCF Service. I have been successful in doing so, but I am searching for a better alternative.. // In IService [OperationContract] [FaultContract(typeof(ProcessExecutionFault))] [Description("Retur

Shorten this LINQ query with an anonymous type?

I'm making a query on a MethodInfo[] where I'm trying to find all the methods that have a return type of void, and has only one parameter of a certain type. I want to do it in the most minimalistic and shortest way. One way to do it would be: var val

LINQ composable selection clause

Is there a way to build on to the select clause of a previously defined LINQ query? For example: var stuffQuery = from stuff in MyStuff select new { stuff.Name }; var query2 = from stuff in stuffQuery join otherStuff in YourStuff on stuff.Name equals

Add an anonymous object class to an anonymous list

I've declare a anonymous list like this, and it contain list of contact also var ContactGroup = new[] { new { ContactGroupKey = 0, ContactGroupTLK = 0, Desc = "", Contacts=new List<object>() } }.ToList(); I try to check the list, if the Co

How can I stop threads created with an anonymous class?

In my program I have many threads in a working state, started in the method run or by calling other method from run. What is the method to stop these threads? The threads are started as: Runnable r = new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { //

What is the purpose of extending an anonymous type into Scala?

I'm trying to get a better understanding of Scala, and I can't seem to find a valid usecase for code like the following: class C extends { def m() { /* ... */ } } What is the rationale for allowing such constructs? Thanks!I guess the only rationale h

Is there a Java feature similar to the anonymous types of C #?

I was wondering if there exists a similar functionality in Java similar to C#'s anonymous types: var a = new {Count = 5, Message = "A string."}; Or does this concept go against the Java paradigm? EDIT: I suppose using Hashable() in Java is somew

How to pass anonymous types as parameters?

How can I pass anonymous types as parameters to other functions? Consider this example: var query = from employee in employees select new { Name = employee.Name, Id = employee.Id }; LogEmployees(query); variable query here doesn't have strong type. H

Generating classes from anonymous types in C #

Are there any tools that can generate classes from anonymous types? I have a complex data structure that I have created using anonymous types. I would like to use this data structure in other places where the anonymous type would be out of scope. Tha

Anonymous type in LINQ

I'm trying to get anonymous object from query: var myList = from td in MyObjectList select new { a = td.a, b = td.b, c = td.c, name = (from r in contex.NewList where r.aa == td.a && == td.b select r.Name).ToList() }; I would like name to have

Create an anonymous type dynamically?

This question already has an answer here: How to dynamic new Anonymous Class? 2 answers I wanna create an anonymous type that i can set the property name dynamically. it doesn't have to be an anonymous type. All i want to achieve is set any objects p

How to return an anonymous list of types

it's possible to return, from a method, an anonymous type list? I build my list of anonymous type like this var l = (new[] { new { Name = "thename", Age = 30 } }).ToList(); ThanksIt is possible if you return list that was cast to object, but it

How can I fill anonymous type in the list?

I try to write some codes about Generate list from Anonymous type via below codes : public static List<T> MakeList<T>(T itemOftype) { List<T> newList = new List<T>(); newList.Add(itemOftype); return newList; } But ERROR return me:

Pass anonymous type as method parameters

In my plugin architecture I am currently passing a plugin name (string), method name (string) and parameters (object array) to my plugin service to execute the specified method and return the result (of type T). The plugin service's execute method ca

Is there a var equivalent in C ++?

So I know that C++ is strongly typed and was just wondering if there was any library (or any thing for that fact of the matter) that would allow you to make a variable that has no initial specific type like var in Python.Take a look at boost::any and

Using var in linq

What does var really do in the following case? var productInfos = from p in products select new { p.ProductName, p.Category, Price = p.UnitPrice }; var is a placeholder for a compiler-created ("anonymous") type that has three properties, Product

C # - convert anonymous type to observablecollection

I have a LINQ statement that returns an anonymous type. I need to get this type to be an ObservableCollection in my Silverlight application. However, the closest I can get it to a List myObjects; Can someone tell me how to do this? ObservableCollecti

Fill DetailsView.DataSource with an anonymous type

I have an asp:DetailsView with several columns, e.g. Foo, Bar. I want to fill it with an anonymous type, i.e.: gridView.DataSource = new { Foo = 1, Bar = "2" }; gridVeew.DataBind(); But getting next error: Data source is an invalid type. It must

A dictionary where the value is an anonymous type in C #

Is it possible in C# to create a System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<TKey, TValue> where TKey is unconditioned class and TValue - an anonymous class with a number of properties, for example - database column name and it's localized name. Something

Creating anonymous types based on the lambda expression

I'm trying to create a Fluent Interface to the Winforms Datagrid. This should allow me to use a typed datasource and easy use of properties of properties (Order.Custom.FullName) I'm adding the columns on initialization and trying to set the property

Storing the table from the anonymous type

I looked online for some references but didn't have too much luck. Hopefully it's just some simple thing I'm overlooking, but in my code I'm looping through the participant list and storing the queried results into the array. As you can tell, my fore