to face problems with my Android emulator

I'm new to android developing, and when I finally sit down to learn, my android emulator wouldn't run. Well, some button is tellimg me the AVD: Nexus_5_API_23_x86 is running, but I don't get any emulator screen popping up even after leaving my laptop

Google-map works on an emulator but not on a real device

I applied the exact steps as mentioned in the google developer doc to create an example google map project and everything went fine on the emulator, but when I generated the project apk file and launched it on real device Samsung Galaxy S4 google map

Android Emulator WARNING:

every time I compiled the program opens a new emulator say this error 014-02-16 22:48:10 - Calculator] Android Launch! [2014-02-16 22:48:10 - Calculator] adb is running normally. [2014-02-16 22:48:10 - Calculator] Performing com.goldapp.calculator.Ma

Android SQLite database table does not exist after creation

I am copying a database file from my assets folder to the databases folder on install. I have a shared preference named firstRun with a default value of true. If this is true then I copy the database file and set the firstRun value to false. Immediat

Pad is disabled in the emulator

I am using android sdk 4.0.3 ,I have created an Emulator of it. Now I have a problem that the emulator is showing the Disabled DPAD Buttons .I have set up the Hardware keyboard present and display skin with buttons option in configuration. So i just

Can not run Android Emulator in Ubuntu

I've made an Android emulator in Android Virtual Devices Manager, but when I try to open it I get the following message: Starting emulator for AVD 'Android40' Could not launch '/home/andy/android-sdk-linux//tools/emulator-arm': Permission denied". Ho

Use the button to get text in EditText and Spinner

I want to get the text from a EditText and Spinner at the same time, but when I choose a type other than All types, it changes to All types itself. My question is why Feature Flim changes to All Types by itself after I click send Button, is not how t

Disable GPS in the Android emulator

Just a simple question - is there a way to disable GPS in the Eclipse Android emulator? I want to see how the application will behave when GPS is turned off.Or OPen Android Virtual Device Manager, click on device you want to edit then on Hardware gro

Unable to launch the android project on the emulator

Right now i am trying to display some text on the screen,but my project is not getting launch and i could not find the accurate reason.Has any one met this situation? Here i have given you every thing in detail for your reference.please find below LO

Difference between emulator and AVD

I have just switch to android development and came across this doubt. How is AVD different from emulator?AVD : Android Virtual Device Quoting from the Android Developer Site : Managing Virtual Devices An Android Virtual Device (AVD) is an emulator co

What is SharedUserId in Android, and how is it used?

I am confused in sharedUserID.what is use of sharedUserId?How to use?Where to use in android?SharedUserId is used to share the data,processes etc between two or more applications. It is defined in AndroidManiFest.xml like, manifest xmlns:android="htt

Asus Eee Pad Emulator in Eclipse

I am developing an application on android 3.1 Honeycomb. It force-closes on Asus epad. I don't have an Asus Epad to check why it force-closes, so I want to try it on an Asus epad Emulator. I updated the ADK for eclipse but it doesn't provide an Asus

Starting the Android Emulator in SDK Tools, revision 12

I updated the Android SDK tools from revision 11 to revision 12, and the emulator now fails to start. When I try to run emulator.exe, I get: invalid command-line parameter: Files\Android\android-sdk\tools/emulator-arm.exe. Hint: use '@foo' to launch

Android development

The applications has stopped unexpectedly I get this error when pressing a button on a specified page. This code hangs the application: --Code snippet <Button android:text="Button" android:onClick="SaveRegistration" android:id="

The emulator does not work

I just downloaded the SDK and tried to open the emulator but, even though the emulator showed, nothing appeared on the screen of it, also, the new hardware comes with a dual core, so how can I give my emulator two cores?The emulator takes a while to

How to get all the apps installed on the Android phone

This is the code that i have at the moment but i still can't get a list of all the apps on the phone. Does anyone see what i am doing wrong? public class GetAppList extends Activity { /** Called when the activity is first created. */ @Override public

Secure Android with cryptography

I'm thinking of buy an android phone, but I'm a little bit scared about the security and privacy because in my palm I had in contacts and calendar a lot of private information. First I thought it could be solved by trying to sync without google, but

android emulator and local site

I've started android emulator app and trying to open from embeded browser locally started web-site, but local dns name (from /etc/hosts) is not resolved. Is there any option to enable local resolving?Refer this URL. The issue is is not the

Android == & gt; VS Simulator Size of the device memory?

Does the android simulator use the same amount of memory as the real device? For example if my app doesn't run out of memory on a simulator, does it mean that it doesn't run out of memory on an actual device?When you set up an emulator, you can speci

How to play ringtone / sound alarm in Android

I have been looking everywhere how to play a ringtone/alarm sound in Android. I press a button and I want to play a ringtone/alarm sound. I could not find an easy, straightforward sample. Yes, I already looked at Alarm clock source code... but it is