code to calculate the value of an angle

I have code where you give the 2 points a(x1,y1) and b(x2,y2) so that it calculates the angle between (alpha) them as shown in the image below: I tried using this: angle = math.degrees(math.atan2((x1 - x2),(y1 - y2))) to calculate the angle but it wo

Calculate the angle between two matlab vectors

I'm sorry if this question seems a really basic, but I cannot find a good answer online yet. I'm a little confused with vectors and how to use them in matlab. At the moment I have the following three pair of coordinates (x and y): Person 1, The futur

How to determine the angle of rotation for a point

I have 2 points in an x, y plane. I want to rotate one point onto the other point by rotating it about the z-axis. How can I find the angle to rotate one point onto the other?Well, the sin of this angle is [a, b] / (abs(a) * abs(b)) and its cos is (a

Calculate the steering angles

I followed a tutorial to be able to rotate the view in my OpenGL game with the mouse. I have to admit that I copy-and-pasted without really understanding and that's what I got... The direction of the camera is computed by the yaw and the pitch: direc

Determine the direction of motion vector from velocity

I'm kinda confused with this one. I have an object and I know it's velocities on axis x and y. My problem is how to determine the angle at which it's moving. function Object(){ this.velocity = {x: 5, y:1}; } Basically I Know that a vector's direction

Xbox360 SDL Analog Sleeve Angle

Okay, straight to the point I'm working on a game engine in C++ using SDL and openGL with lua scripting and I need to get the angle of the analog stick to determine the direction of the 2d gun using this lua code playerLookArrow.rotation = math.atan(

Rotate the angle from the target angle via the shortest side

Hi and thanks for reading. I need to change this void I wrote so that it can work with negative angles. The goal of this function is to rotate an ANGLE towards the DIRECTION by adding INCREMENT to either clockwise or counterclockwise (+ or -). Howeve

Angle between two 3D 3D vectors rotated by a quaternion

I have a 3D unit quaternion = {w,x,y,z} coming from a sensor device. I want to get the amount of angles(ax,ay,az) about X, Y and Z axes ( But the angles should be independent, one should not change when the other changes). I have come across, Quatern

right triangle angles of Java

Ok, I am supposed to calculate the angle of a right triangle using Java. The measurements of the sides are a = 3 and b = 4 with the hypotenuse being c = 5. If I use Math.sin, it does not calculate the angle created by a and c. Is there another Math f

I want to rotate the image in iOS according to the angle

In above image there is one white line, I want to animate this image in the circle only as per angle. Suppose if my angle is 20 degree then that white line animate in 58 degree, and it will come like following image Her is my code UIImageView *imgBen

Move in the same angle from one point to another?

I need to be able to move my player x and y pixels in the same direction as a point to a point. It's hard to explain, but this is what I am trying to do: Angles 1 and 2 have to be the same. Point 1 stays the same at (100, 100), however point 2 consta

Direct way to calculate the clockwise angle between 2 vectors

I want to find out the clockwise angle between 2 vectors(2D, 3D). The clasic way with the dot product gives me the inner angle(0-180 degrees) and I need to use some if statements to determine if the result is the angle I need or its complement. Do yo

What is the vector angle between two points / coordinates

Does anyone know how to get an angle between two points when 0 degree reference is up (at 12 o'clock)? I'm using two sets of (x,y) points for atan2() for that but it returns 0 degree at 3 o'clock.Atan2() returns the counterclockwise angle from the po

how to discover an angle between two objects?

what I want to do is the following: I have an object (blue point) and I want to point it to other object no matter where it is located around it (green point). So I need to know the angle between these two objects to do what I want right? http://s13.

MATLAB vectors, angles, plots

I apologize for the ambiguous title, but I am not entirely sure how to phrase this one. So bear with me. I have a matrix of data. Each column and row represents a certain vector (column 1 = row 1, column 2 = row 2, etc.), and every cell value is the

check if two segments of the same circle overlap / intersect

Given two circle segments of the same circle: A=[a1, a2] and B=[b1, b2], with: a1, a2, b1, b2 values in degree between -inf and +inf a1 <= a2 ; b1 <= b2 a2-a1<=360; b2-b1<=360 How can I find out if these two circle segments overlap? (i.E. if t

Saves space when floating (radians) in a file

I want to write some radian angles to a binary file. Is there any way I can save space while doing so? I considered converting them to degrees and writing them out as a short but when converting to a short they loose their fractional part so that was

Rectangle Angle Property

Is it possible to set the rectangle angle property in C#? I tried this: Rectangle r = new Rectangle(); r.Width = 5; r.Height = 130; r.Fill = Brushes.Black; r.RotateTransform.AngleProperty = 30; // Here is the problem canvas1.Children.Add(r); One way

Retrieve a positive or negative angle from 3 points

I am rotating points around a center point in 2D space. The points are the center point, the old mouse position, and the new mouse position. My rotation function works fine, and I can calculate the angle perfectly. But I want to calculate a negative

Is it possible to display text from an angle in a web page?

I would like to know whether it is possible or not to create text in a web page at an angle, for example at 40 Degrees. If it is possible, how can I do this? EDIT: Finally, I decided to go with Mathias Bynens's answer.To add to Mathias' answer, you c

Why does OpenGL use degrees instead of radians?

The OpenGL designers were never afraid of mathematics, and knowledge of linear algebra is essential for all but the simplest OpenGL applications. I think it can safely be assumed that OpenGL programmers are familiar with angles in radians. Mathematic