Can not run the game cocos2dx with the banner admobs

I tried to implement an AdMob in the cocos2dx project via android studio and got the following message after the build succeeded. The app doesn't run. I've set the gradle, manifest file, AppActivity in android studio folder. Starting: Intent { cmp=co

Sliding listing button

I created a list view, now I want to make it just like when I swipe them left or right it behave like call and message button respectively. . Just like this Image. A list view carrying some data. While we swipe it left or right it respond. Here I nee

Admob: A banner for an activity or banner for everyone?

I'm a beginner with Admob, I only have one banner in a simple android app that only have one activity. I'm doing a new app that will have a lot of activities and my question is: I have to put only one banner for the whole app or a different banner pe

Android Retrofit Analysis

i just followed exapmple : its working great ..i want to parse [ { "song_name": "Hero", "song_id": "1990", "artist_name": "Enrique&qu

This pointer in Java

This question already has an answer here: When should I use "this" in a class? 16 answers I am new to java and android and want to understand how this works? public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity { private class MyThread implements

BaseAdapter getLayoutInflater giving runtime exception

I have a class postedJobHistory (Fragment): public class PostedJobHistory extends Fragment { String employerName; private List<ParseObject> jobDetails; Context context; public PostedJobHistory() {} public PostedJobHistory(Context context, String emp

Android Event Management - Multiple buttons

Can we create a centralized event handler for multiple buttons in Android? If so, how can we do that?Yonatan Nir's solution is the easiest but if you're already using Butterknife you can do it like this: @OnClick({,,

Phonegap (3.0.0) The camera failed on the first try

For testing purposes I copied the full example found on the phonegap camera API and I put an alert on onPhotoDataSuccess to test when the function is fired. On the first photo taken the alert will not show. However after the first attempt the alert w

Improved Android Camera Preview

I made an app that uses a surfaceView to display camera preview.I got many reports in developer console with errors in surfaceChanged part: @Override public void surfaceChanged(SurfaceHolder holder, int format, int width, int height) { Parameters par

Android emulator with Camera API

I am using camera API to build a custom camera. I used emulator to test my application,but it shows me only a white screen on Is there a chance that it is my code's fault or the emulator's?You are getting black screen because you are n

How to display a fragment containing a custom SurfaceView

This following setup does not work, does anybody know why (I cant seem to find examples of custom surface view in a fragment). My surfaceView class is just hollow at the moment: class MySurfaceView extends SurfaceView implements Runnable{ public MySu

The progress bar is not rejected

I don't accomplish to dismiss progress bar in my Android App. I declare an object bar object and get a String calling the doInProgress function and pass to it an object called v1. When the async task finishes his task, why progress bar (wichs appears

Implementing the callback method in Android

Currently in my project, I am making Http requests and I want different http response to be sent to different callback methods. I wrote a quick sample below to show what I want to do. I know it probably wont be possible the way i want it, but are the

I can not create an Android project?

When I click for creating android new project this window open .I have been restart even though I can't do this. error image is as. and when click for check update from help menu then this error occure and pop up is that no update found what is probl

Difference between emulator and AVD

I have just switch to android development and came across this doubt. How is AVD different from emulator?AVD : Android Virtual Device Quoting from the Android Developer Site : Managing Virtual Devices An Android Virtual Device (AVD) is an emulator co

How to cancel ProgressDialog after finishing all threads?

I have 30 threads (AsyncTask) executed in the same time. Before execute them, I will show progressdialog. After threads finish execution, I will dismiss progressdialog. Any suggestion on How to dismiss ProgressDialog after finish all threads?If you a

Serializable subclass of the non-serializable parent class

I am hitting a brickwall with serialization of a subclass of Location in android/java Location is not serializable. I have a first subclass called FALocation that does not have any instance variables. I have declared it serializable. Then I have a se

Asus Eee Pad Emulator in Eclipse

I am developing an application on android 3.1 Honeycomb. It force-closes on Asus epad. I don't have an Asus Epad to check why it force-closes, so I want to try it on an Asus epad Emulator. I updated the ADK for eclipse but it doesn't provide an Asus

animation in android

I had an activity (say homeActivity) and when I start a new activity(say nextActivity) from my homeactivity i would like to give it an animation effect like appearing it from the bottom. Is it possible in android?after call to startActivity, make cal

Redraw a single line in a list

This question already has an answer here: Android ListView Refresh Single Row 6 answers Is it possible to redraw a single row in a ListView? I have a ListView with rows that are LinearLayouts. I listen to a preference change and sometimes I need to c