Animation of the child view outside the parent

I am trying to animate a view outside of its parent view and when I do the child view is not able to animate beyond its parent. I solved this by using the setClipChildren(false) and it worked... When the view is animated up. When I animate the view d

Resize center animation on a hover

I have this animation, on the hover the size on my span is bigger. But i would like that the animation beginning from the center of the mouse. How I can do ? $(document).mousemove(function(e){ $("span").css(

Animate a scene using OpenGL 3 in C

I am creating an small animation film using OpenGL 3 and implementing it in visual studio community 2015. I am trying to make an animation of a dinosaur moving to the right at least in the first but I cannot make it animate somehow. Here is my main:

Zoom on the animation between the activities

I am creating an Android application. I want to open the new activity with zoom in transition. I have some buttons in my current activity. When I click one button new activity will open from the button's position. I try to use the following code. But

drag in the animation onCreate android

I am trying to slide in a custom dialog just after the activity is created. but each time dialog comes along with the activity. I want to show the dialog after the activity is created. Have tried creating the dialog in onCreate(), onResume, onPostRes

Animate the left margin to the width of the element

I have element with long inline text and want to make animation that will move this text from off-screen right (whole text behind right border of window) to the left off-screen. My idea is to move element by setting margin-left to minus(width) of ele

animateWithDuration is not displayed

I'm learning Swift and I'm having problems moving a UIView from different functions. If I use this: ViewController: let boardView = BoardView() @IBAction func startButtonTapped(sender: UIButton) { view.addSubview(boardView.background) } The class Boa

How to draw an animated figure in MATLAB

I want to draw a moving point on matlab figure, but i need the figure to move while drawing the new position of the point. To be more clear, i want to achieve this effect( Moving Vehicle). I found related questions Here and Here but they don't solve

how to change the size of the element using css?

I am trying to do transform a image using css keyframe I have something like @-webkit-keyframes blinkscale { 0% { transform: scale(1,1) } 50% { transform: scale(0.1,0.1) } 100% { transform: scale(3,3) } } .addScale { -webkit-animation: blinkscale 2s;

Webservice: html animated tree?

I am looking for a web service that displays the html structure of a webpage like a graph. I have seen an app years ago that looked beautiful. The input was a URL and the output was a flash tree with branches acting like springs and nodes had differe

Animate the centering of a div

How do I animate this movement so when I call the function later the item will animate? I usually use $(this).animate but not sure how to wrap this in it, since I'm calculating its position. Thanks. = function () { this.css("position

CSS3 Transitions 'snap to pixel'

I am trying to get a subtle background movement animation in CSS3, much like image tiles in Metro on the Xbox or the Ken Burns effect in Apple Slideshows. The problem is that CSS3 seems to round the position value to the nearest integer, or doesn't s

Structure of the file system in the table view

I'm a iOS newbie, be gentle :) I need to populate a table view with a file system like structure with folders and files. The structures depth is dynamic. At the moment I reuse the same table view and reload it's data if a folder is selected to show t

IOS: move an UIImageView

In my app I want to move a little UIImageView with inside a .png; this is a little insect and I want to simulate his flight. At example I want that this png do when it move an inverted eight as the infinite simbol ∞You may use CoreAnimation. You can

Scroll animation

How can I animate the the scrolling for ListBox? I know I can use scrollIntoView but how can I animate it? I want to press the arrow keys to move from one listBoxItem to another.Here is a rough implementation based on the same approach as the followi

How to get the animation as iphone for the button in Android

I saw one iphone application if the button is visible and we press cancel button then that button should gone. in that case there is animation "the button diposes from left to right and finally got vanished". In android i am able to rotate any v

How to animate the application of a class to a div

I'm wondering how exactly to apply a style to a div, and then remove it slowly via animation? Check out the fiddle link here, this obviously doesn't work, but how would I fix it so it does? EDIT: sorry, meant fade t

Size of the neural network for the animation system

I decided to go with a Neural Network in order to create behaviors for an animation engine that I have. The neural network takes in 3 vector3s and 1 Euler angle for every body part that I have. The first vector3 is the position, the second is its vel

(Actionscript) Waveform animation on objects

I have different cards, I need to reveal them in a wave like form, i.e. the cards open and close at different timings sequentially and systematically such that they form a wave. I have the cards in an array alr. How do I implement this animation in t