Angular 1.6.5 with the Webpack Load Model for ui Modal

I'm trying to open a modal window, the background is showing up but there is not a very model window. My code: let template = require('../modal/newModel.html'); let modal = ${ template, controller: 'NewModelCtrl as NewModel', windowClas

Angular - how to concatenate var name

I just started to learn Angular, and I tried to make concat var name so I can control it dynamically. This is what I tried - <div ng-app="myApp" ng-controller="myCtrl"> <button ng-click="myFunc(1)">Click Me!</b

angularjs undefined $ scope parameter of the array object

Let see my Angularjs code: My function 'getequipselected' from my 'EmpApi' factory request data of my webservice and save it in response: EmpApi.getequipselected(idequip).success(function (response) { $scope.editequipamento = response; console.log(re fires whenever the value is set

I noticed fires only if the value is changed. Right now in order to fire everytime I am doing it like this: var module = angular.module('myapp', []); module.controller("TreeCtrl", function($scope) { $scope.changeValue = f

AngularJS custom directive overrides HTML

home.html <videodata></videodata> videoctrl.js $rootScope.cameraRTSPUrl = obj.objUrl; directive.js directive - myApp.directive('videodata', function() { return { restrict: 'EA', scope : true , link: function(scope, element, attrs) {

How can I set angular values ​​from a configuration file?

I have an app that I have inherited that I have to support. So far it had only run on one server and we want to run it on different servers. We found hard coded references to the server name all over the place in python server code and C++ client cod

Deleting the table with splice does not work properly?

When i click on button value will be push to another array. next i click on the same button the pushing item will be deleted. in my project pushing done properly.but second time click on the same button first element in the array deleted not the sele

How to get push id only

I'm building a forum, and I'm in the step of views. I have this (simplified) code: //Setting Views //Adding Them.. $scope.views = $firebaseObject(refService.ref().child("Topics")) refService.ref().child("Topics").once("value"

Placement does not work in the angular user interface

In this plunk I have an Angular UI datepicker that shows up below the input field. I want the calendar to be displayed on top of the field, so I tried with popup-placement="top-left" but it doesn't work. Any ideas? HTML <p class="input-g

Get the sum total of the values ​​of the radial buttons

I am trying to get the sum of all radial buttons selected. There are three groups of three in total with a possibility of three checked. These are created by the Angular ng-repeat that you will see in the index page. I have lurked through many posts

Catch up on mistakes at the end of a chain of promises

I am using a factory to query data from, this occurs many times in my ionic app and would like to apply a little more DRY to my code. To call data I am using: ParseFactory.provider('Clients', query).getAll().success(function(data) { $localS

Adding multiple classes in AJS and bootstrap applications

I want to enable and disable (hide and show, with opacity) a glyphicon in my Angular Js app. I use ng-class for enabling and disabling click on glyphicon. So how do i add class(common - glyphicon) in my html? My requirement is something like this: <d

ng view does not work but ng include work in angularjs

Can someone please help me, i don't know what am i doing wrong. I am following mean web development tutorial. Ng-include works ok with templates, but ng-view not. I have 5 files. First is Users.client.module.js: angular.module('users', []); Second is

$ state resolution with parameter - AngularJS $ StateProvider

I'm trying to add a resolve to my $state in my routing following this guide here. Going a bit further than the guide by adding parameters to the function things stop working. my code looks like this 'use strict'; angular.module('academiaUnitateApp')

Lose the range ngtableparams in my view

For some reason im losing scope of ngtable params in my view , everything in ngtableparams is undefined ( i see in angularjs batarang binding ). my controller code is this.contractsParams = new ngTableParams({ defaultSort: 'asc', counts: [], total: 1

Angular.js $ resource with webapi ASP.Net?

I have a simple ASP.Net WebAPI service that assigns a static variable on POST/PUT and returns the value on GET: private static State Repo = null; public State Get() { return Repo; } public void Post(State value) { Repo = value; } public void Put(Stat

AngularJS Hashtags, deep links and IE9

I am currently in a situation where I have to provide support for IE9, for an AngularJS app, while keeping hashtags out of my links (Links sent out from emails etc. whatever angular does client side, doesn't matter). I've got to a point, where almost

Template is not drawn from $ templateCache

I have this code The problem is, that when I compile the element, it doesn't load template from $templateCache. In fact it doesn't trigger link or controller callbacks. There are no errors in conso

How to detect the height of the accordion element?

I'm trying to detect the height of the accordion when the user open it. I'm using angular bootstrap UI. I have something like this: <div ng-controller='Ctrl'> <accordion id='accordion' close-others="false"> <accordion-group is-ope

How can I use a button to add +1 to a field using AngularJS?

I am trying to learn AngularJS. For my first project I want to create a small scorekeeping application. I am taking data from a JSON file then I want to update it on the screen depending on who scores. I can't seem to figure out how to update the spe

how to debug the $ rootScope object of angularjs in the browser

Is there a way of debugging the angularjs application when it is loaded in the browser? ie. I wish to get the $rootScope of my current application. How would I do that?+1 for Batarang Also, you can get the scope from any element in the DOM by executi