Get a different value in the table what I push

I am working on angular project. I am facing error that last value of object shown in all array. $scope.products = [{"product_id":"1", "price:80"},{"product_id":"2", "price:90"}] Now i am using a

How does $ ionicHistory work internally?

I want to know how $ionicHistory internally works . If i call a function named goBack() inside will it work fine . Or any other tags i need to add in my html code . Please help me out with your suggestions . i have used both $scope.goBack = function(

AngularJS - Displays html tags, how to make them readable

i am using PHP as Modal, and Angularjs as Controller, and to display in front end, I am converting PHP into JSON. It displays like as below shown in Front End. I want to display a readable one with li tag and break tag and other texts only. I don't w

How to pass a MVC Controller value to Angular .html View

I am using angularjs with MVC to check the write access of a folder for users. If the user has the write access then I want to show a div which has a link. I have a Div in SampleView.Html and I have a method which checks for user's write acce

get value from the ng-repeat radio buttons

I have ng-repeat of radio buttons: <div ng-repeat="c in currencies"> <ion-radio ng-model="checkradio" ng-value='c.code' > {{}} {{c.code}} </ion-radio> </div> I intend to $watch the model and the value of t

AngularJS - shows which option has been selected

I'm trying to learn AngularJS and tried to create a simple shop Now my question is, how could I make it so that it writes down which option has been selected? body { margin: 5em; } .shop { display: flex; justify-content: space-around; text-align: cen

Promises: go to the next error function

This question already has an answer here: Chained promises not passing on rejection 3 answers How would you make a call to the next error function with promise chaining? I thought a return inside the error function would automatically call the next e

angular loop infinite $ digest in ng-repeat

I want to call function in ng-repeat attribute, here is my code example plnkr html <body ng-controller="mainCtrl"> <div ng-repeat='item in getGroupedRange() track by'> <span>{{item.val}}</span> <span>{{item.

Can not get array.splice to work in Angular

I have the object words and a checkbox which should hide a specific element from this object, but I cannot get it work. <body ng-controller="ArrController"> <input type="checkbox" ng-model="hide"> {{kc}} {{words}}

How to cache http in Angular until the settings have changed?

Is it possible to cache some http until parameters used in url change: app.factory('dataService', function ($http,$rootScope) { return { getData: function () { return $http.get(rest.getData + $rootScope.number + "/" + $rootScope.blb ).then(funct

UI Router $ state.go does not redirect?

This is a common issue, I see it a ton but nothing seems to work. Here is what I'm doing. I want to have some dynamic animations with my states, so basically login will do some cool animations and move into the actual interface. Now, I started nestin

Dynamically inserted angular directive

I build an app based on angular + ng-ui-bootstrap + ng-googleCharts I want display google charts data table containing a ui.bootstrap popover in certain cell. I populate rows of table with data from database. I fetch data with angular $resource servi

Kendo Angular multiselect set selected values

I´m using Kendo multiselect with Angular-Kendo directives and with remote datasource. I´m trying to set the selected items when the application starts but with no luck. Can anyone please help me? See Code here: JS BinYou can just make a custom direct

Retry the request with the interceptor $ $

I'm sure there is an easy way to do what I want, I just cant wrap my head around it. How can I get the http interceptor in angular to retry a request if it fails? I imagine I would have to build some sort of promise in the request right? Then in the

AngularJS: how to expose the APIs / variables of the service

Trying to make a simple example with an AngularJS service. I want to have some variables and functions in my data model ( service ) and through the controller, expose them and bind them to the view. The problem is that the controller/view gets a new

Develop and reduce with angular js

I am trying to figure out a way to do an expand and collapse using angular js. I haven't been able to find an elegant way to do this without manipulating dom objects in the controller (which is not the angular way). Currently I have a nice way to do