Gradle requires a non-existent support library version

Recently I've been getting this problem. As far as I know, there is no 26.X.X versions of these support libraries, what does Gradle wants from me?After reviewing a previous question, you may want to be sure that your compileSdkVersion matches across

How do I open a specific application from another application?

I'm developing an app that opens other apps with intents and it works perfectly, but now i need to open a specific activity (or part of the app) and i don't know if it's even possible. In this case i want to open Street View from the Google Cardboard

Android Listview for Chat interface does not move

Im trying to build a chat app and although my listview does append a messages as they come in, I cannot access the messages that are older or hidden from the screen. The listview does not want to scroll and just display the amount of messages that fi

How do I do a beta test on an unpublished application?

This is a follow up of this question. I made a mistake and posted an APK by error on production tab. I clicked "unpublish this app" to revert my error. The problem is that now beta testing is disabled. Do I have to create a new application with

Unable to remove updates from FusedLocationApi

I am trying to get location updates and send it to a pending intent, i already have this work fine. However there a button, when its press i want it to stop getting location updates, here is my code: MainActivity public class MainActivity extends Act

Appeal replaced method of activity of another class

Hi I have an Interface and an Activity. My Activity implements that Interface and have overrided the method of Interface. now I have to call that overridden method of Interface from another Class so that overridden method of Activity gets executed. T

The Url link is not recognizable in the html email

I'm trying to send an htlm email with a link in it. The url is "apk://". <a href="apk://"> Click here</a> This is supposed to open an Android app if the user clicks on the link. The problem is when I receiv

The application hangs when the intention of a new activity

I am making a game on android and I wanted to use a loop in a onClickListener to display a dialog which is stored in String.xml I set some code but the app crashes, there are no error in eclipse but I don't know what's wrong. So plz help check the co

reading JSON data from the URL

I am trying to parse some JSON data, but my app doesn't do anything because i can't seem to get any response from URL, i tried to open URL connection in few different ways, but it's still the same. for Example : urlMy=new URL(string); URLConnection t

Gradle release build still questionable?

According to the Gradle docs, the default value for "debuggable" a "release" buildType is false. However, whether I explicitly set it to false or not, my release build always seems to be debuggable (I can see logcat output). Am I misin

Android Studio Build / Clean

In an attempt to compile external jars, I have to use the terminal and do a clean. However, when I go into the root directory of my project and execute gradlew clean I get the following message: -bash: gradlew: command not found Here's a screenshot o

The new Android Studio project can not run, launch an error

Just now I have installed and started working on Android Studio, and created new project after configuring everything I needed to start working on project. In newly created project, I have not changed anything and then tried to run the project. But i

How to highlight ListView multiple views on the click?

Well I want to highlight the view so the user can see which item it have selected. I tried like this: View.setBackground(COLOR.RED); Inside listView on item click listener and it works, but if the list get scrolled random views start changing backgro

Android creates new size after scale animation

I am using Translate and scale animation. First i translate my Frame Layout to the center of the screen and i set its position parameters using layout parameters to the center of the screen. That works fine! On translate animation end i run the scale

Galaxy Nexus ignores the meta-label of the window

I am building a PhoneGap app. My app is designed as a 320px interface. My viewport tag within the app is: <meta name="viewport" content="width=320, initial-scale=0.5, maximum-scale=0.5, user-scalable=no"/> This works as expected

Unable to find Facebook SDK.apk

Hey I know this was asked before, but none of the solutions seem to help. This is NOT a duplicate I have used the Facebook SDK before on an earlier project, now I started a new one and I get this weird error. I have set a reference to the library I h

What is the best way to wait for a GPS location correction?

Using my Android application, when a user does a certain action, a background service is started that fetches the current GPS location and saves it in a database in addition of doing some other stuff. In that service, I use the requestLocationUpdates

ListActivity not scrolling

I have a list Activity 4 which i have extended the BaseAdapter and the getview looks like this... public View getView(int position, View convertView, ViewGroup parent) { View row=null; for(int i=0;i<10;) { row = convertView; if(row==null) { LayoutInf