How do I POST json data in Android?

In my application I want POST some data, and this data get users and POST to server. For server requests I use Retrofit2. For POST this data I should POST with json format, such as this : { "email": "[email protected]", "usernam

Android Refresh RecyclerView Inside Custom Adapter

I have a recycler view using a custom adapter. I have a button on the custom adapter to delete a row from the database when clicked. This works fine but I now want the view to update from the server and present the user with the row they deleted gone

Android app name in Google Play Store

I'm planning to upload an android app that I have created to Google Play Store, and I want to know the link to the app in the store so I can insert it to somewhere in my app (where you can share the app). In which format will the link to the actual a

Notification service in Android

I'm developing an Android application, i have created one activity that show different messages (like a bacheca) in a listview. To do this i get data from a database on a server, what that i must do is notify the user when a new information is insert

Image and Image Center Android ImageView

I need to scale an Image inside an ImageView, I need to use the matrix for doing so, So I do; private void scaleImage(float scaleFactor, float focusX,float focusY) { Matrix displayMatrix= new Matrix(); matrix.postScale(scaleFactor, scaleFactor); disp

How do I send a list to another activity in Android Studio

I know that I can add a string or an integer by putting putextra() on my Intent but what do I do if I have to send a List? For example, My main activity contains a list, I have a different activity that adds an item into the list and I have a third a

The size of the action bar image in the Android app

In android app, I would like to fix an action bar to the bottom of the screen. The action bar has 6 icons. I wrote down the following code. In Galaxy Note3(Andoid4.4.2) it goes well. However, in Experia SOL21(Android4.1.2), the icon size is not adjus

OutOfMemoryException appears by loading images

I want to take pictures and load them into an imageview, so that I can switch through the pictures. The picture paths are saved in a database, which is refered to my Projects. So when I load pictures into a project and reopen the project, the picture

LinearLayout weightsum does not work with image

I have a LinearLayout with weightSum 10 which has 2 child LinearLayout with layout_weight 4 and 6. It works fine when background is color or nothing. But the problem occurs when i set a background image. what can be the problem and solution? Working

How to implement the auditor interface in a fragment?

I am trying to communicate between an activity and the fragment that sits on top of it, I want new data (image/text - retrieved from the db) to be passed into the frag every time an onclick occurs (onclick is in the activity). I made a simple interfa

Unable to access views in Android

I am using metaio sdk. I am trying to simply toggle the visibility of two imageviews when pressing a button but it is not working. My layout: <RelativeLayout xmlns:android="" android:id="@+id/ma_

Android: AnimationDrawable tightening my image

I have this weird behavior that I cannot find a solution around... This only happens in my emulator API Level 10, on my smartphone (Android 4.1) works fine. I wrote a dynamic animation to show a rolling dice, where 10 random frames are chosen as the

shared preference problem not updated

I have been develop android app. I have two app A, B. In A, i create a file shared preference with: SharedPreferences sharedPref = getSharedPreferences("account", Context.MODE_WORLD_READABLE); And in B, i get data from sharedPref of B. But i hav

Scroll ListView on Button click

I have developed an app in which i'm using horizontal ListView for display content(Actually this content works for header).I have used two buttons for scroll right and left to see more content.I'm confused about this,Can any suggest me how to solve t

Server-side API for mobile applications

I am an iphone developer. I create many mobile applications. Some of them need a server side backend to store data and then my iphone applications access them. Usually, I need to create a backend web application myself using PHP or RoR. However, they

Why would my background disappear when you add a button?

Why would the code below fail? I have a blue relativeLayout in my main.xml. On click I'm adding a green button. When running on my Motorola Xoom I click the screen and I see the green button show up, but the background changes from blue to black. If

Opening of such: & amp; mailto: links in Android WebViewClient

I have been looking for an answer to this question that I can understand for the last couple of days. After trying all of the code snippets online that I have seen I am still having difficulties. I am very new to the android sdk and java, actually th

how to move the sprite object using AndEngine (Android)

I am using andengine to develop a game in android. I placed an object in sprite like this.mTexture = new Texture(32, 32, TextureOptions.BILINEAR_PREMULTIPLYALPHA); this.mFaceTextureRegion = TextureRegionFactory.createFromAsset(this.mTexture, this, "g

Get the IP address of the gateway in Android

How to get gateway IP details , There is option using wifimanager but. If there is no wify how to find gateway,dns and other details in android device when connected using usb tethering.I'm using cyanogenmod 7.2 on android 2.3.4, then just open termi

ConvertView is passed as a view that is still on the screen

In my custom ListAdapter, the first time that GetView() is called, convertView is passed in as NULL, but the second time it is passed in as the view that was created the first time. My ListView has 4 rows, and all 4 are on the screen at the same time

Static variable over multiple subclasses - corrected

I was wondering what happened if I define a base Activity object with all my activities as subclasses of that. Then I declare a static variable in the base class, will all the subclasses use the SAME static or will there be one per subclass. For exam

How to count the step using the accelerometer in Android

i need to count no of steps while walking. so that i am using accelerometer. in the above coding i get accelerometer sensor's x,y,z values. this is i have done so far. my problems is by the x,y,z how to count steps while walking? i get the following

Android Dashboard

In Tim Bray's latest Android blog post he mentions the "dashboard" ui pattern (what is used for the Twitter app, Facebook app, etc. Is this layout as simple as a GridView with Buttons or is it something else? Update: The DashboardLayout was rele