How to bind Datepicker with the angular model ng

I have a form with a few fields in HTML. Below is the related lines for the date fields where I use a datepicker. <input tabindex="3" class="date-picker" name = "startDate" type="text" id="startDate" ng

Javascript Scope - can not access value outside scope

I would like to access 'key' which happens to be a global variable after being returned from this.dorequest(). I get the key inside the if block but can't access it anywhere outside. Can somebody please assist? Pretty sure it is scope/hoisting issue.

angular-refractive angular-to-router

I've created a single page application using ngRoute like so: index.html (ngRoute) var smallTalkzModel = angular.module('smallTalkzModel', ['ngRoute']); smallTalkzModel.config(function($routeProvider) { $routeProvider .when('/', { templateUrl : 'comp

AngularJS: automatically select a radio button

I have two radio buttons and I want the first to be automatically selected <input type="radio" name="playlist" ng-value="myCtrl.cleanPlaylist" ng-model="myCtrl.playlistSelected"> Clean <input type="rad

elements do not line up

The md-input elements are not aligning when I try the layout. Can someone tell me what is wrong. angular.module('app', ['ngMaterial']). controller('ctrl', function() { }); <script src="

Problem accessing array values ​​in javascript

I have an array in JavaScript that I receive from the back end and has the following structure: scope.myArray = [{"0":[1,2,3,4],"1":[0,2,3,1,4]},{"0":[1,2,3,4],"1":[0,2,3,1,4]}] I tried to retrieve some of the value

Assign colors to the column in AngularJS

For my intention I've defined a table who has a column called "Difference". The column "Difference" contains numbers like so: Difference | ... 0.02 | (yellow) 0.01 | (yellow) 0 | (green) -0.06 | (green) -0.13 | (green) 0.06 | (red) 0.0

AngularJS Controller Does Not Appear

I have the following code which suppose to display all products in the 'SimpleController'. But it is not working, it does not display the products. <div data-ng-controller="SimpleController"> <ul> <li data-ng-repeat="product

Angular JS IE9 Hashbang url rewriting

Quite an odd situation here. So I have two routes: /RouteA (/ also defaults to here) and /RouteB /RouteA actually uses client side routing while /RouteB does not if that matters. When I try navigating to /RouteB, the URL is initially /RouteB which is

How to display HTML snippets in angular.js?

This question already has an answer here: Escape HTML text in an AngularJS directive 8 answers For example I have a template and in that template I want to show <div></div> I want it to be displayed as above rather than rendering the actual di

Check if an item exists in an object

I have a set of radio buttons, when a radio button is selected the element is pushed into an object. Then I need to take the value of the elements in the object and then push them into an array, if they are not already in the array. My problem is tha

Retrieve the bound value in the angularjs directive

I know the same angular attribute directive can be bound a number of ways: data-hello-world, x-hello-world and hello:world are all valid attributes for binding the helloWorld attribute directive. In the link function for my directive, how do I know w

ng-bind-html does not work correctly

I want to show my data as html in angularjs. Here is apart of my codes : <div class="panel-body" ng-controller="hosgeldinizController"> <div id="divHosgeldiniz" name="hosgeldinizMessages" ng-repeat="ho

Using jshint with AngularJS and Controllers

I am trying to incorporate JSHint into my build process. The app that I'm building uses AngularJS. Currently, I have a conflict that I'm not sure how to resolve. When I build my app, I get a JSHint error that says: src\app\app.js 3 |var myApp = angul

Show / hide items with angles

I was trying to show and hide an element child, so when I hover over a <li> element, I set up a ng-show with value false for all the elements. If I try to make the value true to show, it shows me all the child elements. I just want to display for ea

Service Provider

Is it possible to access a provider that would normally be used in a config from a service? The reason for doing so is I don't have the information I need yet to be able to do it in the module.config. The provider I would like to access is the $state

What is the purpose of using the angular square support?

I would like to understand the difference between the declaration of MyOtherService and MyOtherComplexService. Especially what is the purpose of square bracket part? When to use them and when not? var myapp = angular.module('myapp', []); myapp.factor