Solve in the Angular UI Router

In my angular sample route , I am trying to do : (function(angular){ 'use strict'; angular .module('appRouter',['ui.router']) .controller('routerCtrl',function(myResolveServ,resolveData){ console.log(resolveData); }) .service('myResolveServ',function

removes the slash from $ location.url () in angular

I need to get the GET params from url and pass it in the links to view in angular I got from location.url() => "/?x=1&b=2" but I need to get = > "?x=1&b=2" without slash I tried to do that like the following: var str = $l

Device ID IONIC APP for sending messages ($

I'm trying to get the device id getUUID at the time of app login along with username and password. Is the right way to get device id and post it to the server for login. controller.js .controller('LoginCtrl', function($scope, $http,$rootScope,$window

Angular 2, using Angular Cli, and Ui Router Ng2, Solve / Reject

I a have a question for you guys. I am using Angular 2, set up with Angular-CLI, with the UiRouter (ui-router-ng2). All of which are fantastic, and I am making progress. But, I've run into a problem, that I'm sure is easily resolvable, I just don't k

how can i stop showing bootstrap popover sometimes in angularJs

I use bootstrap popover in custom angularJs directive . i will show error message when $scope.buytypeButton= {type:false} button should disabled and show error message in popover . but i want when $scope.buytypeButton= {type:true} button should activ

Angular js $ state.go with the parameter does not work

I have tried to implement angular js $state.go() with parameter. But the $state.go() works fine without parameter. But with parameter it didn't works. I already tried many examples but no way. I need to display the parameter in html view. my state pr

AngularJS - UI-Router does not load the view

I'm in an app that uses angular-route and I'm trying to integrate ui-router into a particular module. In this module, I have not included angular-route. The ui-sref urls will all generate fine, but when a user tries to navigate to the view, it kicks

Pass several parameters to the state in the path

I have this state definition: .state("workPlan.list", { url: "MainPage", templateUrl: "app/workPlan/templates/workPlanList.tmpl.html", controller: "workPlanListController", controllerAs: "list", resolve: {

Dynamic UI Router & lt; title & gt; Mark

I'm adding a title to every state in the ui-router like that: .state('projects', { url: '/', templateUrl: 'projects/projects.html', ncyBreadcrumb: { label: 'Projects' }, data : {title: 'Projects'} }) And then the title attribute takes that data: <tit

AngularJS ui-road does not work

totally newbie on angularjs and ui-routes! trying to get a basic ui-router to work with express, but no success until now. trying to make two routes. /admin /admin/dashboard created the following files: index.html <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="

$ state resolution with parameter - AngularJS $ StateProvider

I'm trying to add a resolve to my $state in my routing following this guide here. Going a bit further than the guide by adding parameters to the function things stop working. my code looks like this 'use strict'; angular.module('academiaUnitateApp')

Manage dynamic angular URLs

I have an issue where almost all URLs parts are optional but the controller is the same. I have a URL with dynamic url-parts which depends from filter when user select some filter parameters URL changes for example: /search, /search/min-1000, /search

call function inside a controller with ui-router

I am looking for a solution to call a function inside a controller. How could i achieve this. State .state('confirm.registration', { url: "/confirm/registration", controller:'userController', onEnter:'confirmregistration()', permissions:{} }) Co

Ionic Headers View Content

I am having trouble accommodating a header in my app. the class="has-header" is apparently outdated an I need help finding an alternative. Thanks. Feel free to correct anything else as well. index.html: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <hea

UI Router $ state.go does not redirect?

This is a common issue, I see it a ton but nothing seems to work. Here is what I'm doing. I want to have some dynamic animations with my states, so basically login will do some cool animations and move into the actual interface. Now, I started nestin

Beginner Angularjs UI Routing

I have began learning AngularJS and decided to go with Angular-UI-Router for all of my routing needs, but unfortunately, I am unable to get the templateURL property of the $stateProvider to render. I have followed tutorials to the world's end, and ca

Angular-ui-router and href = '#'

I'm using angular-ui-router and have an issue with empty a tags, like href='#'. I'm using bootstrap, which makes extensive use of href='#' for dropdowns and such. The problem is if a user selects a dropdown item then the router interprets that as a s

AngularJS Hashtags, deep links and IE9

I am currently in a situation where I have to provide support for IE9, for an AngularJS app, while keeping hashtags out of my links (Links sent out from emails etc. whatever angular does client side, doesn't matter). I've got to a point, where almost