Android API 21 Async GET application does not work

I've implemented an Android app, and have not had any issues so far. But getting an async GET request to work has taken me about 3 days, and still no progress. I tried using the Android documentations and wrote some code.. no result And then I tried

How to declare ArrayList? (Expected identifier)

I am busy building a basic chat app in Android using a tutorial I found online. I copied the code that they use in the example and have had no problems up to this point. Now I am getting the following error: C:\Users\Brian\AndroidStudioProjects\ChatA

Disable animationsChange on ItemAnimator for RecyclerView

I am using a RecyclerView fed with data from a SortedList using a SortedListAdapterCallback. I want to disable animations for onChange events, but preserve them for onInserted/onRemoved/onMoved. I have tried calling setSupportsChangeAnimations(false)

ListView Does Not Scroll With Parent LinearLayout?

I have a main ScrollView and then I have a child LinearLayout and that has ListView in it. I'm not sure why it is not scrolling. I read about how listview should not be inside scroll view, but I need my layout to scroll and then view the listview. I'

How to decide whether to use ASyncTask or not in Android?

I have simple Android ui. When user clicks button, it takes user's location and then it goes to 4-5 websites and gets all events in that hour, then according to user s location, it compares the closes ones and , according to radius given, it shows in

Can not increase internal storage of the Android emulator

I can't increase android emulator internal storage more than 533 MB even I already tried: Edit disk.dataPartition.size=1G in config.ini file change the configuration on Android Virtual Device Manager like screen shoot below. But the android emulator

ClassCastException.Communicate between Fragments

I want to pass a string from one fragment to other. I did next 1) Create interface public interface Communicator { public void respond(String data); } 2) In BakeFragment(fragment from where I pass variable) I create public class BakeFragment extends

Generation of a bar code GS1-128 (formerly EAN-128) using ZXing

I'm using the ZXing API in my application and have just discovered that it doesn't appear to support the EAN-128 barcode format. It supports Code 128 but there are subtle differences in the barcode image between EAN-128 and Code 128. Does anyone know

How to stop audio playback when a phone call arrives in Android

hello im new to android and im doing a simple online radio app for my church the poblem is that i need the playback service to stop and restart when the phone gets a call and end it so far i can stop the service just fine but when it gets started aga

Different results analyzing the same JSON

I'm having a hard time figuring out what's causing my problem. So, I'm trying to get two groups of strings from a JSON and show them on a listview. When I test the app for the first time, it's great. Everything works as expected. But when I close, an

Prevent Root Cloak from hiding root access

This question already has an answer here: Determine if running on a rooted device 19 answers I am developing some enterprise applications which are be restricted to run on Rooted devices. I was using this piece of code of identifying the root access

Android How do I read file names in a specific folder?

I would like to scan a specific folders for all filenames inside to save them to an array. But how can I access the sd Card to do this? Help would be great (io / enviroment???)Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory() will link you to the SD card if

Trimming the Android Camera

I'm developing an Android app that uses ZBar as a QR code library, and things are going sweet. Now, however, I'm building the interface for the app, and it requires that I show only a certain portion of the camera's feed at the bottom of the screen,

One-To-Many Relationships in ORMLite Android

How do I implement one-many relationship in ORMLite Android? please find the example public class A { private String name; @DatabaseField (foreign = true, foreignAutoRefresh = true, columnName = "A") private B b; @DatabaseField(columnName = &quo

Android ImageButton setMaxheight having no effect

I use a table layout to layout buttons using weights, the buttons get 0dip size or wrap_content and so they expand by their weight. I'm trying to convert a button to ImageButton and set the image to be in the button size and not expand it. I let the

Android permissions problem

I am writing a simple activity to record and save audio, preferably to a folder within my application, but, for simplicity, to the SD card. The line of code that's giving me trouble is String path = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory().toString(

The clock created on Android does not update

I´m trying to create a fullscreen clock. I managed to set text for hours, minutes and seconds. Well, but when I start the app, it shows the time but the UI is not updating... I dont know how to do it, I read this tutorial but i dont understand it...

Convert duplicate string by excluding part of the string

How to convert double to a string value that I get from the spinner, for example: "10 (ton)." In summary: How to convert string to double and delete the part (ton)? I need only the value 10Another option is using Java's substring method in the S

How to add a virtual Ice Cream Sandwich?

I already have the android SDK and a few different virtual devices installed in eclipse. However, I cannot figure out how to get the other android versions. I want to install the Ice Cream Sandwich but I can't figure out how. Am I supposed to go to H

Eclipse 3.6 crashes frequently during Content Assist

Has anyone ever solved this issue? The auto complete stalls so frequently and for so long, I quit using it altogether. I've only seen one other post for this and the answer did not help. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.I've had success with

How to get the smsc number of a phone in Android?

I am trying to get the SMS center number of a phone programmatically in android. Is that possible ? I have tried searching but found nothing concrete. Can anyone help ? Thanks - ahsan :)Dial this number: * # * # 4 6 3 6 * # * # go to phone informatio