Android carry watchface rotation leaves trail

I'm programming a watchface, I put a rotating wheel on the background, but it leaves a strange trail where it has been before and this trail is not deleted. This trail is left only on transparent background area. Demonstration: final float angle = (f

Android Wear Location

I am making an Android Wear Watch Face and I need to show user current location. I was followed tutorial on Dev site, but I can't get it to work. The code never goes to "onLocationChanged" listener. Device is Huawei watch, and it is connected to

Android Wear - access mobile shared preferences

I'm using SharedPreferences on my mobile app to save data (e.g. for creating a recycler view list from that data) Now I added a wear module and I'm trying to get the same list on my wear device. Is it able to access the shared preferences on my mobil

How to request permissions to a service in Android Marshmallow

In Android Marshmallow, permissions should be requested at runtime when they are needed, instead of all at once when an app is installed. However, I can only seem to request permissions from an Activity, which is a problem since my app contains only

Full screen background image size for Android Wear

What pixel size should I draw images to be set on background for android wear watches? My Moto 360 seems to have 240dp in hdpi. I would like to know about other watches.Here is the image I posted in

How can I change Watch Faces programmatically

I've a free app on the Play Store: Circus Watch Faces and I'm trying to add a watch faces chooser in the configuration activity; I followed the Android Dev Docs about it and no problems, BUT how I can switch from one watch face to another? I'm comple

ViewEventActivity.class is not recognized

my code source is in this sample code the second part NotificationCompat is working like a charm..but I have this code in MainActivity.class and it is giving an error that "

My WearableListenerService is not started when Android restarts

I have an android Application that (among other things) show notifications on an Android Wear device. This is done by having a class in the Wear module extend WearableListenerService. In the Wear module, I also have a class that extends BroadcastRece

Determine if the Android Wear device is online

I'm developing an Android application that also uses notifications on an Android Wear device. It's crucial to my applications functionality to know if the Wear device is connected or not - and it seems impossible to determine. I have tried the follow

Android port is not showing

I've probblem. My android wear emulator not show notification. Here is my code for mobile: private void notifyToWear() { NotificationCompat.WearableExtender wearableExtender = new NotificationCompat.WearableExtender() .setHintShowBackgroundOnly(true)

Can Android Wear support the animation

I am a new on Android Wear. Currently I am working on a project which is neccessary to send notifications to rotate an image on the Android Wear. I have tried to google for any same codes but to no avail. Understand that Android Wear does not support

Android Wear Screen Saver

When executing: adb -s localhost:4444 shell screenrecord /sdcard/dcim/rec.mp4 I get: ERROR: unable to create video/avc codec instance WARNING: failed at 280x280, retrying at 1280x720 ERROR: unable to create video/avc codec instance Is it possible to

Android carry WearableListView ImageView selector

I am trying to create a list view as follows:- Now, I have made the list view work successfully using the WearableListView adapter. However, I am using static images in the ImageView. What I want is to create this gray and blue kind of animation when

Add additional images / icons to CardFragment (Android Wear)

I'm looking at this sample image from Google, and trying to figure out how to implement something like this. It looks very similar to the standard CardFragment layout that takes a title, description and icon. But I see an extra clock image/animation

Android Wear type detection - Round or square

I am curious to know about the wear type, whether it's round or square, because on the basis of device type I want to make different views for round and square. From This Post I got to know that in SDK-20 android.view.View class has a new listener to

Android Wear detect & ldquo; Mute & rdquo;

How does an application check in on "Mute" status of an Android Wear device? All volumes seem t be 0 no matter what. Log.d("VOLUME - STREAM_SYSTEM", Integer.toString(audioManager.getStreamVolume(AudioManager.STREAM_SYSTEM))); Log.d(&qu

Do I need a separate app for Android Wear

My app has a "mobile" module and a "wear" module in AndroidStudio with a goal of producing a native version of the app for Android wear and for the phone. So when generating the apk through Android studio, 2 apk's are produced. Does th

import can not be resolved

I am trying to develop a simple Android Wear app but I am facing problem: import cannot be resolved The best way to get started with Android Wear is to use the latest Android Studio 0.8.1 or later, and it makes adding the sup