Rendered brochure card after flexbox calculates height

I am trying to draw a map in a flex child that takes up remaining space. I have a couple headers on top of the main content, and one of the banners is sometimes hidden/removed, so I am using flexbox so that the header can go away without affecting th

angular animation function expected error in IE9

I am using angular-animate.js in angularjs ui grid plugin. But in ie9 I am getting error "Function expected" in function fireDoneCallbackAsync(). Please see the attached screenshot. How can I handle this error and also I am not clear from which

using ng-switch and ng-repeat for a cursor

I can't make this kind of slider work, taking data from the controller. This example works fine: <div class="panel panel-default" ng-controller="SliderCtrl"> <div class="panel-body" ng-switch="selectedSlide"

Stop angular animation on ng-show / ng-hide

In my AngularJS application I'm using fontawesome for my loading spinners: <i class="fa fa-spin fa-spinner" ng-show="loading"></i> I'm also using AngularToaster for notification messages which has a dependency on ngAnimate.

How to use ng-leave-stagger with AngularJS Animate

I'm exploring animation in AngularJS and I've run into a problem getting the staggered CSS animations to work. It works fine when new items are added, but when multiple items are removed at the same time, items are removed from inside the collection

How to implement a flip-over effect using AngularJS animations?

What would be the best way to achieve a flip over effect using AngularJS animations? I would like the flip over effect to occur on click. Every time it's clicked, it should flip over to the other side. Ideally, I guess, I'm looking for a directive im

How to boot an angular js css3 animation using javascript

I am currently trying to do a CSS3 animation in Angular.js. Before animating I try to set the initial css properties using Javascript. So, is there a way to initialize an animation using Javascript and then continue the animation using CSS3? My situa

ngAnimate with ui-view

I am having major problems with getting ngAnimate to work with ui-view. The classes never get applied. Please help: bower.json "angular": "1.2.0-rc.2", "angular-resource": "1.2.0-rc.2", "angular-ui-router"

Two different animations for route changes

I have the following case: I'm using the ui-router for the routing in my AngularJS application. In one route, there are five child states for different subscreens. I want to animate the transition between these in a carousel-like manner. The navigati