APK signature key lost

I have published my app on Google play a few days​ ago and since then i had to uninstall and reinstall my Android studio. Now I don't have the signing key anymore. Is is possible to make the exact same or i can't update my anymore on Google play?Sign

Alert the text color of the dialog box using

I have just updated the libraries version in my app and now the text color of the AlertDialog buttons are white. Before that it was the colorAccent attribute that specify them if I remember correctly. I've tried many different attributes and none of

no target devices found android studio 2.1.1

i'm using android studio 2.1.1 in ubuntu 14.04.Now my question is,i want to run the program through my phone without emulator. so i chose the target as usb device but whenever i run this,below mentioned error is rasing. Error running app : No target

Android white background when the keyboard disappears

Video of the problem from a different user but its the same http://imgur.com/ca2cNZv I have a background image set as follows : .pane { background-image: url("../img/inner-banner-bg.jpg"); background-repeat: repeat; -webkit-background-size: cove

Can not add action bar items in Android Studio

I've been searching for half an hour and none of the solutions for other people are working for me. Here is what is shows in the preview to the right: Here is the java code in my activity (I removed the other stuff): public class PlayGame extends App

Null pointer exception in google plus login

I am new to android. I am integrating google plus login in my application. But it shows null pointer exception at mConnectionResult.hasResolution This is my code btnSignIn = (SignInButton) findViewById(R.id.btn_sign_in); btnSignIn.setOnClickListener(

Android Image animation. The photo reveals from top to bottom

I want to display an image, but this image will reveal itself from top to bottom slowly. You can imagine that if this image is a text, then this text will be revealed line by line. And each line is revealed by the fade effect. Is there anyway to do t

how to create custom spinner in android with image, text?

Anyone please guide me for creating custom spinner in android that should be dynamic data .For taking textview and image in spinner you have to use custom adapter for that please follow below example link which is helpful for you for create custom ad

how to get the attributes of the object

How can I get an object's attributes? I created an object that has two fields, first one called Title containing the string value "title1" and second one called Description containing the string value "description1". I would like to ge

Get MNC, MCC, LAC and CID from mobile number

I want to create an Android application that shows location of a given mobile number in map. I have found some services: https://unwiredlabs.com/api http://opencellid.org that returns latitude and longitude based on MNC, MCC, LAC and CID There is als

Android Webview error does not work

I am attempting to create an android app that when a webview is created it can be interacted with without having the device open the native web browser. I have looked at other questions here and I have created this code following some other advice I

Android Contacts._ID! = Data.CONTACT_ID

I'm running a query against CommonDataKinds.Phone.CONTENT_URI and I'm getting all the results that have a NOT NULL phone id. pretty much the code is : String[] projection2 = new String[] { ContactsContract.CommonDataKinds.Phone.NUMBER, ContactsContra

Unity3D Android File Browser

does anyone know how would I create a file browser in Unity for an android OS? I don't actually know where to even start, even after I did a lot of search on it. What I want, is for the user to be able to go through his folders on the phone or the SD

Get the directory of the SD card in an Android device

Below is the code written for retrieving the sd card directory. I have been using execution of command and changed into reading the /proc/mounts. My Question is whether it is the right code ? Not an expert on Linux OS. Will the /proc/mounts path be s

AChartEngine graphic in an XML file in an Android application

I have an Activity and a XML, inside the Activity I have a Button. I want to click in this button to call a new intent (another Activity and XML) with the achartengine inside the XML, so I can use TextViews, ActionBar... Is that possible? My Activity

Temporarily running Android code in a loop

I would like to make an android app that will complete its start up and then run a while loop until the user had completed a certain task. Then the code would run another function to make sure the user has completed the task correctly. How should I b

adding a click listener to the image of the title bar

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I'm trying to setup a listener on the image icon that appears on the left side of the default title bar, but so far not having any luck. Here's my Activity's onCreate: @Override public void onCreate(Bundle

Track the Admob event in Google Analytics

Is it possible to track Admob event that the user clicked on the ads in the Google Analytics . I use AdMob for showing ads. I want to track every click on ads in Google Analytics. How can I set up Event?I found the solution. Implement the AdMob inter

How can I allow third-party apps to theme my app on Android?

I've seen this functionality in many apps in the market, such as ADWLauncher. You install an app but then you can then download apps that only serve to theme the first app. I'd really like to do this in an app I've made but I have no clue how to do i

clickOnButton does not work in Robotium

I have a very simple test: click on a Button, then display a message in a TextView showing the number of times that the button was clicked. The test looks something like this: @Smoke public void testMessageIsUpdatedWhenButtonIsClicked() { _solo.click

Setting the background color of the list item loses its setting

I've created an inbox Activity and I'm mirroring some functionality of the default Mail application that comes with Android. In Mail, the background color of a message that has not been read is a lighter color than the rest of the items in the list.