Ionic package io.ionic.starter signatures error

My ionic project working nicely in command: ionic lab but when I execute "ionic cordova run" in terminal for build this app in android I am having the following error. Error: Failed to install apk to device: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMP

How can I keep the session open after login?

I have a login in my project but always when I open my app after I close it, have to login again. I use Firebase to authenticate, but I want something like: check if user is logged -> if not - open login, else - open my main activity" I don't know

should I use fragment or viewpager for my application

Demo1 Demo2 when users click the button to answer the questions for the TextView on the top, the TextView will change the questions depends on the user's answer. (I think this part won't be hard for me) But what should I do after user click the butto

Appropriate Android image resolution for ImageView

What is the proper/right resolution for Image to be put using src in ImageView to avoid stretching or unscaled images?if you are using a single color of background, u can use 9Patch images. but if you are asking about icons then you need different im

drag in the animation onCreate android

I am trying to slide in a custom dialog just after the activity is created. but each time dialog comes along with the activity. I want to show the dialog after the activity is created. Have tried creating the dialog in onCreate(), onResume, onPostRes

'Image capture error' with Phonegap on Android

I need to capture an image with my Phonegap app. On iOS everything works fine but on Android (via Phonegap Build) it throws an error with "Error capturing image". I added the following lines to my config.xml but that doesn't change anything: <

Android: Changing the color of the action bar

I had previously set the colour of my window background to white and now I am trying to change the colour of just the action bar to green. This is my xml code: <style name = "CustomAppTheme2" parent = "android:Widget.Holo.Light">

Why are there 2 setFocusable methods in Android?

I was trying to set the focusability of a component and found these two methods, hoping I could use them to make the component only focusable when the user touches it, not when requested programmatically: myComponent.setFocusable(false); myComponent.

how to set multiple colors on an EditText by selecting words

i have a Simple text editor app, that user can select words in EditText and change its color. for change color of selected word, i use this code: EditText edtText = (EditText) findViewById(; SpannableStringBuilder sb = new SpannableStrin

Implement Androids Scroll-view with include view in

Hi i've used ScrollView before but for some reason it aint working at all right now the greatest problem right now is that the linear_view i've added inside this scrollView aint matching it's parent :| <RelativeLayout android:layout_width="match_p

Cordova 4.0.0: call exec () to an unknown plugin

I generated the code using the Cordova 4.0.0 CLI. Now I try to write a Plugin for Android (MyPlugin) to execute native code from the webview. But everytime i try to call the plugin's method I receive the errormessage: exec() call to unknown plugin I

From memory Picasso Lib

I'm developing an app that loads a lot of images through lib Picasso. When I'm navigating through the app, suddenly the app crashes, giving out of memory. I already tried to do somethings to avoid this kind of problem, but with no success. If someone

Android list effect

I have a list in my app. I have put a shape like background of the list but when a touch to do the scroll something works bad because the background turns black and the shape background not appear. Can somebody help me? Thank you. Here is my code: li

Mono for Android, read and write on XLSX

I am developing an app using Mono for Android. I need capabilities to read and create XLSX (Excel) files. I have tried with EPPlus and NPOI, and had a quick look at Microsoft's Open XML SDK and found the following problems: EPPlus requires the Window

Android widget not updated

I'm trying to write an Android widget that updates itself to different messages in text[]. It outputs the first message "Test1", but does not proceed. It updates when I select a new widget to place on home screen. It doesn't spit anything out in

How to clear activity data using the device's back button

I had created an android app which has 3 activity (A,B,C) in activity A there is 2 autocomplete textview which fetch data from database and button after selecting data in autocomplete text user press button and it goes to next activity which show lis

How can I add another button intent next to the previous one?

Here is my code: it contains a button named as button1A and when I click on it, It opens a list named as list1. How can I put a code for my another button named as button2A which open a list as List2. import android.os.Bundle; import

Incorrect value of R.dimen

I have a dimension resource setup in my res/dimens.xml like so: <dimen name="cornerRadius">40.0dp</dimen> However, when I grab it into a float object like this: float cornerRadius = R.dimen.cornerRadius; And output the value, it give

Android layout_weight does not work on the device

I'm getting two differents behavior for a ListActivity row. Eclipse Graphical Layout show the right behavior, but at runtime, on the device, the layout:weight doesn't seem to work properly and the Textview is resized to the minimum width, depending o

Is DoInBackground canceled when the dialog box closes?

I have a custom progress dialog within an AsyncTask which acts as a download progress, I want to interrupt doInBackground when my custom cancel button pressed. It seems when the dialog dismisses, doInBackground resumes without any problems! I want to

Android ViewPager exception after pressing the back button

I have a ViewPager which contains 3 fragments which is working fine. I start an activity from my any of my fragments inside the viewpager and the activity is displayed. After that when i press the back button, my application crashes with the followin

Read the last lines N of logcat?

I'd like to read the last n lines from logcat. Should this be working?: Process process = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("logcat -t -500"); BufferedReader bufferedReader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(process.getInputStream())); ... -t nu

OnPause (), OnResume (), and OnDestroy

I have developed a small app which uses several different classes to allow the user to add,remove and view certain data. I use an arrayList to store entries and this has its own class which has methods linked to the array so i can access the array fr

Android gradient color - incorrect result

I want to create a background of repeating images and over it add a gradient from white to transparent. So, it should start as full white at the top of the view then end like completely transparent at the bottom, where the background images is comple