Securing PHP API to use in the Android app

I am newbie to android development. I am using android studio for developing an application. Things i have done Created a DB with two tables in it in MySQL. Created two separate api's for both GET and POST methods. Successfully accessed both api's Wh

Interface can not be converted to activity

I have created a separate class for the background process. In that, I have two classes and an interface. I am getting string data from the first class and then based on that data I am getting a list of data in another class. The whole process is wor

setVisibility true of the dynamic ID of a layout

I have created ListView in which each button id comprises of database_idx10+button_number For example, I have set the id as 101 i.e. 10=database_id & 1=button_number Now I've to setVisibility of id 101 to View.GONE which is a unique id generated by m

1 Android ListView of 2 different JSONObjects

I have a JSON file and it looks something like this. I was wondering if it is possible to create 1 single view for my admin users in the android app to view the full list of sms logs(fromSMS and toSMS) in just 1 page and arrange it accordingly in the

Convert Int to ImageView

Here is some code: public class Article { (...) private static int[] sImages = { R.drawable.ic_picture}; private ImageView mImage; public Article(int a) { mImage = sImages[a]; } In: mImage = sImages[a]; There is this error: Incompatible types Require

Showing the limit around the android button

How can i achieve this scenario: My android button tag in xml file: <Button style="?android:attr/buttonStyleSmall" android:layout_width="100dp" android:layout_height="10dp" android:text="Select Plan" android:id=&

How to solve the error: null in the volleyball library?

In my project I am using volley library to get data(text and image) from server and show the data in RecyclerView. The problem is all the request(POST) I am sending are give no response and error : null(error.getMessage() is null). I have searched ab

ListView first element superimposed

My ListView displays in first Item something else as the rest of the ListView The Problem is, that it replaces the first item instead of taking a own position. Example how it has to be: A (diferent to the others) B B B How it is: A (B Overlaid by A)

Android WebView stops by clicking Back

My webview module isn't working. Whenever I try to navigate back from any webpage, the app crashes giving following error "Unfortunately the app has stopped". Can anyone please explain what is the reason? public class MainActivity extends Action

The display of the Android image makes the application slow

In my app i have an ImageView. Before adding that ImageView the app was performing smooth. now it throws ANR. The image is saved in the database as base 64 encode string and it is decoded to bitmap and loaded to the imageview using : imageView.setIma

Android app performance test

I have developed an app which make connection to MySQL database and display some information from there. Is there a way to test performance of app like simulation of different amount of users request. 500 HTTP requests 1000, 1500 request.Try with JMe

Problem with Android SQLite: "No Column" error

This question already has an answer here: When is SQLiteOpenHelper onCreate() / onUpgrade() run? 12 answers I'm making the app that stores a list of the user's purchases in a SQLite database in android. A problem I'm having is I can't delete any of t

Pass the identifier or the whole object between activities?

I have an activity containing a ListFragment. It's populated from a restful webservice. When I click on an item in the list I send back the id of that item to my activity. And using an intent pass that on to a second detail activity and request the o

How to remove all tables from Sqlite in android

I search a lot, lots of about this. But little helps. The matter is the upgrade and downgrade of database. If just upgrade or downgrade, it's simple. when upgrade,modify or add tables(keep data,it is important), when downgrade, delete the known table

Android download the file in chunks to PHP

How can we upload big files in chunks to a PHP server so that if the connection dies, the upload can be resumed at any time. Specifically, what libraries are needed in Android to do this? The users are uploading big files from countries with slow/uns

How to make a screenshot app on Android

I want to make an app which can capture device screen without root as: But I can't find the solution. Anyone help me? Thank you very much.Programatically you can do so b

HTML responsive font size for mobile devices

I have an application that runs on Android and IOS. The application has some WebView components that displays HTML From what I found there are "em" and "viewport" units as well as "@media" in css. I'm new to HTML5 and CSS3, c

Broadcast receiver

I'm new to android, I'm trying to do an application using Broadcast Receiver which send the message to notification bar when wallpaper is changed on device. It's successfully installed on device but not working as expected. Here is the code WallPager

simple layout android

I want make 2 button take half of the screen width, but what ever i tru only one button came in screen and take full screenwidth. I wanted it for all resolution so dont want to make fix width. one button will take left half and other will take right

Android Java How to connect an IP camera inside an activity

I am looking for any tip or guidance to develop an application like cam viewer. So i will see the live videos on my android application by using IP address and port. I searched this question but i could not find proper answer anywhere so please help

Recognize the logo in a bitmap - Android

I'd like to detect if a logo image in user's camera view - for example if the logo of StackOverflow was printed on a paper and viewed through camera. Or for less complicated approach let's say that I'd like to detect it in a bitmap. I'd like to recog

The application is reduced on an Android 3.0 tablet

As seen here my app gets shrinked on Samsung Galaxy Tab with Android 3.0 It is also shrinked in emulator, but at graphical layout it looks ok. main.xml: <LinearLayout xmlns:android="" android:orientat

The most efficient way to run the method at a defined interval?

I want to run a specific method doThis() (which is not a CPU intensive action, it's just a POST to a web server) every 10 minutes and when that method is finished executing, to notify the user (via Toast or Notification or something of the sort). But

geolocation of android webview

I have to retrieve a user's location in a WebView. I do this with the following Javascript: function getLocation() { navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(displayLocation, handleError); } But the permission request popup never opens. I've set thes