jQuery is not defined in bootstrap-sass

I bootstrapped the Angular 2 app using angular-cli. Everything was easy-peasy until I decided to use bootstrap modal. I simply copied the code for opening the modal from our other project that doesn't use angular-cli. I added jquery and bootstrap dep

Angular - Get a html reference of nested components

I have a component myComponent nested in a component, how can I get the nested component's width from the outter component? <div class="container"> <myComponent[compObj]="someObj"></myComponent> </div> Need widt

Angular2 - Can display object, properties will not be displayed

I've been trying to Learn Angular / NodeJS and have been doing alright so far, however I've hit a snag that I just can't seem to get past. So I'm using Node to run API calls, using and Angular Service to pass the response to the component and the ren

how do i store user ID after login using ionic2 frame

i'm new to ionic 2 and i have a problem in storing my user data that i have stored in a class in my injectable service for login please help me: auth-service.ts export class User { nom: string; email: string; constructor(nom: string, email: string) {

Mock ngrx / store in Angular2 tests

Could you probably help me mocking the Store? I've seen this and this questions by a have a bit different error. I'm using store in one of my services, where I use dispatch, select and get store methods. I've mocked the Store following @noelmace sugg

File path error in Angular 2

I am trying to implement PrimeNG datatable, I have data in a JSON file called cars-small.json, I think the path is correct in the code, I checked almost 20 times and also checked it by changing the name of it and path of that file but always get 404

How to explicitly disable the angular buttons

Hi I have a set of buttons as below, let Btns: Array<any> = [{ type: "submit", BtnType: "prev", label: "Previous", class: "btn-outline", icon: "kd-back", disabled: false }, { type: "submit"

Manage the network connection

I have an Ionic 2 app, and I need to know if there is internet connection (in general, any type) and it's not working. If I do: if (Network.connection) { this.af.auth.subscribe(user => { if (user) { this.hasSession = true; } else { this.hasSession =

Load the data before initializing the component - angular 2

My App.component which calls a init method in my user service. ngOnInit(){ this.init(true).then(data => { console.log("OnInit Called") }) } User.service returns a promise which in turn calls the account.init init = (isRegistered) => { retu

The angular quick start does not start

I downloaded the Angular Quick start project from here: https://angular.io/docs/ts/latest/guide/setup.html. The sample won't start on my linux machine. node.js and npm are at the specified version levels according to the README.md file. I have node.j

html display object

I have a query which returns this: and in component I have this code: pages: Page[]; constructor(private httpCall: HttpCall) { } ngOnInit() { this.httpCall.get('/pub/page/GetPageById') .subscribe( data => { this.pages = <Page[]>data console.log(d

TS2305 Error: The Module Has No Exported Members

I am doing following two imports in a typescript file: import { DOCUMENT } from '@angular/platform-browser'; import { Positioning } from '@ng-bootstrap/ng-bootstrap'; First statement works however compiler complains about the second statement (ng-boo

Angular 2 trying to implement observables in services

Im trying to send data from one component to other using observable. Here I'm implementing observable in service like this... import { Injectable } from '@angular/core'; import { Observable } from 'rxjs/RX' @Injectable() export class SelectedItemServ

Could not find module error '@ angular / core'

I am working on a basic Angular2 sample using NodeJS , and the editor i am using is atom. I have npm installed angular2(2.0.0-beta.17) and typescript npm install angular2 npm install -g typescript In my main.ts am importing import { Component } from

How to add SockJS in the Angular 2 project?

I use angular-cli to generate a new project. Now I want to add socketJs to the project, but keep getting errors in browser console: GET http://localhost:4200/url-parse 404 (Not Found) GET http://localhost:4200/inherits 404 (Not Found) Unhandled Promi

Skip entries to the nested component in Angular 2

How can the attributes be transparently translated from wrapper component to nested component? Considering that there is const FIRST_PARTY_OWN_INPUTS = [...]; const FIRST_PARTY_PASSTHROUGH_INPUTS = ['all', 'attrs', 'are', 'passed']; @Component({ sele

Add to a painting by Parsing Json

Trying to retrieve the Json string from localStorage and append a new dish to it. It is not working as it should, can someone please help me. Am using TypeScript. interface Dish { id: number; name: string; desc: string; price: number; }; export class

Atom Electron: Rendering Canvas in another window

I have an Electron app with two BrowserWindows. The first manages multiple mediastreams which are rendered onto a canvas. When running the app in the browser I can access the canvas in a popup using the document reference provided by window.open(). I

Angular2 Using ngIf without additional element

Can I use ngIf without an extra container element? <tr *ngFor="..."> <div *ngIf="..."> ... </div> <div *ngIf="!..."> ... </div> .. </tr> It doesn't work with the table when I add divs.ng-co

How to change the server port from 3000?

I just ended the tutorial of Angular 2 and I can't find a way to change the localhost port from 3000 to 8000. In my package.json file there's the line "start": "concurrent \"npm run tsc:w\" \"npm run lite\" " that I