How to capture and display the image in the custom playlist

I have a custom listview that include a textview, checkbox and imageview. If checkbox is checked, textview and imageview will be visible. When I click textView, I take a photo and display in imageview. Because I can't call onActivityResult in adapter

Running a clean gradle shows a failure with ProcessLogger

This worked before, recently upgraded Android SDK & gradle. ~/app:../gradlew clean uploadHockeyDebugToHockeyApp --stacktrace WARNING: WARNING: Dependency commons-logging:commons-logging:1.1.1 is ignored for hockeyDebug as it may be conflicting with t

Scale Animation is not smooth on Android on the picture view

I have use Scale Animation for zooming an image in my app. It's working fine zoom image level proper which we want but my issue is when zooming the image not zoom smoother. image size is 1.4 mb. ScaleAnimation scaleAnimation = new ScaleAnimation(1f,

Redirect the user to the subscription page in the game area

I've been reading this website : Because I read that "Currently, the In-app Billing API does not provide support for programatically canceling subscriptions from inside the p

The text view appears at the top of the photo

I'm trying to add a TextView and an ImageView in a RelativeLayout, as follows <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <RelativeLayout android:layout_height="wrap_content" android:layout_width="wrap_content"

Cordova: Regularly record the data in the database

I am developing an app with Cordova for Android and iOS. The app needs to store data in a database and use them again later (also after a reboot of the mobile device). So I need to store the data persistently. There are many Cordova / PhoneGap plugin

Retrofit 2.0 cancels a call object

Has anyone played around with Retrofit 2.0, specifically the Call.cancel() method? When is the best time to trigger that? I have tried calling it in onStop() of a Fragment but have run into some issues with a call being cancelled when the screen disp

Android ListView click set all Checkboxs to enabled

i am facing a strange behavior in my android ListView: I have disabled checkboxes in each row. When I click on a row it seems that the checkboxes go back to enable for a short time before launching the next activity (the result of a click). Here are

Customizing Support Action Bar / Android

I recently started Android programming, all is good and dandy, but I've came across a problem that I couldn't find an answer to, and I really diged hard for 4 days so far. My app uses support action bar, and to be specific "

Android Studio remove file R

I have a problem. After improper closing(technical problems) of my project, was delete.Is it Android Studio or Gradle problem? Is there some way to regenerate R will generate automatic and if its not regenerated , maybe its an err

set the background on the image to ImageView

My gridView displays images (imageItem) from local storage with Picasso. Image's state is changed when it is selected by clicking the select icon in the top right conner, and on the selected state, the image has blue border like this: I tried somethi

Android, last line of text view inside scrollview a bit of cut

The last line of the textview gets slightly cutoff. Letters that are larger and below are cut off (g,j,y...). None of the solutions I have found or tried worked, like adding padding, margin, removing layout_gravity... That happens when changing text,

Center RelativeLayout in Scrollview

I am trying to set the position of my RelativeLayout in the center of the screen. The RelativeLayout is inside of a ScrollView, with the following code. The catch is that in my emulator (Android 4.2) it works great, but if I execute it on a 2.3 versi

View a ListView view in class

Sorry I recreate my post and PLZ this time just answer if you know or have an idea about the answer, i'm tired about people answering "Why you do that ?" Or "Omg you don't know Android ?". In my MainActivity (extends Activity), i want

How to debug with the Android Application Widget?

For normal Activity, I can set some breakpoints and click F11 in Eclipse to debug. However, it is not working when I develop app widget. So, how can I debug?Here you can find a good answer: All you need to debug your widget code is almost same as wha

How to add Android contacts to a list with a check box

Possible Duplicate: How do I link a checkbox for every contact in populated listview? i m a beginner in android. i want to get the phone contacts and then put them into a listview with a checkbox so that user can select more then one contact and then