Listview and OnItemClickListener (Bluetooth device)

I have a problem with OnItemClickListener. For example, i have 4 bluetooth devices in the list,i click on one element and the application try to pair only with the last element of the list not with the element that i clicked import android.bluetooth.

How to trigger a reload on the closed activity?

So I have an Activity containing a ViewPager, which contains a few Fragments, including one with a RecyclerView. You can click one of the items on the RecyclerView to edit all its details, which is done by launching a second Activity with editable fi

How to connect to a method with int [] using xposed?

I am trying to hook into this method in NotificationManagerService using Xposed: void enqueueNotificationInternal(final String pkg, final String opPkg, final int callingUid, final int callingPid, final String tag, final int id, final Notification not

Rotate the animation does not work on Android 4.4.4

I have used rotate animation for my button. its working fine on Android 5.0 and above but when tested on Android 4.4 version. its blinks and doesn't rotate. AS suggested by some others i have tried with Layer type, fill after and fill before. But not

Loading the https page in WebView

I am trying to display myprofilepage part I just made it up, in code its substituted with my actual profile page) page in my app within a webview. The problem is the app is not displaying anything, earlier

The chain shows separate letters in Arabic

I am using this code to search for a certain word in a string and if found, change the color: String x = showdata.get(SearchResults.TAG_SHOP_SECTION_ITEM_DESC); int positions[] = new int[100]; Spannable WordtoSpan = new SpannableString(x); int index

EditText, adjustPan, ScrollView problem in android

I have a EditText which is enclosed in ScrollView, but when the keyboard comes up. You can NOT scroll down to the fields that are now covered. I have tried adding adjustSize, adjustPan in the manifest and in the class. But its not working..In your ma

css centering does not work in Phonegap

I am trying to center an image with some text underneath. Works fine when I display in chrome. It also works well on an emulator using Opera Mobile. But when I create my phonegap app with the html/css files, the image refuses to center when run in An

Gradle error: Android Studio, ActionbarSherlock and SlidingMenu

I've been at this for a couple of days trying to get the library structure correct within Android Studio. I would have just continued with Eclipse, but performance wise, it's been really bad for me lately. Please, any guidance would be greatly apprec

Chrome error with SPDY when using Facebook JavaScript SDK

I develop a mobile application with HTML5 + Cordova (Phonegap) using Facebook Javascript SDK for iOs and Android. I implement it like this : FB.api( { method: 'fql.query', query: 'SELECT uid, name, birthday_date FROM user WHERE uid IN (SELECT uid2 FR

Phonegap Default Calling Previous Button Handler

I have a phonegap app that requires I capture the back button. This works swimmingly but when I am at the main screen and the back button is pressed I want to call the original event handler and let the app close or do whatever comes naturally to the

Download an image from Android to the MySQL database

Good day! I am trying to search for a basic tutorial of uploading an image file from Android to an online MySQL database, but I can't find any. I am now making an activity that can upload a user's profile picture from the Android to the online server

You can not add an enlarged view to the custom view group

I have been trying to inflate views from xml to their corresponding view objects, then add these view objects to a programmed viewgroup. However, whenever I call myviewgroup.addView(childview), the childview seems to lose all the buttons and things t

Android: the Bluetooth Share application has stopped working

I am facing a weird problem regarding bluetooth on android devices. I have one Motorola Milestone and two HTC-Nexus devices for my android project. I was playing for file transfer using Bluetooth between devices and they were working very fine. So du

Interface from the text selection tool (where copy / paste is)

I would like to add a button in android when a user selects texts then clicks the context button (e.g. it shows copy, cut, paste, select all). Can someone please direct me to the libraries or some resource where I can potentially learn about this? Tr

Define the theme of a fragment

I'm trying to set the theme for a fragment. Setting the theme in the manifest does not work: android:theme="@android:style/Theme.Holo.Light" From looking at previous blogs, it appears as though I have to use a ContextThemeWrapper. Can anyone ref

Universal application for both tablets + handsets

I am developing a single application for both tablets and for handsets..My app is currently running fine on handsets(as according to layouts and all)..but i have no idea for how to distinguish it for handsets/tablets. I have seen some of the answers

Most popular screen sizes / resolutions on Android phones

I understand that Android's developer site provides information on this topic. I have already read the following three pages: Supporting Multiple Screens Screen Sizes and Densites Icon Design Guidelines They do not give the information/statistics tha

How to reuse intentions in Android

Hello All: I am creating an application in which I am using menus on every screen for the user to navigate. In my application, I have Screen1--> comes as home screen when the user logs in Screen2--> user goes to this screen to perform some operation

Strange error on the layout of the table

So I built this fairly large table layout xml file. The view in the Graphical Layout looks perfect but in the code view the entire thing is underlined in orange with the error Multiple annotations found at this line: - Element type "Button" must

Manually set the width of the spinner drop-down list in Android

Is it possible to set the width of a spinner dropdown list in code? I have a spinner populated with integers, and it does not look good with the list expanding to full width. Can I set the width to wrap the content somehow? Spinner hSpinner = (Spinne