How can I use adb on WiFi?

This question already has an answer here: Run/install/debug Android applications over Wi-Fi? 19 answers I am debugging USB devices connected to my Android phone, this means I cannot use ADB over a USB connection. How can I connect to adb over WiFi? N

Simultaneously display error on two `EditTexts` in android

I'm working on a from in android. It has a two EditTexts, one for name and the other for email. I want that when both the fields are blank, the warning should appear on both fields. Not only the "!" mark encircled in red but also the message I t

Progress bar for each GridView element

How can I add ProgressBar to every single item of GridView in Android application? I need to have progress bar in top-right corner of GridView element.You need to create a custom adapter, that inflates a view that contains the ProgressBar. Then durin

Google Play and OpenSSL warning message

I just received an email from Google play stating: Hello, One or more of your apps is running an outdated version of OpenSSL, which has multiple security vulnerabilities. You should update OpenSSL as soon as possible. For more information about the m

No value for tasks for JsonArray - Android

I'm trying to parse a json file that I have in my raw folder, but seems that I have a issue that I cannot detect what's causing it. Here is the JSON I try to parse: { "data":{ "mainScreen":[ {"id":"1","name&quo

Android Error - Inflation Class Error

I am just starting with android development through Java (i have only previously used phonegap). I created my first hello world project with a simple form text field and send button, and it won't run. My error log is below: 12-06 20:31:11.482: E/Andr

Converting milliseconds to a Date object

I am having following code to convert milliseconds to Android Date object. Date dateObj = new Date(milli); But problem is that my milliseconds value is having GMT value added in it before i pass it to Date class, add when i print this date object i c

Android: Sorting table layout content on a column basis

i made a table layout with 4 columns and rows were added dynamically. i want to sort columns in the table layout according to there respective data. first two column contains images and independent to each other and other two columns contain string d

When I'm running my app through Google Nexus by connecting through USB and trying to connect webservice running on my laptop then I'm getting below error but I'm able to connect to webservie. Please advice. failed to connec

Continue reading the XML after the nonexistence of an attribute

I have this code for reading XML files: try { File fXmlFile = new File(fullFilePath); DocumentBuilderFactory dbFactory = DocumentBuilderFactory .newInstance(); DocumentBuilder dBuilder = dbFactory.newDocumentBuilder(); Document doc = dBuilder.parse(f

Adding the following button in a custom keyboard

I have a custom list EditText. When I clicked the EditText, the custom keyboard shows up. I would like to add next button in custom keyboard. Upon clicking that next button, the next EditText field should have focus. How can I implement next button i

Android Listview Issues When Adding Data from AsyncTask

I am using android listview with lazyadapter to show images and textview in list. and when user scrolls to the bottom i am using AsyncTask to add more contents but when i execute AsyncTask it kills the process. here is my code. mainactivity import ja

Move in similar repetitions in if statements

I believe I'm asking a slightly different take on the perennial question of avoiding code repetition. The setup is fairly standard--a bunch of if statements taking similar actions. Below you'll find a short example. I'm trying to figure out the best

ViewFlipper causing a null pointer exception

I have a program which uses view flipper I am getting a NullPointerException as follows when the activity is called. I wish to cycle through a set of images as long as the activity is being run. 06-13 18:52:05.358: E/AndroidRuntime(368): Caused by: j

pass parameters between classes

I'm trying to pass two prameters ( fileURL AND fileNAme) from one class to another one,, but I'm getting errors I got, 04-11 17:19:45.510: E/AndroidRuntime(2958): FATAL EXCEPTION: AsyncTask #1 04-11 17:19:45.510: E/AndroidRuntime(2958): java.lang.Run

Android game, canvas or opengl?

I am to write a game for android, i have to choose between canvas or opengl for drawing. I have read that canvas doesn´t have a good framerate, but what is good? Imagine you were going to write an angry birds game, would canvas framerate be enough?I

OrmLite removal failed

I am performing a simple delete of a ormlite object. The code is below. But no matter what, the object never get deleted. Dao<Subscription, Object> dao = helper.getSubscriptionDataDao(); dao = helper.getSubscriptionDataDao(); QueryBuilder<Subscri

Android service-level service communication performance

I can find several examples of how to build a service, but I'm having a difficult time finding a working example of how to send messages between an Activity and a Service. From what I can find, I think my options are to use Intents, AIDL, or to use t

Android virtual device performance

The Android virtual device (a simulated Android environment) doesn't run very smoothly on my machine. Scrolling is quite sluggish. Is that normal? EDIT: Just noticed that a AVD running Android 1.6 has a significantly better performance compared to th

Android Scan for Wifi networks

I'm trying to scan for wireless networks and found this helpful source on the net. Unfortunately it's not working and I have no idea why. My problem is that I can't wait 10 minutes for the result - I need them within a few seconds and thought about s