Have a default item in the drop-down list using angularjs

I have this html which works very well. My topicId displays from 0 to 7 and 0 is the first item. However nothing is displayed as the default in my dropdown when the page loads until I click the dropdown. I will like the first item to be displayed as

Which version of Javascript

Note: I know this is probably a simple and basic question but I just started to learn Javascript a couple of year ago when all these changes started taking place and it seems I learned the old version. I'm confused with Javascript. I'm trying to impl

ng-show, ng hide works. but ng if does not work

ng-show,ng hide is working. but ng if is not working <svg ng-show="abc.chartLoaded" ></svg> <div class="loader" ng-hide="abc.chartLoaded"></div> this code is working,, but i need it shoud be in ng-if.

angular material date selector field empty value

I want to get date of birth of a user, with predefined min and max date which is working fine. And the date format i want is DD-MM-YYYY, for this i have defined following in config; app.config(['$mdDateLocaleProvider', function ($mdDateLocaleProvider

How to clone ui-sref

I'm looking to write a directive that allows clicks on an outer element to clone the ui-sref of one of its contained elements such that clicking on the outer element behaves the same as clicking on the .cloned element <div clone-click=".cloned&quo

How to catch HttpResponseException in the AngularJS service?

In my WebAPI controller, I have a function that returns either a correct result or a HttpResponseException. public async Task<SearchResult> Search([FromUri] SearchArguments args) { try { SearchResult searchResult = await _case.Search(args, true); st

What is the meaning of & ldquo; require: ^ & rdquo;

What does the ^ mean under require in this angular directive? I found this snippet and trying to figure out what it's saying. .directive('accordionGroupHeading', function() { return { restrict: 'EA', transclude: true, template: '', replace: true, req

angular expression does not work for html

I'm using angular grid - let's say i have a scope object as follows: $scope.test = 3 If I want to dynamically set an html id, I would do something like this: <div id="{{test}}"></div> Checking the DOM, I see the following: <div id

Angular page change and search event detection

I am using angular datatable, I want to detect page change and search event in controller, as I can detect it if I bind it in datatable id, but I want to detect it using angularjs scope $scope.$on('page.dt', function () { // Do something on page chan

How to initialize the value of the form field?

Is there a way to initialize the following form fields so the Angular code doesn't display "NaN" when the form is loaded? Having the value start at zero would be nice. <input type="text" id="field1" value="0"/>

Angular tests with Jasmine can not compare the html node

I am building directive tests in Angular using Jasmine. I have a small example test which looks like this: it("should compare html node", inject( function ($compile, $rootScope) { var elm = angular.element('<input>'); elm = $compile(elm)($

AngularJS, $ routeProvider

I'm trying to learn how routes work in AngularJS to make a little application that allows users to login and write comments in a live feed. However the whole concept of routes is a bit blurry for me atm and i can't get this right. My standard index.h

redirect to the cshtml page of the angularjs controller in MVC

// AngularJs controller method $scope.onLogOutClick = function () // called when i clicked on logout button { //i want here to redirect to login.cshtml file. $http({ method: 'GET', url: "/Home/Login"}); // this line of code is not working. } //c

Angular.js - perform a service function before anything else?

Can you run an Angular service (or a function on that service) before anything else? Ideally, as soon as ng-app gets parsed. Here's my use case: I'm writing an app that gets AJAX data from a server and then parses the data a hundred different ways. I

AngularJS Boilerplate multi-page application site

I am looking for some guidance with creating an AngularJs multi-page app served by a Laravel Backend. All web app tutorials on the net point to creating SPAs and I am just getting started with Angular - so please go easy on me. ProductPage example -