Angular2 No injection error provider AngularFireDatabase

I have tried to follow the Angular2 setup steps to the letter, but am having a bit of trouble with an error in the console: ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): Error: No provider for AngularFireDatabase! sign-in.module.ts import { NgModule } from '@a

Angularjs scope in dynamic scope savings items

I am having quite the trouble with scopes created by directives, and saving these dynamic elements' scope back to the parent. Here is my directive: app.directive('action', function() { return { restrict: "E", scope: {}, templateUrl:'views/pages/

How to get the key of a firebaseArray object

I am trying to get the key for a returned firebaseArray record but am having no luck. I have aservice that runs the following to return a store getStore: function(uid, id){ var ref = firebase.database().ref('u/'+uid+'/stores/'+id+'/i/'); // to take a

The Firebase database is not rendered in AngularJS View

What is stopping my view from being rendered after my "User" service is updated with the information necessary to view? Pseudocode: User signs in and the profile.uid information should be set. The profile.uid is later used as a child in my Fireb

How to get push id only

I'm building a forum, and I'm in the step of views. I have this (simplified) code: //Setting Views //Adding Them.. $scope.views = $firebaseObject(refService.ref().child("Topics")) refService.ref().child("Topics").once("value"

How to create a firebase object to write only unread data?

I'm still kinda new to Firebase and in implementing security with Firebase's Security rules.I'm working a project where I need to save data in Firebase but I don't clients to access the data. Basically storing an input field's value. But letting then

event after Firebase is loaded into the DOM

I want to change the color of font in an input field depending on the value coming from firebase. In jquery I use $(document).ready() but my code fires before the firebase data is loaded into the dom. I have reverted to using using setTimeout() to gi

Unable to access the fabric in synchronization with Firebase

I'm developing an Ionic app. Its basicaly a quizz, where users posts answers to some questions. Here is my database structure user{ userID (autogenerated by Firebase){ name: surname: questionsAnswered: answers{ userID (linked with users){ question1an

Firebase using unique IDs with flattened data

I'm trying to flatten the data in my firebase app. The database design has a list of users and a list of projects. The users will own the projects and need to have a list of indexes into which projects they own. The users list is indexed by uid which

Foreach with Firebase

var myApp = angular.module("myApp", ["firebase"]); var nick = prompt("Anna nimesi"); myApp.controller("MyController", ["$scope", "$firebaseArray", function($scope, $firebaseArray) { var msgref =

Defining the user-specific key in Firebase

The question is asked already here, but since AngularFire updates their API, the provided solution is not usable anymore. What I am doing is to create new user's account with email/password, store that user in Firebase Authentication service, and sto

Update the value of Firebase children

I'm trying to update the "name" on all children of my services item in Firebase, to remove all leading and trailing spaces. I'm using a regex to carry this out, but I can't seem to work out why it isn't working. I'm looping through my services i

Applying unique usernames with Firebase simplelogin

I have recently followed a tutorial over on Thinkster for creating a web app using Angular and Firebase. The tutorial uses the Firebase simpleLogin method allows a 'profile' to be created that includes a username. Factory: app.factory('Auth', functio

Have to reload the page for Firebase identify auth

I'm working on a small application that has user specific content using twitter auth from Firebase. I have all the auth all set up but when a user logs in, they are forced to reload the page for the site to recognize they have authentication. For exa

AngularFire: Return $ value

I'm trying to log my service.title to the console, but it keeps passing it back as a weird object. .factory('service', function($firebase, FBURL, $routeParams) { var ref = new Firebase(FBURL + "services/" + $routeParams.serviceId); var title = $

Dynamic property in the ng-if statement

<ul> <li ng-repeat="category in categoryList"> {{category.Name}} <br> <ul> <li ng-repeat="game in gameList" ng-if="game.{{category.Name}}"> {{game.Name}} </li> </ul> </li> </

3-way Firebase Data Link with ControllerAs Syntax

I'm tring to get 3-way data binding with firebase and angularfire. You can see what I've got in Plunker: app.js: angular.module('ideaBattle', ["firebase"]); services: angular .module('ideaBattle') .const

Trying to get child records from Firebase

Am in the angular-fire-seed tutorial stage and experimenting with messages and child posts, for some bizarre reason I cannot see the children when I explicitly try to display them, but can see it when expanding on the parent node in the console. Thes

Angularfire on thinkster

everyone! Excuse me for my bad English, please, ask me and I'll try to explain more. I'm learning angular with a sample work on and I'd noticed in lesson 4 that it uses old version of angularfire (I guess that less than 2), and sy

How to use an angular factory correctly?

I've been doing quite a lot of reading about angular dependency injection and factories vs services etc like in this post here - angular.service vs angular.factory I'm struggling putting it into practise and wonder if you can give me suggestions on h

$ rootScope.currentUser is null on refresh

I was able to get the firebaseSimpleLogin working and storing the current user in the rootScope. When I goto another page and come back to the feed page everything loads, but when I refresh $rootScope.currentUser is null. Has anyone else had this iss

Confusion of the angular filter

So I have a list of users in my firebase. Now I am showing every user like this: <input type="text" ng-model="search.username" placeholder="{{ 'SEARCH_USERS' | translate}}" class="form-control"> <br/> &l

createUser and connection flow with promises

In this git issue AngularFire disabled the auto-login functionality associated with $createUser. (The docs are outdated.) So what's the best practice / cleanest way to create a user and then log them in? app.factory('Auth', function($firebaseSimpleLo

Length of the AngularFire collection

I'm attempting to get the length of the array of a simple angularFireCollection and can't seem to: var stf = new FireBase(""); function staffListCtrl($scope, angularFireCollection){ $scope.staff = angula