Pass ng-model as a parameter to work

Hi I am new at angular and I want to be reuse a function to modify different models. <p ng-bind="f1" ></p> <p ng-bind="f2" ></p> <p ng-bind="f3" ></p> <button ng-click="write()"

E2E tests with multiple pages with information from the browser

I am writing an E2E test with protractor. I had to fetch information from the browser and execute a step multiple times. I am testing one screen which will start when a User clicks 'Start' lands on a new page The workflow below is invoked with count

npm Can not install angular-cli

I am trying to install angular-cli via npm. I have the recent version of Nodejs and git installed. I am not behind any proxy server(verified it through netsh winhttp show proxy as well as through Internet Explorer LAN settings) and there is no proble

Apache cordova var is not displayed in html

I have a problem with my application developped with angular & apache cordova on android. On the first place I fetch the contact list from my smartphone and store it in a var : $scope.listecontacts // alert('nb contacts '+contacts.length); for (var i

Unable to intercept 401 Angular

I have been trying to intercept 401 responses when I hit an API but it has been frustratingly not working at all. When I visit a particular link, on the browser console, I can see that it is responding with 401. Basically I want to redirect it to my

How to use ArcGIS Maps in Angular-Js?

How do i use ArcGIS Maps in Angular-Js easily with manipulating the; zoom locate adding markers search my places by Geo coordinates and Place name loading markers lazily and the like? Can some one Give me a sample please.This website has many example

How to align the bottom of 2 divs

Im currently trying to make the bottom of two divs, a title and a navbar, to line up vertically, but I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how to make that work. vertical-align:bottom in the CSS doesn't seem to work. To clarify, I want the "GOT/IT

Angularjs if construction in expression

Here is my code: how can I call this function data-clipboard-text="{{sharedLink()}}" only if currentPageShared===true <md-button ng-click="toggleShare()" ngclipboard data-clipboard-text="{{sharedLink()}}"> {{(currentPag

Installation error npm impossible to read typing

i am following deborah kurata's angular2 getting started course on pluralsight and installed node.js and then ran the npm install (after installing cntlm as i am behind a corporate proxy firewall): however i am receiving the following error > product

Angular equivalent of jQuery callback deferred.always ()

We can handle response with .always() callback function in jQuery whether response is success or not. Is there an equivalent of this type of usage in AngularJS? //jQuery $.get( "test.php" ).always(function() { alert( "$.get completed with s

Can not understand why the variable is indefinite

I am beginner in AngularJS so I'm trying to learn by building POCs. My requirement is simple- User adds details and clicks on "Add Contact" button. This adds the contact to an array in controller. (This part is working). This added contact is sh

Css-Jquery with and condition

I want to bind two css selector with and operator For example: $( 'input[class*="ng-invalid"] input[type="number"]') it means $( 'input[class*="ng-invalid"]) &&(input[type="number"]') But it does not return

Color icon in ng-grid based on Booleans

So I have some JavaScript as follows: $scope.gridTasks = { data: 'tasks' , multiSelect: false , sortInfo: { fields: ['DueSoon', 'SeenByOwner'], directions: ['asc'] } , columnDefs: [ { field: 'ID', displayName: 'ID', visible: false } , { field: 'SeenB

Highchart unscaled when hidden

I've this AngularJS demo app using Highcharts: <div ng-app="myapp"> <div ng-controller="myctrl"> <button ng-click="hideView()">1. Hide</button> <button n

How to scroll to the top of the page in AngularJS?

I want to scroll to the top of the page after getting an ajax call response using angularjs. Basically, I am displaying alert messages on top of the page and I want to focus the alert message as the ajax response received. ThanksYou can use $window.s

ng-show / hide delayed with the animation of the image

So my page has 2 buttons, that use ng-click to render a image specific to each. image 1 is displayed when the page loads, and the animation bringing the image into view works fine. switching to image 2 (via button 2) works fine. the animation pulls i

How to use the parameters in the filter in AngularJS?

I want to use parameter in filter, when I iterate some arrays with ng-repeat Example: HTML-Part: <tr ng-repeat="user in users | filter:isActive"> JavaScript-part: $scope.isActive = function(user) { return === "1"; };