How to call a controller function from another controller

This question already has an answer here: How to transfer the data between controllers 4 answers I was wondering if is it possible to call one controller's function from another controller. This way i tried but failed: <div ng-app="MyApp">

Prevent IDM from automatically downloading to the Web API

I have a web api method that returns an HttpResponseMessage containing a PDF file. The method looks something like this: HttpResponseMessage response = Request.CreateResponse(HttpStatusCode.OK); response.Content = new StreamContent(new FileStream(pat

The AngularJs service link is not updated

I am trying to find a way to create a service that can sit at my highest level scope and hold variables such as the user state and whatever else. Right now I am trying to create a simple example in which I bind the numbers together. However the UI la

How to change class by clicking a button?

Through webservice i used ngrepeat to show the check box. It contains 10 check box. Check box was produced in div tag not used html input tag. In Html, <div ng-repeat="showproduct in showproducts.ProductList.products" class="col-md-3 mob

Api angular calls in loops / functions in a specific order

I've lost count of how many times I've tried to make this work. I just don't get it. Let's pretend I have the following API calls: api/customer(cust) api/orders(orderid) api/products(productid) api/related(relatedid) When all is said and done, I need

AngularJS factory for data sharing between controllers

I have an AngularJS application (1.4.10) and I need to share some data between two controllers. So I made my factory: .factory('CardsForService', function($http, URL){ var service = { "block_id": '', "service_id": '' }; service.save_da

Skip entries to the nested component in Angular 2

How can the attributes be transparently translated from wrapper component to nested component? Considering that there is const FIRST_PARTY_OWN_INPUTS = [...]; const FIRST_PARTY_PASSTHROUGH_INPUTS = ['all', 'attrs', 'are', 'passed']; @Component({ sele

Angular JS - Can not read local JSON file

Before my query worked in a sample 1 page(index.html) project but this time , i am working on a project which have tabs(i created project by Ionic Lap with tabs). And i need to print output of JSON file in tab-home.html page. Which not in same local

How to check headers in any angular request?

I've been trying to test the process when any request was sended and I want check if the headers are ok. What have I done wrong? check this codepen: App.js angular .module('exampleApp') .config(configFn); conf

if no data will be displayed message

I have table in Html and table's rows are repeated angular-js directive called ng-repeat. And I am searching and ordering filters text input that have ng-model directive so I can filter any data. I use ui-bootstrap in my angularjs app. Everything wor

promises in angular - POST request

I'm new to programming and was wondering why do you not need a promise on a post request, but you do on a get request? var getAll = function() { return $http({ method: 'GET', url: '/api/links' }).then(function(resp) { return; }) } var addLi

Angular guideline for a stack of sticky-compact elements

I am looking for a good angular directive, that would handle sticky elements and append a compact class to it once they are out of the view... so imagine a header element on a website, that has a normal height of 200px;... but when you start scrollin

Set the position of the column in the Ui Angular grid

here's how i defined one of my col in Ui grid : getDeviceTypeList = function () { BaseInfoService.getDeviceTypeList().then(function (data) { debugger; $scope.deviceTypeList = data; $scope.gridOptions.columnDefs.push( { headerCellTemplate: '<div>{{&q

Show less than 1% on the BootStrap progress bar

I am using the bootstrap progress bar to show the percentage of miles covered by someone from a total of 23,872 miles. For example if user A covered only 5 miles which means: 5/23872 = 0.00020945 * 100 = 0.02094504 miles. Currently anything below 1%

Do I use this wrong angular mill of the controller?

I have a very simple factory: var tv3Services = angular.module('tv3Services',[]); tv3Services.factory('PanelService', [function(){ var _panel = ""; return { getPanel: function() {return _panel;}, changePanel: function(newPanel) {_panel = newPane

Angular / jasmine / promise / mockery test

I'm a little screwed up with angular / jasmine / promise / mocking testing. I have a piece of code: factory.login = function(user, pwd) { AuthenticationResource.login( {}, {"username" : user, "password" : pwd}, factory.onLoginSuccess,

string misinterpreted in angularjs

I have a string in golang as follows. discount = "("+discount+"% off)" when passed to html via angularjs it is displayed as follows (10 %o(MISSING)ff) Any idea why it is happening? Thanks in advance.Something in your HTML rendering pro

Angular jqLite: .find () will not work - does not select tags

I have this unit spec in jasmine: define(['common/components/directives/directives', 'angular'], function (directives, ng) { describe('The directives module', function () { beforeEach(function () { ng.mock.module('directives'); }); describe('The tabs

Initialize select with AngularJS and ng-repeat

I'm trying to get select-box to start off with a pre-filled option using ng-repeat with AngularJS 1.1.5. Instead the select always starts out with nothing selected. It also has an empty option, which I don't want. I think that there is a side effect

Error while using the module in angularJS

I am new to angular.js and have a problem. Please help me resolve it. I have created a simple screen using a controller and a module in my example. But it doesnt work. I have presented the example as follows : My html file is :- <!doctype html> <

Angular Get Selected CheckBoxes

I have a list of dynamically filled checkboxes using angular. <div ng-repeat="X in XList"> <label>{{X.Header}}</label> <input type="checkbox" name="X" value="{{X.Item.Id}}" /> <p>{{X.He