Layout and TextView Attributes

Some sources tell that layout_width and layout_height are attributes of the class LayoutParams. ( However, we can use these attributes in XML code of TextView class. <Te

Animation of the child view outside the parent

I am trying to animate a view outside of its parent view and when I do the child view is not able to animate beyond its parent. I solved this by using the setClipChildren(false) and it worked... When the view is animated up. When I animate the view d

How ZXING Barcode Scanner not full screen only half screen

I want create application Scan Barcode using ZXING Barcode Scanner Like Blackberry Messenger This is my code "" package com.example.ridwan.myapplication; import; import android.content.Intent; import android

Path to Firebase admin key in the Java servlet

I keep getting a FileNotFoundException when trying to initialize my app with Firebase saying it cannot find my adminsdk.json service key. This is a specific error as I am trying to initialize Firebase in an Android Module Servlet. Here is what my mod

Android Studio 2.2 preview 1 EditionText Error

I'm trying to use Android Studio 2.2 preview 1, but if i create a new project and add a simple EditText and try to run, i got the following error. 05-20 15:53:00.748 11798-11798/ E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: main Pr

Java global variables can not be modified android studio

I don't know if I'm doing this correctly, I made a java file public class var { public static boolean u = true ; } in the main activity I have buUn.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() { @Override public void onClick(View v) { //var

Android PopupMenu setGravity (API <19)

In Android API 19 was added contructor of PopupMenu which allows specify gravity. public PopupMenu (Context context, View anchor, int gravity) How i can set gravity in older versions?Change line import android.widget.PopupMenu; to import android.supp

Are parcelables from Android supported by Scala?

I've read that due to Scala compiler magic it is possible to implement the Android Parcelable pattern in Scala (that requires a static class member). However there is very little information about that and I'm not sure ... ... if this is even true ..

simulate the behavior of the Home button in an activity

I would like to simulate behavior of soft Home button. I'd like that when user tap back button in a specific Activity of my application, this go in background and show device homepage. How can i do (i know i should override onBackPressed() inside act

It is impossible to transmit data between these two fragments

I'm going insane!! I don't manage to pass data from a fragment(A) to an another fragment(B). I read about using a public interface... and it seems to work, but i don't understand how to use this method. Fragment(A) package it.anddev.pagertabs; public

The foreign key syntax error table is not created

My table is not being created because of a FOREIGN KEY syntax error but I cant seem to figure it out. I made sure I created the int first before I called the FK. Here's teh code for my class with the FK public class PlayerStatsDatabase { public stati

Scroll Linearlayout without using Scrollview

I have a Linearlayout and I want to make it scrollable without using ScrollView. Is it possible. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Here's the detail: If I wrap the LinearLayout using ScrollView, it is ok but when I used a ListView inside LinearLay

Android layout issues with TextView and ImageView

I just started coding a new application for Android and stumble over a warning. This tag and its children can be replaced by one and a compound drawable Another problem I have is the image placed on the right side. How can I do this without having tr

Launch of the service dialogue

I want to launch a dialog from a service that hovers over whatever the user is currently looking at. The dialog gets launched like this: service gets trigger to open dialog > start transparent activity > transparent activity shows dialog. My problem

How can I restore messages in Android?

I am able to getting all messages with its data, type ,address,status etc. but I am not able restore these messages.I tried the following way. It inserts correctly but it shows current date not date of message recieved or send.Please help me how can

How can I see the SQLite database (no emulator)?

For development , sometimes we need for a faster programming , the SQLite database state of our programs . But i can only extract database if it's on emulator , not mobile . Then my exactly question is ┬┐Is there a way to see the android sqlite db or

Differences between Hello / Avahi / People-Nearby Protocols

I recently discovered, through Ubuntu's empathy im client, that exists a protocol that enables the user to talk with anyone on his actual local network. It seems empathy calls this service "People Nearby" and Windows "People Near Me".

OnClick ListView

I have followed this tutorial and like to add an on click for the listview. now here is my main.xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Lin

to update an activity from an asynchronous service

I've implemented a service that does an asynchronous sync between my application and google docs. I want to update the top level activity of my application when the sync is complete. However because of the service it's possible that the app could be