Call the PSP application with the UPI URL

I am trying to create a merchant app which will generate a url based on NPCI's guidelines. This url will be shared as intent and the PSP app (Any registered bank app) should be able to listen to that url and get invoked. I have formed a url like this

JNI: Can not get the length of the array

I faced with the next problem: I can not do anything with byte[] (jbyteArray) in C code. All functions that work with array in JNI cause JNI DETECTED ERROR IN APPLICATION: jarray argument has non-array type. What's wrong with my code? C: #include <st

Adapter for ListView on the Android Scrolling Problem

I have created an adapter for my listview. for each listitem there's a checkbox on it. Whenever I scroll my listview it randomly set the checkbox to check on items. Below is my getView method public View getView(int position, View convertView, final

How to wait for a button click for a while in Android

I am developing an application for blinds. I have 4 screen sized buttons (overlapped). Every step of program one button will be clickable and every button has more than one job. My program starts with a voice (Android TTS engine). Like "please touch

Wakelock and wifilock do not work

I have read plenty of tutorial and posts here on SO regarding the use of WakeLock and WifiLock, but still didn't get to a solution of my issue. I'm writing an app that has, when you start it, the only effect of creating and starting a (foreground) se

Android xxxhdpi resolution removable automatic resizing

If I add a large image to xxxhdpi folder does it gets resized automatically by Android to smaller images for other screen resolutions? And if yes from which version of Android is this supported?Adding to my comment, this is from Android Developers -

RelativeLayout for the ListView element

First of all, if this question is a copy, I am sorry!!! I have this layout for a ListView item and it doesn't work ok. I want a center line separator, On the left of the line one number and another one on the right. <?xml version="1.0" encodi

Creating a 4-digit random number, and storing it to a string

This question already has an answer here: How to Convert an int to a String? 6 answers I'm trying to create a method which generates a 4 digit integer and stores it in a string. The 4 digit integer must lie between 1000 and below 10000. Then the valu

Put two views of text side-by-side in a layout

I have two textviews i need to put side by side in a layout and I have to respect two rules: Textview2 needs always to be displayed entirely. Textview1 has to be cropped if there is no enough room in the layout. Examples: Textview1|textview2 Teeeeeee

AddAction Auditor when notifying with service

I've created a media player service for playing streamed audio file, i've added a notification with an action to pause. I would like to know how to get the action listener of this action in my service. @Override public int onS

android InputManager injectInputEvent

I have read this. I am not able to compile the answer given by coredump. I can clearly see the injectInputEvent in (Android source code). Its public too. However I am not able to compile it. May be its a private api and there's a wa

Zoom in and zoom out of the animation on Android

I have code of normally zoom in and zoom out animation between two activities, but I want something different. I have five buttons on my first activity if I click on first button then zoom in would be starts from position of first button only instead

How to add WebRTC features in the Android app

How can I easily add WebRTC functionality to my android app so that I would be able to play video stream in MediaPlayer? What library (.jar file) do I have to add to referencies? Could you add some code example please?Actually, there is no such ".jar

Android: light text color holo

I just have a stupid question... I am using (or better, I suppose to use) the theme holo light in my application: I have set it in the manifest file. Look at the screenshot below: the text is too light, isn't it? Ok, I know that I can set it but my q

Disable Manifest Ferger in Android Gradle Build

I am using the new gradle android buildsystem. The project consists of two android library projects and one main project. Using the ant build, the manifest merger must be enable in But when using the gradle build system the manife

getLine1Number () does not work

This question already has an answer here: MSISDN : Is it a SIM Card Data? Why all The Provided Function (from Blackberry and Android) to fetch MSISDN not reliable? 3 answers I want to get The SIM phone number using android but when I get The number t

PhoneGap / Android custom keyboard

I'm developing an app with multiple input[type=numer] elements. Android only for now. The built-in numeric keyboard has two problems: * it's inconsistent (different on different versions of Android) * it has unnecessary keys (space, dash, comma and "

How can I backup my results persistently?

How can I save the value of contadorliga or turn .setVisibility(View.VISIBLE); even if I restart the app or I close the app and start it again (persistent storage)? I want to save int contadorliga, correcto1.setVisibility(View.VISIBLE); and correcto2

darkens a View android by program

I found how to change the opacity of a View, but I need to actually darken a View. My best idea is to put a transparent black rectangle over it and then slowly increase the opacity of the rectangle. Do you know a nicer way to do it? public class Page