Timeout in espresso tests, test does not work

There is an auxiliary class DialogIdlingResource, by which I try to run my tests. The tests take place, except this one. After pressing the button, everything stops. AcceptanceHelper.clickOnButtonInLayout(R.id.mainSignButton, R.string.common_signin_b

Android: GL error when resizing: 0x506 (ignored)

I am getting below error continuously when I am using any Android Emulator. "GL error while resizing: 0x506 (ignored)" Do anyone has any idea how to resolve this? Does it can impact my Espresso UI test case as after this I am not able to run my

Android / Espresso Inent error on current tests

I am getting the error below in Jenkins and on certain teammates computers when running Espresso tests. I have searched this error and see a lot of it has to do with either timing out or some animation. All devices have Animations off. For example: I

Define construction failed when espresso fails

Gradle sets the build to failed when unit test failed, but set BUILD SUCCESSFUL when instrumented test fails(espresso in my case) anybody know how to force build to fail when espresso failed? Ops: need this to integrate with Jenkins, so it must faile

Take a screenshot using an espresso

I am using Espresso for my UI Testing in my project. I want to take screen shot of each Activity(Screen). I am using ScreenShooter from GoogleCloudTestLab for taking screen shot. ScreenShotter.takeScreenshot("main_screen_2", getActivity()); But

Ambiguous results of Espresso on a pretty basic test

We have a page that in a sense acts like email. So we have a Recyclerview with a bunch of TextViews, one of them being a large TextView containing all the email content. So we are just trying to test that the entire text of the email is loaded and di

Espresso tests in the android studio

it is possible to write a Espresso test in android studio outside the application's code ? i read in the Espresso documentation that is possible to create a black-box tests with espresso but i dont find how to do itCreate a separate project with the

Create DummyActivity in the androidTest folder to test

I have created a dummy activity inside androidTest folder and declared that activity in AndroidManifest file in androidTest folder. My basic intention is to test a reusable fragment by putting it into a dummy activity with a framelayout container. An

Appium vs Espresso for an automated test framework

For last few weeks, I was using Appium(python) for android testing but yesterday we have decided to shift to Expresso(Java) for automated testing. There are couple of reasons why we are making this shift: We want to scale out our automated testing, a

Check items in a pop-up menu with espresso

I have a popupmenu. Uix screenshot provided. Now I want to verify some items in the list by clicking them and verify what's happening. But no matter what I do I don't seem to be able to select items in the popup menu. The menu does not have an id and

Can not Synchronize Gradation Build by Trying to Use Espresso 2

I've just migrated my androidproject from Eclipse to Android Studio and Gradle. Now I'm trying to migrate from using a separate testproject to using Gradle and Espresso 2, but I keep running into the same problem. My build wont complete when I've add

android espresso connect once before running tests

I've been trying to cover my Android app with tests and have started using espresso recently. Pretty impressed with it so far. However most of my app's functionality requires that users are logged in. And since all tests are independent, this require

espresso dynamic spinner test

I am trying to test a dynamically generated Spinner. I am able to click on the spinner but then I need to select an option from the list with a given text that is shown (I found out from hierarchyviewer that a PopupWindow is shown but am unable to ge

Espresso in Android - how to insert text in other text entries?

I'm trying to set text into text inputs on the same activity (one by one). Problem is that on first input is text filled correctly but on the second input i get exception message. android.support.test.espresso.PerformException: Error performing 'sing

Android Espresso checks the selected text

I have this code in my Espresso test onView(withId(R.id.src)) .perform(click()); onData(hasToString(startsWith("CCD"))) .perform(click()); onView(withId(R.id.src)) .check(matches(withText(containsString("CCD")))); What I'm trying to do

com.android.support:appcompat search in the wrong place

I'm trying to link espresso to the project Here's error I get _MyProject:unspecified > com.android.support.test.espresso:espresso-core:2.0_ _> Could not find org.hamcrest:hamcrest-library:1.1._ Searched in the following locations: C:/Users/username/

How to test configuration change with Espresso 2.0

I'm not really sure if it is event relevant, but I have a relatively complex custom Views and errors resulted by configuration changes pops up and I would definitely like to write tests for those and future cases. Currently I'm using Robolectric for

How can I click on bitmap in the Espresso test?

I have bitmap (R.drawable.my_image) in my android-project, How can to testing this image by espresso test UI? I want click on this image, I write: onView(withHint(R.drawable.my_image)).perform(click()); But this is not work :(It seems to me that R.dr

Using the Espresso Inactive Resource with Multiple Activities

I have a firstActivity that launches the secondActivity, where in the secondActivity I have a loading Dialog (not AsyncTask), and I need to make Espresso wait until the dialog disappears before it continues with the test. Where do I have to implement