Synchronous HTTP call get with for ionic js angular loop

I need a situation to be handle where I need a loop to execute multiple times for http get call. Here is my code for(i = 1; i <= 5; i++){ console.log(i); var req = { method: 'GET', timeout: 30000, url: url params: {page_id: i} }; $http(req).success(f

The $ directive trainers affect ngModel when writing

I have a problem to use $formatters. My goal is to hide phone number, just leave the last 4 chars visible. It's ok if you don't write anything in the input. If you write something, the model is affected by the mask and I register the hidden phone in

ngcordova angularjs geolocation google maps (non ionic)

I would like to learn how to display a Google map with some custom markers using ngcordova angularjs but no ionic framework. Could you point me to a comprehensive tutorial for beginners (no missing steps) that explains how to do it, please? Thank you

how to get array elements in angular js?

In html <select class="element-margin-top" ng-model="vm.selectedRole" ng-options="(roleName,enabled) in vm.roleNames"> <option value="">All Roles</option>{{vm.roles[0]}} </select> I want to d

ng-bind-html scope variable not loading over time

I'm using ng-bind-html to render a string that contains html code. However, the variable is being pulled from firebase and takes some time to load. As a result, it is not rendering when the page loads because I suspect the variable doesn't load in ti

The sliding element is hidden when overflow-y is used

I created a Fiddle to demonstrate the problem (also can be run inside this question, below). I have a sidebar of playing card images that I want to drag into a main area. The sidebar holds a lot of cards so I want it to be scrollable. However, when I

My angular controller does not work?

I m new in Anguar js . I have created a controller and pass the data but my controller not working can u please help me . My code is this Angular code is var app = angular.module('myApp', []); app.controller('myController', function($scope) { $scope.

AngularJS [$ injector: unpr] Unknown provider

I am trying to inject a service into controller, and i am getting following error: Error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: employeeServiceProvider <- employeeService$injector/unpr?p0=employeeServiceProvide

AngularJS animating the basic ng-repeat cursor

Essentially is there a simple way to leverage the ng-enter and ng-leave hooks on the ng-repeat directive to animate a basic slider left and right? You can see the plunk here which is almost working. I have a basic slider that transitions through a li

AngularJs: Hide the navigation bar item according to the route?

I'm trying to figure out how to show or hide an element in my navbar based on the route, or the current view being displayed. For example, I have an basic/advanced toggle button that I put in the navbar (Bootstrap 3) when the user is on the search fo

How to call the controller?

var modalInstance = ${ templateUrl: 'views/modals/addDevice.html', controller: ModalCtrl }); modalInstance.result.then(function (newDevice) { }); I will implement it in this way: app.controller("ModalCtrl", function( $scope, $modalIns

ngModel Trainers and analyzers

I posted the same question in different form, but no one answered. I am not getting a clear picture of what the Formatters and Parsers do in angular js. By the definition, both the Formatters and Parsers look similar to me. Maybe I am wrong, as I am

Ui-multi-nested views

Here's my config: $stateProvider. state('frontPage', { url: '/', templateUrl: 'index.html', controller: 'MainCtrl', onEnter: function() { console.log('frontPage'); } }). state('frontPage.interestGame', { url: 'interest', templateUrl: 'interest-game/i

What differentiates Angular and Backbone from jQuery?

I have been using JavaScript and jQuery for quite a while now and want to extend my skill set further, during my search I came across two popular names Angular and Backbone and while reading about them I found one line common in both them which someh

Angularjs filters the nested object

I have in angular nested object like this. is there way how to filter it for nested property <li ng-repeat="shop in shops | filter:search"> search.locations.city_id = 22 I'm showing only parent element but want to filter by both of it, lik

Google AngularJS Framework - worth the risk?

I have been asked to build a small web application for one of our clients and think it might be a good opportunity to try out a different framework for building web applications. Most of the applications we build are based on web forms and we