Is it possible to create a local file to store data?

I'm currently using the dataAPI to keep the dataitems synchronized between handheld and wearable. Still I want to make sure that every data is stored and there is no data lost in the process. I'm currently reading GPS parameters when the wear is not

Transfer of assets from the watch to the handheld

I'm trying to replicate this function The transmitter part in watch is fine. In the onDataChanged function of WearableListenerService in handheld, an exception occurred every ti

Using the existing database in Android Wear

I'm try to build a wear-app for my existing app. I already have an SQLite Database in my Handheld-App, now i want to try to use them in my wear app. Is their any possibility to send the database to the Wear or can i access the database on my handheld

Can Android Wear support the animation

I am a new on Android Wear. Currently I am working on a project which is neccessary to send notifications to rotate an image on the Android Wear. I have tried to google for any same codes but to no avail. Understand that Android Wear does not support

Wearable.NodeApi.getConnectedNodes result ever called

i developing an app for android wear. Below code with explanation of the problem if(mGoogleApiClient.isConnected()){ K.i("Always called!"); Wearable.NodeApi.getConnectedNodes(mGoogleApiClient).setResultCallback(new ResultCallback<NodeApi.GetC

Is it possible to display the Google Map view on Android Wear?

Is it possible to show Google map view on Android Wear? I want to show a particular location to user on map.You may manage to embed a MapView in your activity, but it won't work as Android Wear does not have direct access to the network. However, wha